25. Exposing the Coming NWO Alien Deception



In the last post 24. Made in a Hollywood Basement you learned that space is a complete myth, promulgated by NASA and their pseudoscientific actors.


That begs the question:


If space is fake, why are NASA, Hollywood, and the mainstream media incessantly pushing space and alien propaganda at us?



To start to see why, let’s take a look at some of that propaganda, starting with Hollywood.


Image result for hollywood


Aliens in Hollywood Movies

As you will see below, the people running Hollywood are extremely eager for you to believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials…


For starters, despite what you learned about magnetism and crop circles in Crop Circle and Ancient Power Plants, the narrative from Hollywood is that crop circles are due to aliens…




Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of Hollywood movies featuring aliens from the last decade. You can find the full list here.




To help jog your memory, here are a handful of movie posters…




As you can see below, this programming has been going on for over a century:





It’s worth noting that this list doesn’t include hundreds of low-profile movies… or movies about Space in general (i.e. that don’t include aliens), such as Gravity or Elysium that no doubt also propagate belief in alien life.

… Nor does the list include the thousands of references to aliens in non-alien-related movies.


At any rate, as you can see in this graph (which is based on the list above),  the alien theme has been an ever-present and steadily growing theme in Hollywood:





Admittedly, you could say that all movie themes have been growing in number due to the growth of television and Hollywood, which is a fair point.


However, let me point out that movies that involve aliens are the most well-represented genre among the highest-grossing films worldwide…





Many TV Shows also push the alien theme, such as the shows V and X-files:


Image result for V tv show   Image result for x.files





So why does Hollywood push the alien theme so aggressively?


To start to understand that, let’s take a look at predictive programming



Predictive Programming


It should be clear to anyone who has been following this blog that movies aren’t produced for mere entertainment, but rather, it is all about predictive programming


Here is a quick 2min refresher about what predictive programming is for anyone that needs it:



As mentioned in the video above, the key technique of predictive programming is to announce to people in advance what is planned…

… Once people are used to it, they are totally prepared (psychologically) to accept the planned event and to react exactly like expected (i.e. exactly as programmed).


Furthermore, the Illuminati code of “ethics” (if we can call it that) stipulates that they must tell the world what they are going to do – before they do it. (I don’t make this up…it’s just how they do it…)


Now, take a look at the video below, which features the first movie involving space travel made in 1902…



If a 1902 movie showed the 1969 moon landing – including

  • people changing outfits before going to the moon (i.e. astronauts)
  • the exact shape of the capsule
  • the exact view of Earth that would be shown in 1969
  • the exact method of re-entering (i.e. landing in water)


… then don’t you think that the hundreds of alien-themed movies are telling you about something that is going to happen in the future too?




Here are a couple of videos to give you an idea of what Hollywood is constantly pushing out…




Note the speech from Independence Day at 3:10 above… that says

We will be united in our common interest… (…) and the world declared in ONE voice…”


… Keep that in mind for later on.




It is said that almost every high-profile movie or TV show you have ever seen about aliens or the Moon has come from directors who are known freemasons

Here are some notable examples:

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Steven Spielberg
  • ET The Extraterrestrial – Steven Spielberg
  • Taken – Steven Spielberg
  • Alien 1-4 – Ridley Scott
  • Independence Day – Roland Emmerich
  • 2001: Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick
  • Star Wars – George Lucas
  • Star Trek – Gene Roddenberry
  • Men In Black – Barry Sonnenfeld
  • From the Earth to the Moon – Byron Haskin
  • Apollo 13 – Ron Howard
  • War of the Worlds – Byron Haskin / Steven Spielberg
  • The X-Files – Chris Carter
  • Avatar – James Cameron


Now, as you may have noticed, alien propaganda isn’t just limited to movies…



“Alien Invasion” in the Media

The video below is a typical example of the propaganda fed to us in the media.


In particular, notice the question on screen: “What will happen WHEN aliens attack?


As you will hear, the conversation is in the future tense, but both the presenter and Michio Kaku make it sound like it is an absolute certainty that an alien invasion will happen…

The average viewer would simply absorb this information unquestioningly…



At 3:35 Michio Kaku says “We have yet to find any civilization or life in outer space…


… and yet they still talk about an alien invasion as if it was imminent!



Image result for shake head gif



The media also constantly pushes propaganda about planets and space, as outlined in this 2min video:


You will notice that space exploration, along with planets – in particular Mars and Jupiter are in the news every single day…


Incidentally… note that Jupiter/Zeus is who George Washington is representing in “The Apotheosis of Washington”, as discussed in Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills

… so the incessant appearance of Jupiter on the news should tell you something…




The media actually frequently include ancient Egyptians in their space stories…





Here’s some examples of the sorts of fairy tales “scientific” publications constantly push out about space…

… and obviously the public have absolutely NO way of actually verifying this stuff for themselves… because of course, only the high priests of science have the knowledge and we’re all supposed to blindly believe everything in the name of “science”…





Apparently fires can now spread in space…. despite it being a vacuum!




According to CNN a space probe has crash landed… on a comet

… 300 million miles away from Earth…

… moving at 41,000mph… (Relative to what? Who knows?!)

… and they even got pictures of it!


What’s more, according to the ABC news presenter in this video, “the comet is shaped like a rubber duck”…

Image result for rubber duck comet

Image result for what is this meme

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

In other news, you better watch out because the Chinese are finally getting more involved in space with a “bold space program” of their own it seems…




And look… Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) wants to launch you into space…


… Needless to say, the world would probably be better off if Jeff Bezos was launched into space…



Image result for bye family guy gif




Image result for wave bye gif





The propaganda doesn’t end on the news or magazines though…

… It reaches everywhere in your life…

… including Youtube adverts, like this insufferable advert that pops up unremittingly:



The narrative in this advert shows you clearly why the space lie has been perpetuated…

“Do you believe in aliens? … Obviously I believe in aliens… There are 100 billion galaxies in the world, clearly we are not alone…” 


Videos and propaganda like that is where people get the idea that aliens exist from!!!


Not to be outdone, even UNICEF have aliens in their adverts!



Even the England football team campaign is pushing this propaganda…

Image result for mars believe



And speaking of Mars, here we have another liar promulgating the lie about space exploration…


Elon Musk is paraded around like the real-life incarnation of Tony Stark…



Image result for mars elon musk Image result for elon musk iron man



Image result for elon musk iron man



Image result for elon musk iron man


… but in reality, Elon Musk is nothing more than a sell-out actor hired by the real billionaires pulling the strings!


In fact, he even has his own profile on IMDB that says as much!




Hollywood even cast Elon Musk meeting Tony Stark (i.e. Robert Downey Jr.) in the same movie to promote the narrative that he is a brilliant inventor and scientist!!


Image result for elon musk robert downey jr




Having a “superhero” inventor like Elon Musk push the agenda allows the real puppet masters to remain anonymous, and have a nice believable face to deceive the public…


As you may have noticed, Elon Musk is at the forefront of spreading fairy tales about Mars…







Now, do you notice any similarities between the race above…




…. and this race…?


Image result for moon race news 1960s  Image result for moon race news 1960s




       Image result for moon landing newspapers reading       Image result for moon landing newspapers reading






Image result for rinse repeat



These lies are all manufactured to divide the public and put on an entertaining show… And boy does it make for great drama when we can pick sides!


Image result for arsenal chelsea fans    Image result for chelsea fans


Image result for republican vs democrat



Needless to say…


Image result for illusion of choice




Image result for controlled opposition



It doesn’t matter if the Russians or Americans win; if Trump or Clinton wins; or if Bezos or Musk wins… Both sides are lying!



And speaking of liars…



Controlled Opposition Pushing Alien Agenda


It’s pretty clear that the mainstream media and Hollywood are promulgating lies… but what about the alternative media… surely they can’t be in on it to?


Well, the elite aren’t stupid, and they know that some people won’t believe the mainstream news…


Consider this:


Billions and billions of dollars go towards the mainstream media, and for obvious reasons the budget of the alternative media is less than 1% of the mainstream media budget…

With that in mind, how hard do you think it is to create fake “alternative media” sources, that serve as gatekeepers of the truth by diluting the truth with lies to steer the public in the wrong direction?…


What we see overwhelmingly in the alternative media is a long list of seemingly “independent” leaders who share enough truth to lure people in, but then mix in complete lies to lead people away from the truth.


In the words of Vladimir Lenin:



Image result for controlled opposition lenin

Here’s an obvious example…

Image result for controlled opposition meme


Alex Jones claims to be against the NWO and government, but then his site has a banner urging people to register to vote for that same government!

(For a good exposé of Alex Jones, watch this)



Now then, let’s take a look at some of the controlled opposition characters pushing the different Alien (and “consciousness ascension”) narratives that play a part in the greater deception to come…

Before we dig in though, allow me to point out that this is not meant to be an exhaustive study of each of these characters – I just want to briefly touch upon some of the main narratives being promoted in the alternative media…

The theories promulgated by these agents will become important later on in this post, so pay attention, and keep them in mind for later on.

“Alien Astronaut” Theory / New Age “Awakening”


In general terms, the alien astronaut theorists teach that humans were created by ancient aliens, and some versions also claim that there is a mystical planet called Nibiru, or Planet X wandering through the solar system…

The New Age ideology involves “ascension” / “evolving” into higher forms of consciousness – and this will play  a HUGE role in the NWO deception as you will see later on.

(For more on the New Age deception as a subject I recommend scrutinizing the works of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey – both big proponents of the NWO).


Zacharia Sitchin

Sitchin supposedly translated some old clay Sumerian tablets that tell the entire story about ancient aliens… but the funny thing is, no one else has ever been able to verify those translations, because the language is apparently so unique that only a real expert scholar like him could translate them…  *eye roll*

His “translations” suggest that the human race is a product of ancient aliens, who created us as a slave race on Earth to mine gold for them; and he also promoted the story about Nibiru / Planet X… a mythical planet in our Solar system…

As shown in this video, Sitchin is a freemason, and his material is full of falsehoods.

Image result for sitchin clay tablets


Michael Tellinger

Tellinger has a lot of great material on cymatics, but the fact is that a HUGE portion of his other work promulgating ancient alien “gods” is based on Sitchin’s false “translations”.

He may not be a controlled opposition as much as just being deceived, but he is nonetheless spreading falsehoods with books about ancient astronauts like this:

Image result


Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell “exposes” secret societies and things like 9/11 (mainly things others have already exposed), and then leads people towards New Age spiritual ideology that will feed into the NWO.

There is plenty of evidence showing that Maxwell is a freemason, including this picture of Maxwell doing a masonic handshake with Sitchin (who we discussed above):

Image result for jordan maxwell freemason Image result for masonic handshake


You’ll notice this handshake in hundreds of photo’s of freemasonic politicians and world leaders too…

Image result for masonic handshake Image result for masonic handshake


David Icke

Icke does some rather fantastic work to expose the political side of the NWO, but many of his more “out there” theories have helped to muddy the waters and make “conspiracy theorists” look silly.

He is also a huge promoter of the New Age philosophies of Alice Bailey, involving “a shift in consciousness” / “mass awakening”.


David Wilcock

Another proponent of the New Age “consciousness awakening”, as well as the ancient astronaut theory…


 Image result for david wilcock books        Image result for david wilcock


Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock promotes the idea that we need to return to an elevated state of consciousness, as well as furthering the narrative saying that there existed an ancient civilization on Mars…

Furthermore, after all we spoke about in Leylines: Part 2, Obelisks and City Plans, and especially Links to the Ancients, the covers of Hancock’s books should trigger some huge red flags.

Image result for graham hancock books      Image result for graham hancock books    Image result for graham hancock books

Needless to say, that’s a lot sun God (Egyptian God RA) symbolism…


And speaking of Egyptian’s… let’s take a look at Sirius Disclosure, named after the star Sirius, which is located in the (Egyptian goddess) ISIS constellation…


Sirius Disclosure


Sirius Disclosure is the main proponent pushing for the government to disclose their “secrets” about UFO’s and alien.

It is a well-funded organization that puts out slick documentaries that feature countless interviews with people in high places…

Image result for sirius disclosure logo

As the video below shows, Sirius is presented as an organization that is working against the government, to expose all their biggest secrets…

… However, that is FAR from the truth, as you will see below.

For starters, notice Dr. Steven Greer’s words at 0:50…

“I’m a doctor in an ER, taking care of shootings, and stabbings, and car wrecks, and I’m being asked to brief the CIA Director on stuff because he and the President are being lied to…”

So let me get this straight:

This guy, who of all things just happens to be a life-saving heart surgeon (what a tear-jerker…),…… somehow happens to have all the connections to high-ranking military officials,…

…. and then gets to meet the director of the CIA to tell him what’s going on…

… because the CIA Director and US President themselves don’t know what’s going on.

Image result for yeah right cool story bro meme

The fact that Dr. Steven Greer is meeting with the CIA Director should tell you all you need to know…

Image result for cia director quote disinformation

Let’s take a closer look at Sirius Disclosure to see what else we can expose…

Sirius” and “Orion

First of all, you may recall from Leylines: An Introduction and Leylines: Part 2, that the star “Sirius” has held key significance for thousands of years…

… and is associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis… who is featuring prominently in the news these days…


On the Sirius Disclosure website you’ll also find “The Orion Project”…


… and you’ll know the significance of that if you’ve read Leylines: An Introduction, Leylines: Part 2, and Obelisks and City Plans

Image result for twin towers orion

In short, Orion is associated with Osiris/Nimrod/Baal… the deity worshiped by ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamian’s…

Notice that we’ve recently seen replicas of the Arch of Palmyra – where Baal was worshiped – erected in London (on April 19th) and New York (on September 19th)…

Image result for arch of palmyra new york Image result for new york arch of triumph

The Orion Project and the recent promulgation of ancient temples in London and New York should indicate to you that something is up!

Furthermore, The Orion Project is said to have been created to transform the world into “a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance“…

… which sounds a lot like the UN’s totalitarian Agenda 2030


Sirius Disclosure Logo

Secondly, we can find many familiar symbols on the Sirius Disclosure logo…

Image result for sirius disclosure

  • The square and compass:


sirius-square-and-compass Image result for freemason logo

Image result for 6 pointed star freemason

  • The 6 pointed star:


sirius-hexagram Image result for 6 pointed star freemason

  • The all-seeing eye / pyramid:


sirius-pyramid Image result for nwo dollar

  • There are also two symbols we haven’t covered yet; namely the two inverted pyramids, and the cube – both of which will become very significant in later posts. (For those who can’t wait, here’s a preview).


sirius-as-above-so-below  sirius-cube

Dr. Steven Greer and the Mainstream Media

Thirdly, let’s take a look at the self-acclaimed “Father of the Disclosure movement”,  Dr. Steven Greer, and the exposure he is getting in the media…

Image result for sirius disclosure

Here is Steven Greer in 2001 presenting at the National Press Club

… And here he is again, this time at the 2013 “Citizen Hearing”, also at the National Press Club

Image result for steven greer congress Image result for steven greer congress

Now, you may remember from Links to the Ancients and Owls, Owls Everywhere, that the National Press Club has an owl on it’s logo…

… and as it happens it is located just 2 blocks away from The White House and near Capitol Hill which we scrutinized in Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills...

Image result for national press club logo     Image result for washington dc owl

Needless to say, if there was any truth to what Steven Greer is “exposing“, he wouldn’t be allowed the time of day in front of congressmen and get the exposure in the media that he does… as evidenced by his bio (in yellow) below…

You should also note that his push for a “sustainable civilization” and “high tech” falls perfectly in line with UN’s totalitarian Agenda 2030 as mentioned earlier (underlined in red below)…


The fact that Sirius Disclosure is getting tons of exposure in mainstream channels should tell you all you need to know…

Image result for mainstream media owned by

You probably don’t need me to point out the obvious…

Image result for mainstream media brainwash

If you’re someone who still believes what is on television, please watch this: Subliminal Messages on US National television (1960’s).

… and if that was being done 60 years ago, what sort of subliminal messaging and predictive programming do you think is on the news today?!

The Sirius Disclosure – Rockefeller Connection

Lastly, allow me to point out that Sirius Disclosure – as well as the first “disclosure” project called the Rockefeller Initiative – were started and funded by the Rockefeller’s, who surely need no introduction…


Needless to say, at best this is a conflict of interest for Dr. Steven Greer, and at worst (and most certainly the case) he is in bed with the enemy.

The video below does a great job of exposing the Rockefeller – Steven Greer connection, which incidentally also includes top US politicians like Hillary and Bill Clinton.

This article also does a good job outlining who is behind the Disclosure project.

Now, let’s take a look at what some of our esteemed politicians are talking about on television…

Politician’s Talking About Aliens


As you will see in the videos below, many top politicians have been talking about aliens on national television at an ever-increasing rate…


Below is a clip from when Obama appeared on the Ellen Show on February 12th, 2016…


Again, keep in mind that this is all SCRIPTED…

Obama would NEVER appear on a TV show like this unless there was a REASON!



Note the specific words by Obama at 1:18:

“We haven’t actually made direct contact with aliens yet“…


The implication of those words is two-fold:

  1. “We haven’t made direct contact, but we know they exist”
  2. It hasn’t happened yet – which implies that it will happen soon.


These are the thoughts Obama wants you to be ingrained with – and is the reason why he appeared on that show.


Not surprisingly, the mainstream media stories like this were subsequently planted in the mainstream media…





Now curiously, despite all the massive events happening on the world stage in 2016, Obama found time in his busy schedule in June to visit Roswell, New Mexico of all places…




For those who don’t know… Roswell, New Mexico was the site of this:




We’ve increasingly been stories like this




Obama has also promoted the alien narrative on recent appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show…

… and he’s not alone, as both Hillary and Bill Clinton have made similar appearances to promote that same narrative…


Now, when you watch the clips below, keep in mind that EVERYTHING is scripted!… These people have dozens of speech writers, and every sentence is there for a reason!

For example, you may notice that Jimmy Kimmel asks the EXACT same questions to Bill Clinton and Obama…



For longer clips of the individual interviews watch these videos:



You should pay special attention to Bill Clinton’s words (at 2:30 of the first video)…

“It may be the only way to unite this divided world of ours“…

“Think about how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader”


These are pretty much the same words you saw (at 3:10) in the Hollywood Alien Invasion Montage earlier, which was a speech by the fictional US President in the movie Independence Day:


We will be united in our common interest… (…) and the world declared in ONE voice…”


Furthermore, these are EXACTLY the same words used by Ronald Reagan in a 1983 speech to the UN…




The message by Reagan and Clinton is also emphasized over and over and over again in the mainstream media, as exemplified in the clip below…


Note in particular the very scripted assertion by the presenter at 1:40 that


If aliens ever did invade, it could be a chance for countries to get together when they see a common enemy




We hear these same words over, and over, and over again – in movies, the news, presidential speeches, etc…


The reason for that is simple…








Image result for repetition mind control











Image result for repetition mind control










Image result for i see what you did there







So what is this brain-numbing propaganda for then?


Image result for wondering



Let’s start to put the pieces together…



The NWO Agenda

Listen to this speech by George Bush Sr. given on September 11th, 1991 … which is coincidentally from 10 years prior to 9/11 – to the exact day…



Here is his speech written out for your reference:

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a New World Order.

A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. 

When we are successful, and we will be, we have a new chance at this New World Order. 

An order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders. “


You might be thinking… if this totalitarian world police state is as bad as it’s made out to be, then no one will accept it,.. right?



Well, allow me to reiterate the words of David Rockefeller…






What sort of crisis is he talking about?


Let me show you…


We know – based on the material presented to you in posts 16-22, that the idea of extra-terrestrials is a complete lie…

In short:

No globe ->  No outer space ->  No extra-terrestrial places ->  No extra-terrestrials

… Yet despite that, as you have seen above the elite desperately want us to believe that aliens exist…


… and they use movies, TV shows, speeches, songs, advertising, etc.. to socially condition us to believe in aliens…


Notice that there’s a common narrative in many alien movies… a narrative that is conditioning us to eventually unite under a World Government…

  1. Aliens threaten the world
  2. Everyone panics
  3. Countries turn to the United Nations (One World Government)
  4. The United Nations (One World Government) saves the day
  5. Everyone lives happily ever after*

(*… in a tyrannical world police state)




Speaking of the UN, did you know that they have already started appointing “Interstellar Diplomats“?…

… That is despite the fact that, as Michio Kaku said earlier – “We have yet to find any civilization or life in outer space…






Now, you might be wondering exactly how these pesky freemason’s are going to fool the entire world into accepting the NWO…



Image result for indeed meme teal'c










To start to figure that out, let’s start with a look at Wernher von Braun…


Wernher von Braun Warning

You may recall from 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time that Wernher von Braun  (1912 – 1977) was a German, later American, aerospace engineer and space architect credited with inventing the V-2 rocket for Nazi Germany and the Saturn V for the United States.

He was one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany, where he was a member of the Nazi Party and the SS.

Following World War II, he was moved to the United States, along with about 1,500 other scientists, technicians, and engineers, as part of Operation Paperclip, where he developed the NASA rockets that launched the United States’ first space satellite Explorer 1, and the (fake) Apollo program manned lunar landings.


          Wernher von Braun 1960.jpg


Later in his life von Braun became vice-president at Fairchild Industries – a company specializing in Space and Electronics products.

At Fairchild he worked with Carol Rosin – a leading engineer and consultant within their space and missile defense, from 1974 until his death in 1977.

Carol Rosin gave a testimony about some of the things von Braun told her…

In Carol Rosin’s testimony (which you can listen to here) she states the following:

“When I was a Corporate Manager of Fairchild Industries from 1974 through 1977, I met the late Dr. Wernher von Braun. At that time, von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played – that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scareAnd over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.

And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.


First of all, note that her testimony was given at the Sirius Disclosure hearing in the National Press Club (that we discussed earlier)… so we need to take it with a pinch of salt…

The spin she is putting on her narrative is very much in line with the narrative that Sirius Disclosure propagates… which is that:

  • Aliens are real, and benevolent (i.e. friendly)
  • The government is keeping it a secret
  • Corrupt government officials who want power and control will blame “hostile” aliens for having to have space weapons.


The truth, as we know from material presented in earlier posts, is that neither space or aliens exist, and the problem goes well beyond just “government officials”…

Dr. Steven Greer (of Sirius Disclosure) will never disclose that to the public in his capacity as a “gatekeeper” though, given that he is friends with Illuminati big wigs like Lawrence Rockefeller and the Clintons.


Nonetheless, Carol Rosin’s words are strongly  indicative that the elite have “space weapons”, and will use them in some sort of alien deception.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at what “space weapons” she could be talking about…


… Before we do though, allow me to point something out that some readers might find intriguing…



… Wernher von Braun’s gravestone…



As you can see, his parting message to the world was “Psalm 19:1“… which says:



That’s a rather odd parting message for the world’s most famous rocket scientist to leave…

…. I mean, he was a scientist… and scientists are not supposed to believe in that, right?… And he shot rockets into space…. right?


….. Right?




Image result for right. meme



Anyways, let’s take a look at some “space weapons”…











“Space Weapons”

There is tons of technology that is being kept hidden, and only leaked to the public according to what suits the greater NWO agenda…


Most corporations will even admit to keeping technology off the market for business reasons,… even if that technology could help mankind… It’s just “good business” supposedly.


Please keep the words of Arther C. Clarke (the science fiction writer who dreamed up the concept of a satellite) in mind as you continue reading below…


Image result for any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic




There are two topics we will cover here, the first of which is…


“Anti-gravity” craft / “UFO’s”


The public understanding of UFO’s and flying saucers is riddled with confusion, skepticism,  and mystery…


Image result for ufo mystery newspaper      Image result for ufo mystery newspaper     Image result for ufo mystery newspaper


… but there are actually some very simple and logical explanations for them…



First off, you’ve seen in 13. Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe, and 14. Crop Circles and Ancient Power Plants that nature is run by magnetism…


In the words of Nikola Tesla:




More specifically, in yellow:




The only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force


Thus, UFO’s (“Un-identified Flying Objects”) as seen in photos of flying saucers and the like, are nothing other than “anti-gravity” craft….

… though a more apt name for them would probably be “electromagnetic levitation craft”…


These crafts are simply flying by manipulating the natural laws of magnetism, as shown to you in this video:




Now, here are some images from Nikola Tesla patents:


Image result for tesla ufo patent    Image result for tesla ufo patent


Image result for tesla ufo patent


A short video on it:




Photographs like these show that Tesla’s technology has been put to good use by those keeping his inventions secret…




Now, consider this:


NASA gets $20 billion per year for the Mars curiosity mission alone, and the output from that money is a collection of rubbish photoshop images,…

(of which you saw countless examples in 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time)



…. So with that in mind… it’s not a big leap to think that they could have used that money to develop Tesla’s flying saucer technology further…

… and surely they must have come a long way in the 105 years since Tesla said this:


“The application of this principle will give the world a flying machine unlike anything that has ever been suggested before. It will have no planes, no screw propellers or devices of any kind hitherto used.

“It will be small and compact, excessively swift, and, above all, perfectly safe in the greatest storm. It can be built of any size and can carry any weight that may be desired”

– The Sun, New York 1911 – ‘Tesla Promises Big Things’


Here is an interesting article that I’d recommend reading for those who want more details: Nikola Tesla UFO Patent Confiscated by NSA, Most UFOs Tesla Powered


There are many juicy details in that article, but allow me to highlight one passage in particular:

In bright sunlight, the aircraft / spacecraft may seem surrounded by hot air, a slight magnetic distortion of the light.

In semi-darkness and night, the metal sheets glow, even through the thin ceramic outer hull, with different colors. The visible light is a by-product of the electricity flowing over the metal sheets, according to the frequencies used.



With that in mind, watch this:





Image result for ufo lights washington



This clearly illustrates the possibilities that are possible with the sort of technology that we discussed above…


With an unlimited budget, it’s not hard to imagine that hundreds or even thousands of these craft have been produced in the last century…


… and presumably some of these “UFO’s” have been developed to be able to fly without being manned, just like conventional drones.


Now, imagine what the widespread reaction would be if a few of these crafts showed up one day over a handful of the largest cities…


….. Washington, New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, etc…



Image result for everybody panic gif



Incidentally… that is exactly what you may have seen in a movie or two…


For example… here’s the plot of the 2009 TV show “V”…

… notice that the 2nd highlighted part also sounds a lot like what the freemasons have done…



… and here’s the plot of Independence Day (1996):

ind day222.JPG


… and Signs (2002):



… and District 9 (2009):

district 9.JPG

… etc, etc, etc…  the list is endless…







Image result for shock meme









Needless to say, “anti-gravity” technology could easily give world leaders a perfectly good reason to “unite against a common enemy”…



That said, that technology pales in comparison to what you will see next…



Image result for dis gonna be good gif




Project Blue Beam


First of all, this is one of the most important topics for you to research right now, and one that has stayed well-hidden for a long time.

Note that official information about it is hard to come by, but it is nonetheless very real.


Project Blue Beam is without doubt one of CRUCIAL importance to the establishment of the NWO, so I implore you to research for yourself beyond what you will see here if you don’t want to become a victim of it.



With that said, let’s take a look at what the fuss is about…


First we will look at some holographic technology, and then you will learn exactly what Project Blue Beam involves.




To start with, watch these four short videos:






Here’s Elvis Presley singing a duet live on stage… with Celine Dion… in 2012.


… Elvis died in 1977…







Image result for amazing meme










Yes, it’s amazing alright…


… but consider this:


If technology like that is used at highschool’s, shopping malls, and by American Idol, what kind of holographic technology do you suppose the military and secret black-budget operations have that the public don’t know about?…


The idea of a hologram of “Allah over Baghdad” was already discussed openly in the 1990’s… as shown in this Washington Post article…

“But the “strategic” PSYOPS scheming didn’t die. What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad urging the Iraqi people and Army to rise up against Saddam, a senior Air Force officer asked in 1990?

According to a military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.

The same article also discusses voice “morphing” technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico that can be used to deceive people…


To put it bluntly, it would be incredibly naive to think that DARPA, Lockheed Martin, the CIA, NASA, etc don’t already have some seriously advanced holographic and auditory technology hidden from the public…



You might start to get an idea after watching this two 2min videos…





Below is a basic model of how holograms work. I won’t go into any technical details in this post, but you can learn more about it here.


Image result for how does hologram technology work


Most sources will tell you that holograms like the planes on 9/11 require satellites, but as you may have seen in The Greatest Liars of All Time (in particular this video), satellites are not real…


Now you’re probably wondering how holograms on that scale would work without satellites…


Image result for project blue beam


For a clue, we can refer to the video below, which shows how you can make a hologram with just some simple materials and your smartphone…




The key thing to note in the video above is that you don’t need a light source from above to create a 3D holographic image…

In other words, ground-based holographic technology is all that should be required.


That said, if you had a reflective surface above you, like say, a glass-like dome (such as the one responsible for rainbows, sun dogs, double-sun reflections, and the 24 hour sun, as discussed in What Goes Around, Comes Around…), then I’m sure you could use it to your advantage…

Unmanned high-altitude drones could could probably do a job too if light sources from above were really necessary.


Image result for project blue beam



Check out some of these objects in the sky… which could feasibly be test-runs of the holographic technology…


Here’s a strange anomaly in the sky… as the moon appears completely differently in LA compared to New York – on the same night.




A “sky city” appearing in the clouds in China…


Image result for project blue beam




Newspapers, like this one, will tell you that this is the result of a mirage…

… but that is obviously nonsense!


For example, those clouds feature some patterns consistent with holographic pattern repetition, which indicates that it is a hologram…


Image result for sky city hologram


… Unfortunately the explanation offered by mainstream media articles about this being a mirage are enough to satisfy most people’s curiosity though.


This video discusses this in more depth, and also shows you some more examples from around the world…



Some more strange things in the skies recently…


Image result for cloud cross     Image result for cross in the sky





Image result for sky city hologram




The strange phenomena aren’t limited to just what we can see… as loud and incredibly strange sounds have been heard all over the world in recent years, as shown in this video:





Having seen the videos and images above, here’s a fun hypothetical question for you…








Note that I’m not saying that that will happen… it’s only a hypothetical question…


The point I’m trying to make though, is that the technology exists that could make ANYTHING appear to be happening…


Such as….


  • Fake alien invasion…


Image result for alien invasion




Image result for project blue beam






Image result for alien invasion





Image result for alien invasion



  • Fake Messiah…


Image result for project blue beam





  • Fake (Christian) Rapture…


Image result for project blue beam



  • Alien saviours… which would tie in with the Alien Astronaut theories discussed earlier…


… and which could involve “Pleiadian advanced beings” / the “Galactic Federation” / “Nordic Aliens” …

…. as well as any or all of the “ascension” / “consciousness shift” mantras promoted by those in the New Age movement.



Image result for they met nordic looking beings




… or ….






Image result for drumroll





  • ALL of the above…



Image result for mind blowing show




Image result for far out man









So now that you know a little bit about the holographic technology hidden from you, let’s take a look at the Project Blue Beam agenda is specifically.


What is Project Blue Beam?


To start to grasp what’s going on here, please watch the 13min video below.


I recommend sharing this video with everyone you know… as anyone who isn’t aware of the deception before it starts will be completely at the mercy of those running the show.




The video mentioned a four step plan for the implementation of the NWO…

Let’s take a more thorough look shall we…


The Four Steps of Project Blue Beam

Note: Most of the text below is borrowed from here.


1: The first step concerns the breakdown of all archeological knowledge

It deals with staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new “discoveries” will finally explain (for them) that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world’s major religions are “wrong.”

This falsification will be used to make the population believe that all religious doctrine has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The falsification started with the film 2001: A Space Odyssey; the TV-series STAR TREK;, the STAR WARS films; and E.T., all of which deal with space “invasion” and “protection”. 


2: The second step deals with the gigantic space show (as per Holograms above)

3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world, each receiving a different image, according to its predetermined original national religious faith. This new “god” image will talk in all languages.

Note that the “system” has already been tested, as you might have gathered from the hologram examples above. Holographic projections of the “CHRIST IMAGE” have already been seen in some remote desert areas.

These have only been reported in tabloid papers, so they are instantly rendered moot. They can also project images of alien craft, aliens, monsters, angels – you name it. Computers will coordinate the hologram signals and software will run the show-and-tell.


As an example, the Soviets (actual Russians) have manufactured the advanced computers and have programmed them with the minute psychological particles based upon their studies of the anatomy and biology of the human body, as well as their studies on the anatomy, chemistry and electricity of the human brain. These computers have also been fed with the different languages of the world.

Holography is based on very nearly identical signals combining to produce and image, or hologram, with depth perception. This is equally applicable to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF) waves as it is to optical phenomena.

Specifically, the “show” will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the planet, each receiving different images according to the predominating regional religious faith.

Not a single area will be excluded. With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space, astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned Messiah in spectacularly convincing lifelike realness.


The various images of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into ONE after “correct explanation” of the mysteries, prophecies and revelations are disclosed.


Naturally, this superbly staged, full-scale production will result in social and religious disorder on a massive scale…

Wonder what the television transmitters of religious networks will be doing on that day…


… probably something along these lines…



Image result for going crazy gif



Image result for going crazy at work gif



3: The third step deals with telepathic electronic two-way communication

ELF (Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul.

Such rays are fed from the memory of computers that store much data about the human being and his languages. These rays will then interlace and interweave with the natural thinking processes to form what we call the ARTIFICIAL TALK.


Thoughts will be sent to you telepathically with ELF and VLF, including suicidal thoughts if you do not agree with NWO, as explained in great detail in this article.


Image result for mind elf waves



This video has a lot of great information about ELF and Mind Control technology. Discretion advised as much of it may shock you.




THIS is why I repeatedly emphasize that you should QUESTION EVERYTHING – including the origin of your own thoughts!


“An individual’s only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.”


Questioning ones own thoughts will be impossible for most people to do, not for strictly physical reasons, but because we have been taught to not trust our senses and instead blindly follow “science” and what our textbooks and authority figures say, so those who don’t have a questioning attitude to start with will have little hope of figuring things out once the big deceptions start.


That said, there is another way to avoid EMF… and that is to a tin foil hat… (seriously).


As shown in the 8 second video below, aluminum foil actually blocks out EMF waves:




Now you know why “tin-foil hats” have been so vehemently ridiculed in movies and in the media (such as in the Better Call Saul TV show, and the 2002 movie Signs)

… because the elite want to be able to influence your thoughts and feelings with EMF!


Image result for tin foil hat  Image result for tin foil hat


Don’t worry though, there’s some good news for you, as you can get a tin foil hat in any shape or size that suits you, so you won’t have too look totally ridiculous… 😀


Image result for tin foil hat



4: The fourth step involves universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means

This step contains three different orientations:

The first one is to make mankind believe that an alien invasion is about to occur upon every major city on the earth. This is to push each major nation into using its nuclear capability to strike back. In this manner, it would put each of these nations in a state of full disarmament before the United Nations after the false attack.

The second is to make the “Christian’s” believe that a major rapture is occurring, with a simple “played” divine intervention of an alleged “good” alien force coming to save the good people from a brutal satanic attack. Its goal is to get rid of all significant opposition to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The third orientation is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves (frequencies) used at that time will allow supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics cable, coaxial cable, electric and telephone lines in order to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances that will by then all have a special microchip installed.

The goal of this step deals with the materialization of satanic ghosts, specters, and poltergeists all across the globe in order to push all populations to the edge of a wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorder.




The New World Order

Before I conclude this post, allow me to point out something very important with regards to the New World Order.


The common interpretation is that the central aspect of the NWO is the One World Government.


However, that is false.


As you may have picked up from the 4 steps of Project Blue Beam above, there is a central religious theme to the establishment of the NWO under one leader.


Allow me to explain…


Take a look at the pyramid on the dollar bill:


Image result for nwo dollar



You will notice that the exact text below the pyramid is “Novus Ordo Seclorum”…


Novus Ordo Seclorum is latin, for “New Secular Order”.


Here is the definition of “Secular”:




Bearing that in mind, you may have noticed that the Pope has recently been uniting all the world’s religions

And incidentally, this agenda is also a stated motto of the United States…

“E Pluribus Unum” means “Out of many, One”…


Image result for e pluribus unum  Image result for e pluribus unum


The One World Leader of the NWO brought to power through Project Blue Beam, will “explain” to the world that the various scriptures “have been misunderstood”; that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation; and that the religions of the world must be abolished to make way for the GOLDEN AGE (NEW AGE) of the One World Religion.




Now, you may not be a religious person, but you need to understand that the freemasons are (overwhelmingly so), and there are huge implications here.


The NWO is being instituted worldwide, with secularization as the core principle.


Everyone is being socially conditioned to be ready to accept a One World Government… and when the deceptions outlined above occur, people around the world will be unified under the one world leader…


Most people will worship this leader, because this leader will seemingly end all chaos (wars, famines, diseases, etc)…


It is thus that the motto of the New World Order is “Ordo ab Chao” … meaning “Order Out of Chaos”.

You see, all the chaos in the world is being brought about on purpose, to allow this coming world leader the opportunity to “look good by contrast” so to speak…


Image result for ordo ab chao


Now, although the vast majority of people will flock towards this leader for seemingly solving so many world problems…. the people who either choose to stick to their religious beliefs and/or are aware of these deceptions – and thus refuse to worship the coming “Messiah” – will be systematically eliminated.


This will involve mass genocide on a scale never before seen – so please take the time to inform yourself, so that you’re not standing on the wrong side of history.



Image result for wrong side of history



Further (Recommended) Reading







I appreciate that this post has been rather long, but hopefully you have learned a thing or two that will have opened your eyes to some truths.



I know that all of this seems rather negative, and it will be hard for some to come to terms with.

However, I do not make any of this up.

No matter how hard one tries to deny the information presented here, there still going to be a pyramid on the dollar bill with “Novus Ordo Seclorum” on it that needs some explaining…

I would welcome an alternative explanation, and trust me – I would LOVE to be wrong about all of this, but the facts are the facts regardless of whether one chooses to ignore them or whether one chooses to tackle them head on with some diligent independent research.



With that said, allow me to briefly summarize.


After reading this post, you will (hopefully) now know:


… the what (i.e. alien deception);

… the how (i.e. “Anti-gravity” craft & Project Blue Beam);

… the where (i.e. worldwide);

… the who (i.e. freemasons);

… as well as the why (i.e. to usher in the NWO and One World Leader)…



But what about the when?



Image result for omg gif








We spoke a bit about predictive programming in this post, and in the next post we are going to kick that analysis up a couple of notches, as there is an ocean of predictive programming that gives us plenty of indications about when these deceptions are going to take place…



To be continued




74 thoughts on “25. Exposing the Coming NWO Alien Deception

  1. Excellente! Tres bien! Cheers!
    Helped me get updated on the NWO state of affairs. So the sequencing will be thus: alien attack > one world government in place > never ending war with the aliens > transhumanism agenda next.
    Keep up the good work, mate.

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  2. Read the posts in Truth Seekers on the study of Revelation. This all fits into the history of the deceptions from the church after Christ ascended.


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  4. If you look at the owl on Capitol
    Hill from a slightly different perspective, you will find that it has it’s large wings outspread as well.


  5. Everything that has been said here I have come to the same conclusion as well for a while now without ever been reading on this site. Thats why I know its the truth. I have been saying this too 4 a while now so same conclusion & thats not a matter of coincident. Im just not good in words thats why im glad the writer of this piece is. Excellent work. Bless you.

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  6. Interesting, you did a lot of work here.

    There is another question to add to the list in your conclusion, “Why usher in the NWO at all?” No one ever asks what the NWO is getting that it does not already have. The PTB essentially control the resources of the planet already. So they go to all the trouble of staging an alien invasion to get even more control? Why?

    What is the point of controlling the remaining uncontrolled aspects of human life? What is the the ROI? Thoughts?


    • Thanks for reading, and good question.

      There are very deep reasons for why the NWO is coming about, and the core facet will be the One World Religion where everybody worships a One World Leader who will have total control over the One World Government and One World Currency.

      In order to bring this about, certain events need to happen first, according to the hegelian dialectic (Problem > Reaction > Solution). In other words, the world needs to go through a lot of chaos and upheaval to make people desire a NWO. This is why their motto is “Ordo ab Chao”… Order Out of Chaos.

      Make no mistake, the vast majority of people will welcome the One World Leader and NWO with open arms after the coming deceptions and events. For most people, the NWO will seem like a wonderful thing, a utopia. However, those who know what the underlying agenda and end game is – and thus refuse to buy into the NWO (and worship the One World Leader), will be villainized and eventually exterminated.

      You may be noticing an increasingly rapid push towards digitization of money; an internationalization of trade (eg. TPPA, NAFTA, NAU, etc); and the pope bringing together all religions, which are clear signs of the times.

      I know this doesn’t completely answer your question, but rest assured the game will become abundantly clear in a few blog posts when I cover this stuff in detail.

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      • So i get everything your saying but theres got to more to the agenda then what you’ve stated so far,are you christian and or of faith and believe in god because i do and i also think alot of the supernatural beings coming through digitally will be real as i belive in and follow the lord jesus,so the only endgame i see is satan the great deciever binging all this to reality i mean lok at every tv laptop ipod/ipad phone they are all scrye mirrors for the dimensinoal portal to open also include cern and the mandella effect with the bible being re-written the lord says it in amos 8/10-12 so it can be only to bring forward the end of days i guess the nwo some are evil some are decieved,its like suicuide bombers ny came into existence in 1980″s because of the deception of a general thats its ok to kill yourself when its not in the koran,bible or any religous book


      • Thanks Travis. You’re absolutely right that there is more to the agenda than what I stated thus far, but in the interest of keeping the post at a manageable length – as well as not overwhelming readers with information, I stopped short of covering anything supernatural. I did however leave a comment (on March 28th, see above) that touches upon that aspect and features a video linked which you might find interesting.

        Btw, from the sounds of it you’ve been watching some of Richie From Boston’s recent videos on scrying mirrors and there’s a great deal of truth there – all of which can be explained by science (i.e. real science, not the pseudo-science we’re fed by the establishment!).

        Much love,


    • Exactly, What’s the outcome. I have looked at a lot of this stuff before. The truth of it, i was looking at the Rodin Coil and I was trying to makes sense of the 9 Code. All numbers can be reduced down to the 1-2-4-8-7-5 pattern. If a number is reduced, is there a way to reverse this and get the number back and stored where? You have any opinions on this matrix?


      • Go to #vortexmath on twitter I posted a 6 by 18 table that can be tiled to generate the 1-2-4-8-7-5 sequence. I also included another complete table with this embedded. These numbers can be compared to the torus skin on the rodin website (I posted that page to), they match. Supposedly there is other math that can be applied to these numbers. I am unclear what this other math is and what use the result would be. In itself the 1-2-4-8-7-5 is interesting but really what use is it.


      • I humbly submit that I always thought of it (reason for the one-world order) as this, and it’s not original – it’s about absolute greed and about absolute power. Simply put, once you have absolute control of all the money, all that is left is absolute control of all power. Yes, some are just that greedy and arrogant.

        In one instance, what is standing in the way of us all being slaves on the global plantation is our (U.S.) Constitution. Freedom exists by way of God and by way of law. For evil to prevail, the law must be subverted and individual rights must perish. In other words, nature abhors a vacuum and as of now, there is no (human) King of the World – like the Holy Roman Emperor once was, like the Pope once was, and like the Roman Emperors once were.


    • It is because the elite families that control the world worship Satan. Literally. Why do you think they say the root of all evil is money. The NWO promises their puppets in Hollywood and elsewhere luxuries and riches. They sell their soul to Satan for it. They participate in ritual sacrifice of infants and children. The reason they are pushing for complete and total control is because they serve their master. It’s obviously not about the power or the money, they have those things. Their purpose is not related to this physical realm that we inhabit.


      • Satan hates God and all that He created (except himself of course) and seeks to destroy it and show that he himself is a creator. The fact that he just adapts God’s created things doesn’t seem to occur to him. But then, he is the father of lies. Much of the issue is his hatred of Abraham and his offspring, and trying to stop them from inhabiting the Earth during the Millennium.


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  8. This is to the one that put this whole article together. I get all this that your saying and understand it all. But can you explain to me why my whole life I have fought the system from the age of 5 all the way up to now Dec 17-2016. Here is my story from as far back as I can remember which is 3 yrs old. I hated school never wanted to go fought going always found a way to leave and go home, I remember the day that I was standing in line in 1st grade and we had to get the polo shot, the one that left the scar on your arm, after I got that shot I ran out screaming and from that day on I would not allow no one to come close to me with any kind of needle even to this day. There was a time that my father took me to a funeral and I didn’t understand why I was there, but from that day forward I refused to ever go to one again and I still hold that to this day. The next event was when I was at Sunday school and I remember being in this class room and coloring a picture of Jesus and the teacher was telling the story of him and what we had to do and I told the teacher that was not true what she was saying, and I then started to say what Jesus was about etc, the teacher then removed me from the room sent me back to my Gma in church, after that I remember my mom on the phone with my Gma telling her she was no longer taking me to church. The next event was when I started to tell my mom of the people in my bedroom, now this was back in 64 and it went on, at the age 5 and my parent took me to see a psychiatric Dr and I went to him for something, I remember the very first visit and after my session he was in another area of the waiting rm telling my parents that there was not much he could do for me. But I continued to see him on a weekly ordeal until my uncle brought a women over to my house I was by this time about 7 and she and I then had weekly meeting to teach me how to block the spirits from brothering me. From that time on I was able to see and hear stuff that I didn’t understand until I got older. I always knew when someone was not telling the truth and so on. I remember a time I was about 10 and was outside playing in the yard and something caught my eye in the sky and it was of a ufo and remember running in the house yelling there here to take me home!!!! My mom couldn’t understand what I was telling her about how I was not of this planet and I was going back to my planet. I have always lived in homes that had spirits, I don’t know why but something draws me to these houses. moving forward, I was not one to get sick really, but used it all the time so I didn’t have to go to school. Always had the ability to tell you if something was true or faults. Back in 2000 I ended up blowing out one of my lower disc in my back, was laid up for 1 yr, went through differ methods to try and heal me but ended up getting it fused in 2003, going back, in 2002 I started to have my visions again seeing dead spirits and alive people when I was just laid up in bed trying to heal my back and get on my feet again, but I didn’t understand why I was seeing my husband in places that I never knew about and with women I didn’t know. Well as time went on the vision were a all the time thing for me and in 2004 is when a book befriend me and I read all about the ways to recognize controlling and manipulating people, wow that was an eye opener for me..lol well fast forward, in 2006 is when the voices came in and where I lived at the time was a more relaxed time in my life, now the voice was a everyday thing and it was not one that of dead, but one that told me all about the beginning of time, all that is, was, and will be. from that day one I call the awaking, I have my 3rd eye open & the channeling of my soul and know about all my past lives how many, who, what, where. But in 2011 is when I call shut down, all my 6th sense are blocked, so my question to you is how do you explain to me that what was happening to me from age 3 which would be 1963 on up to 2011 was all govt controlled on me?


  9. But there will be a real rapture.

    That’s why it was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible before holograms or even screens existed. Heck, they didn’t even have electricity.


  10. The false messiah is mentioned in quran saying that he would give salvation and most will follow him first will be jews isrealites and that would be the judgement days beginning


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    • Thanks, that’s a good question.

      When considering that subject we need to first understand who Trump is working for, and his immense support for Israel (as shown in the following video) makes it very clear that Trump is just another puppet for the Zionist state of Israel who effectively control the White House (and banking, corporations, etc): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmtDCNk44mg

      The political arena is nothing short of a theatre – or, in the words of Frank Zappa, “the entertainment arm of the military industrial complex”, and Trump is now the biggest puppet in that theatre production.

      Trump’s role seems centered around creating as much division as he can in society. Obama divided everyone racially and economically, and now Trump is furthering that work by dividing everyone against immigrants primarily. Divide and conquer.

      Creating chaos is precisely what the powers that be want to do, according to their “Order Out of Chaos” framework. To bring in the NWO world government they first have to destroy the existing government system, and Trump seems to be doing a good job of dividing everyone against each other as well as the government itself.

      Point #7 on the communist rules for revolution (which you can find in my 8th blog post) says “Destroy people’s faith in their leaders”. That is what is being done now all over the world (eg. Merkel losing popularity in Germany, the PM scandal in South Korea, Brazil riots over Dilma, Boris Johnson/Teresa May, etc), with the goal of creating chaos… out of the ashes of which the new world government can rise – with the masses applauding of course… Just as they did when the League of Nations was created out of the ashes of WW1; and when the United Nations created out of the ashes of WW2; as well as when the EU was created following the Berlin wall being torn down. These are perfect examples of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem > Reaction > Solution.

      It might be interesting to note that he spoke about the “eradication of all diseases with the advancement of technology” in his Inauguration speech, which in my mind is a clear marker that he’s going to play a key role in introducing transhumanism – another big part of the NWO (digital currency, total control, etc).

      You may also find it useful to watch the following videos on Trump:

      1. A video on his top adviser Jared Kushner: https://youtu.be/Z33c36iuV7s
      2. A video on freemasonic and occult symbolism & numerology relating to Trump: https://youtu.be/QYbP0NyQ0ZA
      3. This channel also has some interesting videos on Trump which are worth considering: https://youtu.be/qkTERec6IoU
      4. Regarding aliens, it’s interesting to note that Saturday Night Live ran a shocking skit last week about Trump dealing with an alien threat, which is nothing short of predictive programming. See for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrkJM4JUB28
      5. Lastly, for a quick laugh here’s a 2min clip of “Sassy Trump” discussing aliens: https://youtu.be/zfDtDLMoREk

      There is a lot more to Trump than that but hopefully that will at least give you a rough idea of where he stands.

      Kind Regards,


      • Thanks for your question.

        I don’t believe any “anonymous leaks” are legitimate… It’s far too easy to manipulate. Don’t forget that the elite WANT chaos (order out of CHAOS), so having a controlled leak is a great way to go about things (just like Julian Assange / Wikileaks, etc. All controlled!). As Lenin said “The best way to control your opposition is to lead it yourself”.

        As for Trump, he’s also just a total puppet for Israel and freemasonry. Here’s a playlist I put together with some videos on him that might be interesting for you to watch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLexCVd5XZv5cmGiHPCDPAnMVpjWrZlm3q

        Hope that helps 🙂


      • It’s my personal opinion that Trump is a member of an opposing cabal to the Bush/Clinton/Obama faction. In other words, what we are witnessing is an internal struggle among TPTB to run the NWO.


      • I agree 100% I’ve been following the Q movement since the very beginning, and the only reason I arrived at this website, and was red pilled out of the matrix of the fake reality the NWO/Cabal/Freemasons have constructed is Q. I supported Obama and was a clueless zombie, I’ve lost friends and even family has been a major struggle due to the fact that I support Trump. I believe there is more than enough evidence through Q, and real events occuring to determine Trump and his team is attempting to destroy the illusion.

        With all due respect Richard, because I do appreciate the information you’ve put together here, but if you describe Q as simply classified leaks, I’d suggest diving into the Q anon story more deeply. I’d love to see your in depth analysis on it.


      • I always appreciate listening to Zeph Daniels podcasts. If you’ve never listened to Zeph, consider giving it a try. He usually does these very early in the morning, precedes it with his own original music, grinds his coffee beans, his dogs bark…just pretend that your sitting in his house and he’s talking to you as a guest. Great insight because his family were “elite” and he is the only one to survive against terrible odds.


    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for reading. That’s a great question, and one that requires some serious thought and research to answer! 🙂

      Presumably you’re talking about his comments in this speech so I’ll base my comments below on that.

      As you probably know by now, the deceptions go deep and are multi-layered, and Dr. Greer is a big part of gate-keeping one of the biggest deceptions of all.

      First off, note that what I covered in the article above is purely the “physical” element in this deception, but to fully grasp the bigger picture one needs a good understanding of the spiritual component at work here – which Dr. Greer totally omits (either purposefully or because he himself is deceived as I think is more likely).

      Dr. Greer talks about “E.T.’s” which are benevolent, or what he would call “overseers” helping humanity. The biggest deception here probably won’t be the fake invasion (carried out by the men Dr. Greer talks about), but rather it will be what comes afterwards when the “saviour ET’s” Dr. Greer is so fond of make their appearance. At that stage the world will be so incredibly drained physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually – and crucially also completely lacking moral direction, that they will turn to whatever saviours are presented to “save the world”. It is here that the One World Leader will be presented, and worshiped by all for eradicating world problems – including war (between humans as well as “aliens”), disease, and famine. (Note that transhumanism will also be a factor at play here too).

      Dr. Greer paints all abductions as man-made, but that is far from true, as there is again a very spiritual (i.e. demonic) aspect to this. Many of the black ops and military “witnesses” Dr. Greer mentions are in fact very honest people who think that they are doing good – however, these people have been deceived into believing that aliens exist and are “extra-terrestrial” (as in, from other “terra-firma”/planets) when they are in fact demons posing as “aliens”. This is why the Flat Earth subject (as outlined coherently in posts 16-24 on this site) is so vital to understand – because it totally annihilates the lies about the existence of ET’s from other planets, and shines the light on the truth about this whole demonic deception.

      Curiously, many UFO researchers have noted that abductees have been able to stop (demonic) abductions immediately by calling on the name of Jesus, but this astonishing revelation is largely covered up as Ufologists aren’t keen on mixing spiritual matters into their already heavily-ridiculed field of work.

      Now, to anyone reading this that thinks that it sounds like a load of religious nonsense, I sympathize with you, because I myself thought exactly that a couple of years ago too. It sounds crazy, because it is crazy – but that doesn’t make it any less true, as “the truth is stranger than fiction” as Mark Twain once said.

      Note that I’m not trying to sell you anything, and you are free to ignore this information if you please. You might however find that this subject starts to make a whole lot of logical sense when considering what I’ve just written above with an open mind.

      For those who want more information about this, here is a powerful 15 minute video that will put the Disclosure Project in its full and proper context.

      I sincerely hope that this has answered your question Craig, but if not please let me know and I’ll try to clarify some more. Note that I don’t profess to having all the answers, but I suppose that I do have some answers given that I have asked many curious questions on my winding walk down this very deep rabbit hole.

      Kind Regards,


      • Richard, I totally agree with your assessment of Dr Greer. But I trust him far less than you do. I have my own suspicions as to what he really is. Would you comment on how the movie Independence Day and its sequel play into the ET deception? We might have a clue from these. Thanks


      • Hi Karen,

        Actually on second thought I think you’re right – It’s hard to imagine that Dr. Greer would be anything but complicit. Nobody goes from being an E.R. doctor to having all the connections to black ops he has overnight without having some serious insider knowledge.

        The Independence Day franchise sells the idea of an alien invasion prompting the world to come together in support of a world government, and I think we’ll see something very similar happening in “real” life. Reagan and Bill Clinton also both spoke about the world uniting in the face of a “common enemy”, and that’s what is said in the presidential speech in the Independence Day movie.


      • Dr Steven Greer

        You might like to reconsider RE-VI$ITING the subject !


        Steven Greer Rockefeller connection, and washington is connected

        * *
        I have reblogged the article above….
        ‘Exposing The Coming NWO Alien Deception’ …on the following article/site….

        Floating Cities in the Clouds at 10,000 Feet High? (Video)
        Sunday, March 25, 2018 7:27


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  12. Richard great work – how does Project Bluebeam and your previous posts regarding satelites and the ‘global earth’ fit together though?


    • Thank you. 🙂

      Good question. There are numerous ways it could work, and most likely involves a combination of the following three technologies:

      1. Ground-based holographic technology.
      2. High-altitude drones.
      3. High-altitude balloons, such as those shown in this video https://youtu.be/hK_kWN0BsKs

      Also keep in mind that whilst the above technologies could work in theory, black-budget military technology is FAAAAAR more advanced than anything in the mainstream; including nanotech, smartdust, programmable matter, holograms, stealth, HAARP, and tons of other stuff.

      Whilst the holograms are pretty insane on their own, the most disturbing facet of all this is undoubtedly ELF technology. Everything has a frequency – from water, to cells and radio waves, and human thoughts are no different, and by targeting the frequency of human brain activity ELF waves can effectively put thoughts and “voices” in someone’s head. If this sounds crazy it is because it IS crazy – but that doesn’t change the fact that this sort of technology has actually already existed (and been used) for several years, as evidenced by many documented cases of people reporting experiencing these sorts of things as “targeted individuals”. Needless to say, the visual side of Project Blue Beam will be pretty mind-blowing on it’s own, but nothing compared to the combined effect of the holograms and ELF.


  13. On a purely selfish note, what will happen to me and my family? I agree wholeheartedly with your article, but are we going to have be a bit 1984-esque and pretend we are with the program. Scary stuff.


  14. I theorize that there was a great paradigm change back in the late 40’s, early 50’s. A lot of things happened then; the roswell ufo crash, nuclear bomb testing, Israel becoming a nation, the nazis working on flying saucer type aircraft and the occult, discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Antarctic treaty and exploration.
    The U.S. gov’t also sent Intelligence people into the Middle East searching for ancient text/information.
    I think the U.S. gov’t and the Nazis, via occult practices, opened a doorway into another dimension, or possibly a doorway to where fallen angels were held captive, and beings came through. These beings lied to the gov’t/nazis that they were aliens from another world, and ‘they’ believed them. These beings, to help their story to be believed, told the gov’t/nazis that they would give secrets for advanced technology.
    After a while the gov’t/nazis realized they had been fooled by the great deceiver, aka satan, or his minions. The gov’t didn’t want everyone to know ‘they’ had been fooled, so ‘they’ propagate the alien agenda.
    It fits in with the NWO people/agenda because ‘they’ are evil and satan worshipers.
    There’s a character of interest, Jack Parsons, and he was into Allister Crowley, and he was a rocket propulsion scientist that worked at area 51. It is alleged that Crowley opened a doorway, and that Parsons opened a larger doorway at area 51.
    Anyhow, great article and thanks for taking the time to put it all together.


    • Thanks for reading, much appreciated 🙂

      Jack Parsons is indeed an interesting character, not least for his connection to Aleister Crowley. There is undoubtedly some very deep connections between NASA, Nazi’s, and the occult, and the people at the top know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re in contact with. However, many of the people involved with black ops on a lower level are actually honest people who have been massively deceived, as you can get a very good sense of in the 2nd half of this video: https://youtu.be/opAXpm4uB_o?list=PLexCVd5XZv5fzxIeX_Gl8IQ2p38vVx3T2

      Kind Regards,


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  16. The holographic city witnessed by the villagers is interesting, I would really like to know what was it.

    what do you think that all the money went to NASA who claimed that they used it to make spaceships to surf around (for e.g. they said they have a ship passed PLUTO and sent back “photos” to earth)

    what do you think thats helpful to make people wake up? People are getting more asleep than ever.
    I tried to share the ideas but people say Im crazy or I have too much free time to think of these crazy stuff.

    Recently i saw a movie “Passenger”, about people leave earth and move to outerspace colonies.
    Also, i also saw some news claiming that “sciencts” discovered a lot of new “habitable planets”.
    its weird, the movie about moving to outerspace comes with the news where they “discovered” new planets.
    what do you think?


  17. Pingback: Today,s Thought

    • Thank you for sharing, very much appreciated! 🙂

      As it happens I came across that video yesterday and found it really compelling, so much so that I shared on facebook with some added commentary that you might find interesting: https://www.facebook.com/richard.kallberg/posts/10154794856833543

      FYI I’ve now bookmarked this video for use in a later blog post where I’ll discuss magnetism in a bit more depth than I have done in previous posts (#1, 13, and 14 mainly) so it was good that you reminded me of it again. I love seeing new research like this, so please don’t hesitate to share more stuff with me, either here on the site or via email/social media. Thanks again 🙂

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  18. That Reagan speech to the UN about aliens happened on September 21 1987. This September 21 will be the 30th anniversary. Maybe some special out of this world celebrations are in order for Sept. 21, 2017


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  20. Interesting article. I recognise that you have commented publicly on your dislike for Dr. Steven Greer and a mistrust towards him and his intentions, however a big part of the documentary ‘Unacknowledged’ (that you refer to under the Sirius section of your article which Dr. Steven Greer features in), recognises and warns viewers about the potential for a UFO false flag and the likelihood of it being a distinct possibility considering the technology that apparently exists on Earth. This is in agreement with what your saying is it not?
    Also I am interested to know if you have looked into any of the whistle-blowers that have come forward who have worked on the SSP and have witnessed non-humans being a significant part of it.


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  22. I’ve gotten much to think at your sites and there is much I agree on, like the patterns of control and deceit. I also think that it is always risky to make conclusions about someones aims, even thou you might not like them or their goals. Still I will here make my own assumptions and say my opinion that this whole thing must be a divine *battle* or something like that because otherwise I can’t believe that anyone could hold on so big and consuming plan to rule us all.


    • Dear Seeker
      I agree with you on all points. Richard gives us much to ponder and even if we don’t agree with everything it’s still constructive to compare how we differ in our opinion and why (we might surprise ourselves). And finally this is indeed a spiritual battle between good and evil that we are involved in. Our reason for being is to resolve the angelic conflict by doing our part in trusting and obeying God to our utmost ability (our utmost for his highest, Oswald Chambers).


    • Also, check out the YouTube video by Many Fish dated April 15. This corresponds to The Jonathan Kleck videos on the new $100 bill and its graphics depicting a tsunami, which Jonathan says wipes out Mystery Babylon or NYC any time now, the next 911. You might also consider finding the list (Old Farmers Almanac) of 2018 names of hurricanes and research their meanings.


  23. 1 i think killing and replacing important figures is a much higher risk than aliens )
    2 theres an infinity of factors that can make any plan change
    3 its essential to understand values and virtue. and test it and follow it. whatever comes comes. your filter is what matters


  24. Trump is doing everything he can to get rid of the NWO. He has done a lot for this country. The media has told nothing but lies to turn people against him.


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