22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2)

This page contains the second half of the post that was started in Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2), and it is thus strongly recommended that you read Part 1 before continuing here.


We ended Part 1 by discussing the circumnavigation of albatross, and we’re going to continue on the theme of air travel by taking a look at airline flights in the Southern hemisphere.


Air Travel in the Southern Hemisphere


South America to Australia


Do you want to join me on a flight from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia?


Image result for booking flights gif



There’s just one catch, our journey will have to go via North America…



Image result for home alone gif


Why is that then?

… Surely it should be quicker to fly straight there, over the Antarctic region…




Well, the reason why we have to fly via North America is because all flights between Sydney and Santiago go via North America, as you can see below…

Airport codes for your reference:

  • SYD = Sydney
  • AKL = Auckland
  • SCL = Santiago
  • SFO = San Francisco
  • IAH = Houston
  • LAX = Los Angeles
  • MSP = St. Paul, MN
  • DTW = Detroit
  • ATL = Atlanta
  • SLC = Salt Lake City
  • YVR = Vancouver
  • YVZ = Toronto

Note that the first two listed are fake listings, as you will see in a video shortly.


As you can see by the red line below, North America is perfectly en-route for a trip between Sydney and Santiago, so it makes sense that flights would go through the US and Canada, as listed above.

The green line on the right corresponds to the path that would be taken if we were on a globe (which corresponds to the yellow line on the left).



Image result for flat earth dome




Don’t believe me?


Well, let’s take a look at the curious case of a October 2015 China Airlines flight from Bali, Indonesia destined for Los Angeles…


What is remarkable about this flight is that it was forced to emergency land since a woman prematurely gave birth 6 hours into the flight!

Image result for bali los angeles baby Image result for bali los angeles baby


Now, logically you’d think that a flight from Bali to LA would simply continue its route to LAX or to land in Hawaii…




However, as confirmed by an excerpt from an article in The Telegraph, the flight actually emergency landed in… Alaska…



Now why would the plane fly so far off course instead of just continuing to LAX?




The reason for that is very simple…

It landed in Alaska because Anchorage is in fact en-route to LAX from Indonesia, and it’s thus perfectly natural that it would emergency land there:




Australia to South Africa

Now, another curious flight route is the one between Australia and South Africa, where most flights are listed as going via places like Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, and Singapore – labelled in green as #1-4 below.

Note that there are also a couple of fake listings – flight SA 280 (in yellow), and flight QF64…


The paths via Singapore, Hong Kong, or Dubai make little sense on the globe…




… but make perfect sense on a Flat Earth map…

south africa.JPG



South Africa to Brazil

Similarly, if you want to fly from South Africa to Brazil, the most popular routes all go via Europe, Senegal, or Dubai, which makes absolutely no sense on a globe map…




… but again, the flight routes make sense on the flat Earth map:



Flight Routes and Fake Flight Listings

This video does a good job of outlining all of these Southern hemisphere routes:



This video continues where the video above left off, and discusses some of the fake flight listings in a bit more depth:


“Oh but aren’t there a lot of people who have taken those routes who would say something?…”

Image result for skeptical

First of all, there aren’t actually that many flights between countries in the southern hemisphere in the first place, given that very few people actually live in the southern hemisphere:


Secondly, if the flight actually existed, given how controversial a topic this is you’d expect to see more videos of people at the gate getting spontaneously interviewed or spoken to about the flight route, but NADA.

Then there’s the fact that there’s an incredible amount of fanfare about the Qantas Santiago to Sydney flight, enough to make you sit up and wonder…

This aussie breaks it down rather humouristically for us:


There’s also plenty of encoded fake news story’s on this topic to perpetuate the lie, as outlined by here…





Flight Trackers

Flight trackers are also revealing… notice how there are no flights over the oceans in the southern hemisphere…



If flights were taking the paths over Antarctica (on a globe) then you’d think that they would show up in the flight trackers…



… but they clearly don’t!


images (3).jpg


On a globe this makes no sense, but on a Flat Earth map this is exactly what we’d expect to see…

… On the Flat Earth map there should rarely be any flights over the open oceans on the outer part of the map when all the land-mass is in the center… so you wouldn’t expect flights to show up there on the trackers.


Flights that travel over the South Atlantic between South America and Europe will usually also have their tracking switched off midway through flights to prevent accurate tracking, as you can see in this video:




Northern Hemisphere Flights


The path shown to us in Northern hemisphere flights also makes more sense on a FE map:

 Image result for sun movement flat earth


Image result for flat earth meme


For those who’d like to see more, there are numerous other interesting videos relating to flight paths on youtube, such as this one:








On the subject of flights, you might be wondering if anyone ever flew to Antarctica?

Well, there was one trained pilot who did…


Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1888 – 1957)

Admiral Byrd led a US Navy expedition to Antarctica in 1946-47 (with Rear Admiral Richard Cruzen heading-up the task-force).

At the time of the expedition every asset in the US Navy’s inventory was leveraged to Byrd for his use if needed during his exploration of Antarctica, which should give an idea into the vast scale of the project undertaken during “Operation Highjump“.

The objectives of the expedition are said to have been as follows:

  1. Training personnel and testing equipment in frigid conditions;
  2. Consolidating and extending the United States’ sovereignty over the largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent (publicly denied as a goal even before the expedition ended);
  3. Determining the feasibility of establishing, maintaining, and utilizing bases in the Antarctic and investigating possible base sites;
  4. Developing techniques for establishing, maintaining, and utilizing air bases on ice, with particular attention to later applicability of such techniques to operations in interior Greenland, where conditions are comparable to those in the Antarctic;
  5. Amplifying existing stores of knowledge of electromagnetic, geological, geographic, hydrographic, and meteorological propagation conditions in the area;
  6. Supplementary objectives of the Nanook expedition (a smaller equivalent conducted off eastern Greenland).


For his efforts, Byrd was honoured with a statue in Antarctica, and also received the US Medal of Honour…

Admiral Byrd (8)  Image result for admiral byrd grave


Interestingly, Admiral Byrd actually shared an account of his experience in Antarctica during a short NBC News interview that aired on June 24, 1955:



Before we dissect what was said in the interview above, please note the following written about Admiral Byrd – taken from Masonic Americana, 1976, pages 201-203 The Admirable Admiral

  • Raised in Federal Lodge No.1, Washington, D.C., in 1921; he later affiliated with Kane Lodge No. 454, New York City.
  • He was also a member of National Sojourners Chapter No.3 at Washington.
  • Byrd dropped Masonic flags over both poles during his flights.
  • Sixty of the 82 members of his Antarctic expedition of 1933-1935 were Freemasons.
  • They established First Antarctic Lodge No. 777 of New Zealand in 1935.


Admiral Byrd (4)



Image result for admiral byrd freemason


Below is an interesting picture of Admiral Byrd with his interviewer Dave Garroway in the NBC News studio where the interview above took place.

… Notice that there is curiously an Azimunthal Equidistant (Flat Earth) map on the studio wall behind them.


Image result for june 24 1955 admiral byrd Image result for june 24 1955 admiral byrd


Now then, in the interview Byrd said the following:

Strangely enough, there is an area left in the world today – an area as big as the United States, that’s never been seen by a human being.

It’s by far the most valuable and important place in the world for science…

He went on to outline that

It’s an untouched reservoir of natural resources…

  • enough coal within 180 miles… enough to supply the world
  • minerals, oil..
  • probably uranium…

He continued by saying that

Many nations – including Russia, Australia, Britain, Chile, and Argentina, are looking into Antarctica… 

Antarctica is the most peaceful place in the world, but it won’t be for long due to intense interest”… (i.e. interest in its resources and military importance).

He also outlined what conditions were like in Antarctica:

The south pole is surrounded by a plateau 10,000 feet high… the antarctic peninsula is surrounded by a “belt of ice” that is at least 1,200 miles thick… the south is a plateau in some place 14,000ft up.. its a little bit chilly up there…


Now remembering that he is a freemason and that he appeared in the mainstream media on national television, there must have been a very calculated reason for his appearance…

Furthermore, if you watch the interview carefully, you can see him frequently glancing nervously down at his notes as well as off camera, as if he’s following a script and following instructions – rather than speaking freely.

Whatever the case, if we as the public take his story at face-value – in particular the parts about the vast abundance of natural resources – then it would be incredulous that the profit-hungry oil & gas tycoons who basically run the government haven’t ventured over to Antarctica to dig it up…

Remember, these are the same people who have no problems destroying rainforests and pristine landscapes…

Image result for coal mine Image result for deforestation

… whilst making countless species of flora and fauna extinct and displacing countless local tribes in the process…

… but all of a sudden they are unable to lobby their corrupt friends in Washington DC to allow them to explore “an untouched reservoir of natural resources”?…

… A reservoir that just happens to be full of “enough coal, oil, and gas to supply the whole world“… and where there are no trees, no rainforests, endangered species, tribes, etc…

… all for the sake of a bit of “scientific research” about ice and a few penguins?


Image result for yeah right meme


This story doesn’t add up…


They tell us that this is a continent that has

  • no native inhabitants;
  • a minimal amount of wildlife; and
  • is FULL of natural resources…

…and our profit-driven world leaders aren’t rushing over there to dig its resources up?!

Clearly something’s up over there…




Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself the obvious question…


… Why doesn’t somebody just sail over to Antarctica and check it out?…









Well, firstly, you probably need a very big (and expensive boat)…


… and secondly, (un)conveniently enough there just happens to be a little military treaty that keeps it “protected”……



Image result for oh come on gif

1959 Antarctic Treaty

The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS), regulate international relations with respect to Antarctica, Earth’s only continent without a native human population.

The treaty, [signed in 1959 and] entering into force in 1961 and having 53 parties as of 2016, sets aside Antarctica as “a scientific preserve”, establishes freedom of scientific investigation and bans military activity on that continent. The treaty was the first arms control agreement established during the Cold War.


First of all, notice the suspect timing of the Treaty… do you think the Treaty had anything to do with what Admiral Byrd and the US Navy was up to in Antarctica (i.e. building bases, etc..)


Image result for admiral byrd freemason


Secondly, notice from the passage quoted above that

The [Antarctic] treaty was the first arms control agreement established during the Cold War.”…


Funny how the United States and Soviet Union were Cold War enemies from 1947 until 1991 and couldn’t agree about anything in the 1950’s….


… except for a treaty to “protect” a big block of ice!





Now, how do you think they enforce that ban and “protect” the “scientific preserve” ?


Image result for wondering








Here’s a hint:





“Oh but they would have to patrol such vast areas of ocean, so that would be impossible…”

Image result for hmm








Well actually, let’s think logically here…


There are really only 3 areas in the world from which Antarctica is realistically accessible (as shown in the map below)….

… and to sail in other regions would be extremely dangerous due to high seas on the open ocean.

Furthermore, whatever route you try to get there by, you would also need a rather large (and expensive) ship, along with a competent crew of experienced sailors – neither of which the vast majority of people have access to.

… And even if you did have a huge boat and some crazy friends, you’d still have to navigate past sophisticated radar systems that have made it very easy for the Navy to track large areas of ocean.

patrol zones.jpg Image result for radar


Amazingly, one adventurous guy and his friends actually did manage to sail to Antarctica recently to explore on their own… as you can see in this video.

… But as it happens they faced the full wrath of various Navy’s and court systems for daring to contravene the ridiculous Antarctic Treaty regulations (which you will see outlined a bit further down)…








Antarctic Treaty Regulations


The following passages are taken from the US State Department regulations concerning Antarctica.

Note that you don’t need to read all the details, just skim through the parts I’ve highlighted for you in yellow if you wish 🙂



In other words, no unauthorized use of any equipment necessary to explore Antarctica…

Do you think an independent explorer could realistically explore Antarctica without motorized equipment?







If it is so remote, inhospitable, and dangerous, why do they need a military treaty to keep people out? Do they really think that many people would want to go there to make it worth the effort to “protect” it?

… After all, it’s not like people are lining up to visit Siberia or the Sahara desert, but they don’t have any international treaties protecting those remote areas…





“Devoted to peace”… Yeah right!




As pertains to “adverse impacts on the environment”, let’s use our heads here…


The area of Antarctica is said to be 14 million km²…

antarctica area.JPG


With that in mind, don’t you think it’s rather absurd for our governments to say “nope, nobody can go below the 60° south latitude without our permission”…?

I mean, imagine if they put the same restrictions on travelling to South America or Australia, in order to “protect the environment” in the name of “scientific research”!


As it happens, Antarctica saw only around 10,000 visitors per year until a recent peak up to 40,000, as per IAATO:


Image result for iaato logo   Image result for antarctic tourism map


For comparison, that is 3,460,000 less tourists per year than the number of people visiting the Empire State Building…


… and 16,000 people less than the entire population of Greenland… which is (said to be) 7 times smaller than Antarctica…



… yet you won’t find any military treaties involving 53 countries to protect polar pears in Greenland, do you?


Image result for polar bear nope


Do you really think 40,000 people per year can do so much “environmental damage” that it warrants having such a stringent international military treaty involving 53 countries to protect a continent twice the size of Australia?!


Image result for nope gif



So basically, unless you go through authorized agencies on your tourist visit, you’re unlikely to reach your intended destination…


Image result for penguin dive gif




Needless to say, environmental impact statements are very complicated and require substantial resources…




Your purpose has to be disclosed and approved…

… So again, do you really think any independent exploration would be allowed (with the fate of Jarle Andehøy’s crew in mind…)?



Additionally, the Handbook of the Antarctic Treaty System outlines numerous “Specially Protected Areas” in Antarctica that are ENTIRELY off limits to everyone…




As such, you will never be allowed to access huge swaths of land, even with a permit.


Effectively, tourists are only permitted to see is a small corner of one of Antarctica’s peninsula’s…


Image result for antarctica tourism map  Image result for antarctic tourism map


Most tourists who go there are also basically just there to snap some pics of the oh-so-cute penguins…

Image result for penguin tourist Image result for penguin tourist


… and they don’t have a clue about the proverbial elephant in the room…



Do you think a genuine trecker would ever be allowed to venture off the designated path… to somewhere where they might actually find something interesting?




The funniest part, is that the island tourists often go to is even called “Deception Island“.

… You can’t make this up!

Image result for antarctica tourism map


Now, let’s take a look at what the Antarctic Treaty itself says…


Handbook of the Antarctic Treaty System

Chapter 2: The Antarctic Treaty System: Introduction




Antarctica is to be used for peace… but “military personnel or equipment” and having the US Navy build military bases there is apparently ok…


Image result for penguin army



Exchange of information/personnel under U.N. supervision…

… This sounds a lot like some of the plans about “sustainable cooperation” outlined in Agenda 2030… that we briefly discussed in Energy Weapons: Tesla’s Suppressed Technologies.



No claims of sovereignty allowed by any government… which is right in line with the borderless “global neighbourhood” NWO utopia we’re moving towards…



In other words, nobody is allowed to access any land, ice, or water south of 60 degrees without the permission of the authorities…




In other words, all countries will follow the same regulations as those outlined here, to discourage any activities contrary to the Antarctic Treaty One World Government…


Isn’t it amazing how with so many wars and crises happening around the world, with many treaties being re-negotiated and amended, that this Treaty has remained in tact and largely unchanged for almost 60 many years?!


Furthermore, isn’t it interesting how there are no bases within the 80° south latitude…


Map of all the Antarctic research stations


Image result for gee i wonder


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is no south pole below the 80° south latitude…

Image result for flat earth map


Now, in order to propagate the myth that an area of land twice the size of Australia and visited by a mere 40,000 people per year is under environmental threat and needs to continue to be severely restricted, the authorities post pictures like those below in the media…

… and as you saw in The Greatest Liars of All Time, it’s not particularly hard to set up a fake scene.

The picture below is taken from an article titled “Human impacts in Antarctica: what are we doing?”, published on the website of the Australian Antarctic Division within the Australian governments’ Department of the Environment and Energy.

Image result for antarctic tourism impacts Image result for antarctic tourism impacts

Note that at the time of that article, in 2001, there were only 10,000 visitors per year to Antarctica…

… And yet, they still post pictures like the one’s above as if they’re supposed to be representative of a land mass almost the size of South America!

Think for a second…

Could a remote continent roughly the size of South America – with less than 40,000 people visiting it per year, really warrant the sort of total lock-down the Treaty above outlines?





…. As if they really care about a bunch of pengiuns!



Image result for penguins gif



As it happens, you’ve probably seen plenty of penguins and Antarctica in cartoons…

Image result for penguins of madagascar antarctica


… and there’s plenty of other interesting things to be found on television if you look closely…


Flat Earth Hidden in Plane Sight


You should have noticed by now that the truth is always hidden in plain sight (!!!), and Antarctica is no different…











images (1)




Sorry if I just ruined Game of Thrones for you…











… But not really 😀




Looking at cartoons again, do you think that it’s a coincidence that this “Pizza Planet” truck has appeared in every single Pixar movie?


Image result for pizza planet truck in pixar movies


The Flat Earth appears in countless Hollywood movies as well, an example of which is seen here:


Image result for flat earth in movies


This 6min video will show you many more examples of Flat Earth symbolism in Hollywood movies…


You can find TONS more Flat Earth symbolism in Hollywood movies in the videos linked below…

Watching all these can be a rather eye-opening experience…



Flat Earth & dome symbolism can be seen in plain site on the internet too…



Amazingly, as shown clearly in as this 2min video, the Encyclopedia Americana published in 1958 (the year before the Antarctic Treaty was signed) actually refers to the dome in a passage about Antarctica…

Image result for encyclopedia americana 1958

The passage very clearly states that the dome is 13,000ft high at latitude 80° S, longitude 90° E…




Image result for oopsie meme


The Flat Earth also features frequently on the news… in this case on “Global News”….. what a joke!




… and in other news…


Here’s something else related to television that might be of interest…

Just two years after Admiral Byrd appeared on TV to talk about Antarctica, the US government kicked its “education” program up a notch with the National Defense Education Act of 1958


Public TV law.JPG

Public TV.JPG



Clearly, there has long been a clear plan in place for how to “educate” the masses with “effective techniques and methods”…


And that brings us to our final topic for today, which will see this post come full circle (pun intended)…

Disinformation Programmes

First, a look at the meaning of the word “Government”…



Keep what you learned about magnetism, energy, and the climate change hoax in Energy Weapons: Tesla’s Suppressed Technologies in mind when you watch the video below.

While watching, also ask yourself this:

Why would Obama and John Kerry repeatedly bring up the Flat Earth in their speeches if there wasn’t something to it? It seems rather odd as you will see…



So why bring up the Flat Earth Society repeatedly?

Well, there are three main reasons:

  1. Ridicule;
  2. To vilify “Flat Earthers” (aka “climate change deniers“) among the general public – notice people like Bill Nye suggesting that we should imprison climate deniers… so basically anyone who doesn’t bow down to authority; and
  3. Strategically.


Let me elaborate on point 3:

After watching these speeches, if anyone is mildly curious about the subject, they will most likely google “flat earth society” and be led to the Flat Earth Society website


Image result for taiwan emergency landing flat earth


Now, this website is a perfect example of “controlled opposition“… as it is in fact full of wrongful information that is likely to quickly throw off anyone not curious enough to dig deeper…



It’s all a game of smoke and mirrors, but the truth, as you know by now, is hidden in plain sight…



Here’s the Flat Earth map in plain site again, this time in JFK’s situation room…



Speaking of JFK, listen to his famous “Secret Societies” speech, which contains plenty of clues about what’s going on here…




Image result for jfk official concealment



With regards to “official censorship and concealment”…


… here’s what William Casey, Director of the CIA, had to say in 1981:








Now, with those two quotes in mind, watch this (4 min) eye-opening video:








Hollywood has been rubbing the globe in your face for a long time too…



At this stage, you might find it of great interest to watch this short interview featuring KGB agent talking about mind control and social conditioning…








Image result for rockefeller nation of workers



Here’s a rather fitting illustration, again taken from the official music video of Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2):


Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two (Official Music Video)



Image result for another brick in the wall cover


Let me remind you of the short (1min) movie clip you saw in An Introduction to Synchronicity, about how people have built their own prison…




Now – with André Gregory’s words in mind,…


…. my parting message to you today is this:




Image result for don't be another brick in the wall






To be continued




14 thoughts on “22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2)

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  2. This is false.

    There are non-stop flights from Aukland to Santiago. 12 hours average flight time, 10.5 hours to fly East and 14 hours to fly West. Two Airlines fly it, Qantas Airlines and Latam Airlines Group.

    Also there are non-stop flights from Perth to Johannesburg. It take 9 hours to fly East and 11 hours to fly West. South African Airlines and Virgin Australia fly it.

    Also there are non-stop flights from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg. It takes 8.5 hours to fly East and 10.5 hours to fly West. South African Airlines fly it.


  3. Well researched post. Found it searching for more info on the map of the flat earth JFK had in the situation room. Informative post that covers so much of this topic all in one place. And a few things I hadn’t seen like that GPS video of planes disappearing. Kind of hard for someone new to all of this to look at this and still believe we’re living on a ball spinning in space especially once they fully understand all the moon landings were a hoax, too. And that any photos they’ve ever seen of earth from a distance were fabricated to further perpetuate the illusion. Shared your post for those ready to see it.


  4. Hello Richard. I just finished the Another brick in the wall, both parts. First I wanna tell you that it is an excellent job. Secondly I want to point you to two lyrics.
    1st Comfortably numb: it says “a distant ship smokes in the horizon” which is in contrast with a ship going over the curve, it strongly suggest that on flat surface even with ship no visible you can see its smoke!
    2nd: on the album dark side of the moon, the last song on its ending says “there is no dark side of the moon (!!!), in fact it is all dark” the second part of those lyrics is to mask the truth of the first one.
    Thank you and have a nice day.


  5. As much as I am convinced by everything I’ve read so far, thinking more into the flat earth, how do you explain the fact that we can see ‘planets’ through telescopes that are obviously round (I.e Jupiter)?


  6. Thank you Richard for a very entertaining and informative read. I am 100% certain earth is a plane and not a magical spinning ball. One point about southern flights is SA280 JNB to PER does exist and I have taken it several times. The existence of this flight does not in any way support the ball earth model, it just means it is serviced by an aeroplane which is capable of covering the distance non-stop. A web search shows SA280 is serviced by an Airbus A340-300 which has a range of 6,700 nautical miles / 7710 miles / 12,408 km.


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  9. Great work. I would like to offer a suggestion. The “historical” narrative around WW2 is no different than the “science” behind the heliocentric solar system; Total BS. The “Big lie” meme is presented out of context. Like the majority of awful quotes attributed to various National Socialist officials, Adolf Hitler was describing the “big lie” as being a strategy employed by International Jewry, not something the Germans used.


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