14. Crop Circles and Ancient Power Plants

Before getting started on this post I strongly recommend that you read the posts below, particularly Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe.

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  2. Leylines: An Introduction
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  13. Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe


In the last post we covered a lot of material. To recap, in the first half of the post we saw that

  1. The freemasons are obviously lying about something huge, involving the makeup of the solar system;
  2. many of the secrets of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 that Tesla was talking about can be found in magnetism;
  3. the mathematics of nature (the golden ratio/phi) is inherent to magnetism;
  4. the freemasons are well aware of the mathematical and magnetic principles in nature, and put these secrets out in plain sight (knowledge is power…);
  5. Ed Liedskalnin’s flywheel was designed according to these natural principles.


In the second half of the post, we saw that

  1. Magnetic Current describes everything that has ever existed in our Universe; 
  2. There are only 3 things in this universe that create everything that exists: Two individual & flexible “magnetic spectrum currents”, and the “Neutral Particles” of matter;
  3. Sound is vibration of these 3 things; and there has never been a sound made without a vibration first;
  4. Phi and the sacred geometry derived from the flower of life represent the magnetic currents of the universe;
  5. A magnetic motor like Ed’s would be capable of harnessing infinite magnetic energy found all around us.


In this post we are going to continue where we left off in Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe, by looking at some larger implications of what we’ve learned about magnetism.


We begin with one of the most misunderstood phenomena’s of our time: crop circles!






Crop Circles

Before we begin, let me make it abundantly clear that the explanation for crop circles is NOT what Hollywood and the media want you to believe…



There are also plenty of fake man-made crop circles too, but don’t be misled by those…


More on why Hollywood and the mass media want you to believe the particular storyline depicted above in a later post, but for now lets turn our attention briefly back to maths… (don’t panic, you don’t need your TI-83 calculators,… and it’s awesome, I promise!)




As you’ve previously seen, phi is recurrent everywhere in nature:



… and as you saw in Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universethe mathematical ratio we call phi (the golden mean) is a representation of magnetic energy…


So what does this mean?

If phi is only representing magnetic current, then we can conclude that everything manifesting in our reality is doing so because of magnetic energy and not only because of mathematics alone…

This is why we see the phi spiral manifesting everywhere – because everything in our Universe is magnetic energy


… and this includes crop circles, such as the one on the bottom right below!







Here’s another example of a crop circle that exhibits the golden ratio (phi):



Notice how this pattern is also identical to the pattern of visualization of cymatic resonance of water as well as the pattern found on sunflowers:



This similarity occurs because everything in the Universe behaves according to the exact same magnetic properties!


There’s going to be quite a few illustrations below, but be reminded that you don’t need PhD  in physics to grasp this stuff… just notice the obvious connections between things! 🙂


With that said, let’s kick this magnetism stuff into second gear shall we…




Check these illustrations out… hopefully it should be pretty clear what’s going on…





This pattern exemplifies the existence of a magnetic toroidal vortex (more on this in a later post):




You may now be getting some grander context for the two omnipresent streams of currents you saw in the last post…











As you’ll recall, we touched briefly on the flower of life and sacred geometry in Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe


Below is an outline of the platonic solids derived from the Flower of Life. If you need a refresher, here is the video you saw in the last post.



Now, notice below how crop circles also manifest the same mathematical shapes derived from the Flower of Life (as shown above):


Note that magnetic energy can manifest in an extreme variety of patterns due to the infinite (fractal) properties of magnetic energy…


… so keep that in mind when you view a few more beautiful examples, included here for your viewing pleasure:


Note how all of these patterns have perfectly logical explanations that can be found in magnetism and sacred geometry.

Below are two final examples before we move on from crop circles…


You may know that the value of pi is approximately 3.1415926535



…. and here is pi approximated to 10 digits in a crop circle…




… and not to be left out, phi (1.61803399…) is also numerically encoded in another crop circle!




Told you it would be awesome! 😉
















Now then, you’ve seen that magnetic power can manifest on such a scale as to produce huge crop circles in nature (along with in everything else that exhibits the golden mean/phi), which clearly show the presence of a very powerful magnetic field all around us.

With that in mind, can this magnetic energy have any actual application beyond just looking cool?




To try to find out, let’s take a look back at the pyramids that were introduced in Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians and Leylines: An Introduction.




Pyramids and Magnetism


Pyramid Architecture

As you may recall, the pyramids are built with precise geometry involving phi and pi…




Could this geometrical design have anything to do with the magnetic energy in nature?


Well… let’s inspect the material the the pyramids were built with…



The lab results came back, and they show that the Great Pyramid is made with granite and white limestone.










The Great Pyramid consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks which most believe to have been transported from nearby quarries. 

The Tura limestone used for the casing was quarried across the river. The largest granite stones in the pyramid, found in the “King’s” chamber, weigh 25 to 80 tonnes and were transported from Aswan, more than 800 km away.

It is estimated that 5.5 million tonnes of limestone, 8,000 tonnes of granite (imported from Aswan), and 500,000 tonnes of mortar were used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.[17]


Needless to say, the granite must have been rather important if 8,000 tonnes of granite stones weighing 25-80 tonnes each were imported from 800km away… along with being used to build the King’s chamber itself!

Likewise, transporting 5.5 million tonnes of limestone across the Nile river must have made it a rather important material as well…









Interestingly, Ed Liedskalnin also used (oolite) limestone to build Coral Castle, so there must be something about these stones in particular that made them attractive to both him and the Egyptians…


Looking closer, we discover that the feldspar and quartz crystals which make up the majority of granite are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field.

We also find that limestone is primarily made up of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), which contains magnetically responsive calcium carbonate microcrystals with superparamagnetic properties due to incorporated magnetite nanoparticles that can be manipulated by an external magnetic field.

In other words, granite and limestone are both highly magnetically conductive!


What’s more, as you’ll recall from last post, the same sort of tools that Ed Liedskalnin was seen to be using (i.e. ice-cream cone-like objects) have been found at many ancient sites, including around the Giza pyramids themselves.


With all of the above in mind, it’s apparent that the pyramids were built with magnetic energy in mind.

Furthermore, energy stored in stone obelisks, such as the one at Karnak (Egypt) pictured below, still swirl a metal pendulum to this day…


The Egyptian obelisk, known as the Tajen in ancient Egypt, symbolized a petrified ray that penetrates the clouds and disperses negative forces that accumulate in the form of storms.

An obelisk was constructed of a single piece of stone, usually red granite from the rock quarries of Aswan. Each obelisk was constructed of two parts: the body and the pyramidon. The pyramidon symbolized the rays of the sun, and the top was covered in gold, which was a metal that personified the “flesh of the gods.”

An obelisk traditionally contained inscriptions on all four sides, and many were also carved with hieroglyphs. Earlier versions of obelisks were less elaborate structures known as “benben” stones, but they were still topped with the pyramid ion shape and stood in honor of the sun god.

Why was the capstone made of gold? Well, gold is excellent conductor of electricity… and incidentally, you may remember that the capstone on the obelisk in Paris (that you saw in Obelisks and City Plans) has a golden capstone:


To better understand the meaning of all of this, I’ve borrowed an excerpt from here:

There’s evidence that obelisks all over the world are tapping into the natural energy that’s part of the Earth. The concept is to take the natural energies of the Earth and manipulate them. It’s a subtle energy, but for those who have the devices and technology to see and measure this energy, it’s something that can be used. What is interesting about a major number of obelisks is that many of them are constructed out of  granite – a stone containing high concentrations of energy-responsive quartz crystal. Because of its crystalline structure, quartz has the ability to convert the Earth’s natural electrical vibrations into usable energy by a property known as piezo-electricity.

Crystals are literally a tool and a technology that’s essential for transmitting energy, and that is taking energy in one state and  essentially converting it to another state. Ancient cultures that erected obelisks clearly had some understanding of the high-tech properties of quartz and may have used them to transmit this energy over vast distances.

But is it really possible to transmit energy through the air?

It is according to Nikola Tesla, who in July 1899 claimed to have invented a way to transmit wireless electricity through the air, all over the world, by harnessing the Earth’s natural conductivity… or what Tesla referred to as “standing waves”. Tesla talked about giant transmitters that could send and receive limitless amounts of electricity, flowing like invisible water. One of the key components in his system was quartz crystal (which as you now know is also found in granite). 

Tesla tried to build a system of wireless power. He built the Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island in New York., he was going to hook this tower up to a power plant and he was going to broadcast electricity. According to him, vehicles would be able to draw power from the tower and obtain free clean energy.

teslatower1.jpg pyramid tesla

But was Tesla the first to think of this type of wireless energy? Or did mankind discover this type of energy thousands of years before him? Could the Great Pyramid be an equivalent to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower? Transmitting free energy and providing power to vehicles and equipment?

It’s worth noting that just like the pyramids, Tesla also built his tower over an aquifer (body of water), and the setup of Tesla’s tower is identical to the construction of the pyramids, including the use of quartz crystals as a superconductor.

We know today that the Great Pyramid contains large amounts of quartz crystal, implying that the pyramids were actually geo-mechanical devices “attached” to  Earth and tuned in a way so that they would vibrate with the frequencies of the Earth, then converting the energies of the Earth into electromagnetic energy.

With that in mind, the question we ask is: 

Could the Great Pyramid together with obelisks around the world have made up a global network of free energy?

…. and could this then start to explain the alignment between ancient civilizations that we discussed in Leylines: An Introduction? Hmm…



Recent studies of scale-model pyramids fitted with components similar to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower and the Great Pyramid show that they do in fact create an ionic (electric) current, as illustrated here:


Is it really possible that Ancient mankind possessed these technologies thousands of years ago? That they used them in ways we do not understand? There are so many pieces of evidence scattered across the world and we are only beginning to find out slowly what ancient civilizations were capable of.

Below is a short video outlining everything we’ve discussed about pyramids so far that may be interesting to watch:


To summarize what we have learned about pyramids so far (all of which is included in the video above):

  • the pyramids were built to harness/create “wireless electricity”;
  • electricity was created by “aquifers” – a mechanism based on water pressure from flowing water underground;
  • “negative ions” were transferred to the ionosphere, generating electrical current;
  • Egyptians used “wireless electricity” for communication purposes;
  • fine gold plating found on some ancient artifacts required electricity to manufacture.


Here is a video suggesting that the Khmer Empire at Angkor Wat in Cambodia was also more advanced than we think.


Nikola Tesla discovered the ancient secrets of wireless electricity, but once he had built a working model – the Wardenclyffe tower, his investors (i.e. JP Morgan and Westinghouse – now CBS Corporation) withdrew funds to drive Tesla (and his projects) into bankruptcy.

… After all, why would the bankers/freemasons want to provide the public with free energy when they can keep them under control using oil, coal, and gas instead?…

On that note, let’s take a look at where we are today in terms of energy production…

Modern” Energy 

We think of oil, gas, coal – and more recently wind power, hydroelectic, nuclear power, solar power, etc as advanced technologies, but these forms of energy are stoneage technologies compared to the magnetic energy abundantly available all around us.



Why are we not using that free energy then?


Well, that is a big question, but in short, it is about control.

To explain this, we just need to read the words of Henry Kissinger (former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor… or more aptly, 33° Freemason and Knight of Malta…), shown below:

(By the way, here is a list of some notable freemasons if anyone is interested)


With Kissinger’s words in mind, you may have noticed that

  • Corporations like Monsanto and Nestlé have been buying up land and dominating the food and water supply all over the world, and increasingly manufacturing centrally-produced GMO food. In many parts of the US it is now illegal to collect rain water for private consumption, because the water is now owned by the state (i.e. private corporations);
  • The largest energy corporations are ExxonMobil, BP, Petrobras, Shell, Total, Chevron, Gazprom, and PetroChina… all of which produce energy via oil and gas. “Alternative” energy companies are financed and run by the same people as oil and gas companies; and
  • As discussed at the end of Secrets of the Owl: Part 2.2 – An Introduction to Synchronicity all of the worlds central banks are controlled by the Rothschild’s (with the current exception of only 3 in Cuba, Iran, and North Korea).


Looks like the plan Kissinger outlined involving the control of food, energy, and money is going pretty well then unfortunately…







You may also have noticed a push towards “sustainability”…

The sustainability drive as outlined by UN Agenda 2030 forces people to become increasingly more dependent on centrally-produced (i.e. centrally-controlled) energy through the corporate electric grid (run by the One World Government), rather than producing energy freely and independently off-grid.

You may have noticed that thousands of people living off-grid in the U.S. are being raided by Federal SWAT teams NWO stormtroopers, apparently because they are “environmental criminals” due to the fact that they choose to live a peaceful life not connected to the central grid.

The video below is just one example of hundreds of thousands of similar raids on off-grid dwellers:


I highly recommend reading this fantastic article, which outlines exactly what each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals on page 12 in UN Agenda 2030 really mean, beyond the sugar-coated lies.



Now then, given that free energy clearly exists, and that the people in control clearly know about it (the secrets of the Egyptians were passed down to the freemasons after all) why is there such a big fuss about climate change?

If climate change really was the big threat its made out to be, you’d think our trustworthy freemasonic world leaders would stop hiding free energy technology like Tesla’s free wireless electricity and actually do something about the climate change…

That is, unless its a big made-up hoax that they’re all lying about to get the public to buy into their sustainability goals (as outlined in Agenda 2030)…



You may also have noticed US presidential candidates 33rd degree freemasons like Al Gore pumping out propaganda to push the climate change story, which is a key cog in the NWO agenda to usher in the “sustainable utopia” where everyone lives off the “clean” central energy grid in tiny urban dwellings (see Agenda 2030)… instead of living their lives freely in nature… because you know, that would be a very un-environmentally-friendly way for people to live, and people who do deserve to get raided by heavily-armed SWAT teams…


With that said, do you still think climate change is real, or an imaginary problem created by those in power to con the world population into accepting reductions in energy use while increasingly pushing “clean” technologies into the public arena which require people by law to be hooked up to the “sustainable” electric grid that is fully controlled by the One World Government (and goes hand-in-hand with the One World Currency run by a central bank…)?

“But what about the weird weather, and the droughts, and tornados, etc…?” I hear you ask…

Well…. the freemasons and world leaders are hiding free energy and other advanced technologies… but do you really think that they aren’t making use of these technologies themselves?…






In the next post, I will start to show you very clearly that the freemasons are indeed making maximum use of hidden technologies, many of which Nikola Tesla discovered before being contained under constant supervision in a NYC hotel room until his death in 1943.


To be continued


If you like what you’re reading, please share it! I need your help to get this information out there to everyone completely for free! 🙂 



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  2. Ark of the covenant was not designed or built until Moses left Egypt. Exodus 25:10-22. So it could not have been the conductor in the pyramid.
    Really awesome study about history and energy and math! Thanks for putting it together.

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