27. The Stars Declare the Truth

The aim of this post is to present an accurate and comprehensive picture of what the stars are and how they move in the night sky, as simple observation tells us that they are not at all what NASA tell us that they are.

It is also my hope that this post may inspire you to look upon the night sky with new eyes and with renewed child-like curiosity.


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Note to new readers:

If you are new to this blog, please note that this is article #27 in a series of articles that have been presented as a chronological and logical narrative.

That being the case, you may find it useful to read from the start (follow the links in the header above), or to at least check out the Table of Contents page for a “spark-notes” summary of previous material discussed in this blog, before continuing here. The recap below might also offer some useful guidance.



This post will build upon material presented in earlier posts, particularly what was presented in Post #16 through to Post #24.

Here is a quick summary to refresh your memory of what was covered in those posts:


  • 16. The Torus and Ancient Cosmology – where a mathematical model of the Universe was derived using magnetism, nature, and mathematics (i.e. sacred geometry, vector equilibrium, and the golden mean/phi). The model matches the model of the cosmos shared by every ancient culture.



  • 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time – a study of many of NASA’s lies, including the fake moon landing, along with NASA’s connections to freemasonry and Nazi’s.


  • 18. Look Around, it will Astound You – an article where the expected curvature of the globe was calculated, and then compared to reality to find that we see no curvature. The optical phenomenon of perspective was also outlined.

     Image result for pythagoras flat earth curvature Image result for parallel sun rays flat earth


  • 19. What Goes Around, Comes Around – an analysis of the movement of the sun and moon, including time zones, seasons, solar analemma, tides, and much more.

 Image result for flat earth tropicsImage result for sun movement flat earth  bbb


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  • 21. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2) –  an essay scrutinizing what we know from history about Antarctica, featuring symbolism from the music industry as well as a look at the education indoctrination system.

Image result for the wall pink floyd Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two (Official Music Video)  


  • 22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2) – an essay looking at Southern hemisphere flight paths; the legal framework surrounding Antarctic travel; globe propaganda; and disinformation (brainwashing) programs.



  • 23. Destined for Oblivion, we put to bed the ridiculous gravity and relativity myths, whilst also exposing the connection between the Royal Society and the Vatican and freemasonry.

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The most pertinent material to bear in mind when reading this post is what you learned in 24. Made in a Hollywood Basement

In that post you were introduced to some of the most famous pseudoscientists themselves…

Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan Image result for funny flat earth memes flat-earth-memes-78-11


… after which we scrutinized what they say about the mythical place called “Outer space”,… and in so doing we learned thatspace” is nothing more than an elaborate hoax produced using CGI and an enormous amount of pseudoscientific lies.

Image result for nasa claims they went to the moon in this meme 15317741_10157913101200193_8096637821601865904_n Image result for santa iss 12139586_944466212278747_326617553_n.jpg


In a nutshell, what we have learned so far is this:


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This post will pick up where we left off in 24. Made in a Hollywood Basement as we will seek to answer the following question:


If outer space is a myth, what then, are the stars that we see in the night sky?


This post will be very visual, and will feature numerous videos that will assist in clearly illustrating many of the things that will be discussed, as words alone cannot do enough justice to certain elements of what we’ll discuss.

Some of the videos are slightly longer than the videos you will usually find in this blog, but do note that each one has been carefully selected for your viewing pleasure and to illustrate certain points as accurately and as thoroughly as possible.


As you can see in the Table of Contents below, we will start our journey through the stars by deconstructing some of the lies we’ve been told about stars.

We’ll then look at what the stars actually are, before analyzing the movement of the stars in the night sky for further clues about what is going on in the sky above us.


Table of Contents


  1. What We’ve Been Told
    • The Sun
    • Gravity
    • Thermonuclear Fusion
  2. The Real Stars
    • What Stars Actually Look Like
    • Frequency of the Heavens
  3. Parallax
    • An Advanced Course in Pseudoscience
    • The Missing Parallax
  4. Star Trails
    • Introduction to Star Trails
    • Star Trails vs The Spinning Globe
    • Star Trails Explained: Part 1
  5. The Astrolabe
    • Introduction to the Astrolabe
    • Geo-metry
    • The Nautical Mile
  6. The Astroplate
    • Dome Reflection
    • Star Trails Explained: Part 2


Word Count: 6,300





Have you ever just sat and dreamily looked up at the stars?


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Chances are, if you’re below the age of 30, you’ve spent more time doing this…



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… than this:


Related image



With that in mind, what do most of us really know about the stars beyond what we’ve been told?


Image result for no knowledge


Ironically, one of the pseudoscientists on who’s account we have shared a few laughs in earlier posts perhaps said it best:


















What do you say then, shall we un-bamboozle ourselves and check out the Universe as it really is?…




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1. What We’ve Been Told

To begin, let’s do a step-by-step deconstruction of what we’re told that the stars are…


The Sun


To start with, here is the Google definition of a star:



Now, do you really think that the Sun looks anything like the stars in the night sky?


Related image Related image




Image result for katt williams get outta here








Keep it mind what we learned in 19. What Goes Around, Comes Aroundthat isthat the sun is certainly not a ridiculous 93 million gazillion miles away…


Image result for millions meme sagan


This is what wikipedia says about stars…



So, despite the fact that the sun and stars look nothing alike to the naked eye, we’re told that the sun is a star…

… and what’s more, we’re told that it is a “luminous sphere of plasma” that looks like this…


Image result for sun


However, any five year old with eyes will tell you that the picture of the “sun” presented to us by NASA looks nothing like the sun that we actually see in the sky:


Image result for sun    Image result for sun


Needless to say, the sun is quite obviously not a gigantic exploding fireball!


We will cover what is most likely going on with the sun in a later post, but for now we will keep our focus on the stars themselves.


What’s important to note here, is that the sun and stars are different from one another – as we can clearly observe with our own eyes.



As they do with everything else, “science” tells us that what holds the stars together here is the magical force called “gravity”…



Going back to what we learned in 23. Destined for Oblivion, this is quite simply just another example of where “gravity” is used as the defacto explanation for how something works…

… just as it is used to explain

  • How the Earth can orbit the sun;
  • How the moon can orbit the Earth without drifting off into space;
  • How satellites the size of a school bus can levitate in mid-air above our atmosphere without falling down;
  • How 321,000,000 cubic miles of seawater can stick to a spinning ball whilst letting a helium balloon float upwards;
  • How water can curve around, and stick to, a spinning ball (despite the fact that water always finds its level);
  • Why we don’t fly off when the ball spins;
  • Why people and water can stick to the underside of a ball;
  • etc… etc… etc…



Image result for gravity meme


If anyone reading this still believes in “gravity”, please read 23. Destined for Oblivion, which thoroughly deconstructs the gravity myth, and also exposes the connections between the Vatican and freemasonry and the Royal Society – where the gravity myth originated.


For the purpose of eliminating the myth that gravity is responsible for stars, it might be useful to remember what Isaac Newton himself thought about gravity and action-at-a-distance…




Long story short, “gravity” is clearly the gift that keeps on giving for the freemasonic liars… despite being based solely on imagination and fancy equations that bear no relation to reality.


And speaking of things that bear no relation to reality…



Thermonuclear Fusion


This is what pseudoscientists tell us about what makes stars appear bright in the sky:



Here’s a colourful illustration, courtesy of NASA


Image result for what are stars   Diagram of nucleosynthesis in stars



In other words…


Image result for rainbow unicorn meme


If the sun really is as far away (93 million miles) and as hot (15 million °C) as they say it is, then who in their right mind would ever claim to know what the inside of it was made of?


… That is, unless of course astronauts are fire-proof and have themselves been to their exploding sun to check…


Image result for astronaut sun fire


You should be well-versed in NASA’s lies by now, but here is another one… this one about how stars form, taken from NASA’s website:


nasa stars.JPG


Image result for billions and billions carl sagan


Here’s a short summary of how stars are “born” according to pseudoscientists:


Image result for what are stars



In other words…


A huge cloud (that none of us have never seen before)…

… somehow collapses in on itself (in a way nobody has ever replicated on Earth)…

… because of “gravity” (which nobody has ever proven to exist, as shown in 23. Destined for Oblivion)…

… and it becomes hotter (which nobody has ever measured)…

… and nuclear reactions (which we have no way of verifying) take place…


… and voilá, a star is born…



Image result for poof magic




Image result for wow amazing meme







The best part is, NASA even have some amazing footage of stars to support their amazing science…

… like this footage of an exploding star (1min)…



… and here is a quick 1min video taken from the NASA Goddard YouTube channel which shows what a black hole “shredding” a passing star supposedly looks like…




Image result for popcorn gif












The main take-away from this section, is that what we’re told about stars is a complete lie, based on nothing more than CGI and pseudoscience.


Before we move on, here’s a quick 3min video showing NASA astronauts actors clearly contradicting themselves with regards to whether or not it’s possible to see stars in outer space…




Now, let’s move on to another aspect concerning the stars that annihilates the accepted worldview of the stars…




2. The Reality of the Stars

What Stars Actually Look Like


First, to remind you, this is a “photo” of what NASA wants you to believe is a star:


Related image


… but what do we actually see if we look at the stars in the sky with a telescope or camera?…


Image result for stars nikon p900  Image result for telescope sky



Take a look at this 8min video… and decide for yourself if what you are seeing are giant spheres of gas billions of light years away… or if they look more like something… magnetic…




As you can see, what we see in the sky has absolutely no relation to the sun… nor to what NASA tell us the stars look like…


crsr0c-xeaa7ymp Related image


Here are some still shots for your reference (though as you can see they don’t really do justice to what we see in videos)…





For those who want to see more videos of the stars, you can find hundreds of videos of the stars on YouTube that will show the same thing as in the video above… here are just a few examples…



Personal Footage

Now, some might say that all the videos of stars on YouTube are fake or photoshoped… which is a reasonable claim to make.

To check to see if what those videos were showing is accurate I checked for myself using my own telescope and a camera… and what I’ve personally seen is that the videos above show an accurate picture of the stars.

I didn’t manage to capture great footage to do justice to the stars (due to my limited camera skills and lack of a tripod), but despite the poor quality, my videos do show enough to show that what you can see in the video above is real.

For reference my videos are in this playlist, but remember what I’ve said about quality.


Below is a photo I took of a random star. The picture obviously isn’t an accurate depiction of the shape of the star due to the exposure and lack of a tripod, but nonetheless you can clearly see the amazing array of colours this star exhibits.





If you pay close attention to the stars in the night sky you can even notice certain stars changing colours as they twinkle – even with your naked eye!

The star Sirius is especially bright and colourful for example.


Anyways, now that we’ve seen what the stars look like, let’s take a look at how the stars appear the way they do…



Frequency of the Heavens

As you will come to understand in the videos below, the stars seem to appear the way they do due to several scientific phenomena, namely:

  • Cymatics – the study of how sound affects matter.
  • Sonoluminescence – the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.
  • Superconductivity – a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic flux fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.
  • Quantum levitation – a phenomena relating to equilibrium whereby a superconductor in a magnetic field will expel a magnetic field inside of it, and thus bend the magnetic field around it.


This probably sounds like a bunch of big complex words, but rest assured that we aren’t going to be covering any complex equations here.


The main thing to note in this section – is that everything relates to two things: SOUND and MAGNETISM.


It is by no means required, but you may find that you get more out of the content below after reading the following blog posts which introduced the principles of cymatics and magnetism:

Image result for dna phi spiral     Image result for crop circles



Now, instead of boring you with long and drawn-out scientific explanations about the sciences listed above, I will leave you to watch the three videos below, which will graphically explain the science behind the stars more colorfully than any words can…


  • A 5min video showing you what sonoluminescence and cymatics are:


  • This 15min video illustrates the connection between what the stars look like and cymatic frequencies:


  • This 18min video illustrates the principles of superconductivity and quantum levitation in relation to sonoluminescence:


Hopefully the videos above have sparked some curiosity and given you a grasp of what the stars are.

If you want to see more on any of the subjects discussed I recommend doing a keyword search for “cymatics stars” or “sonoluminescence stars” on YouTube, as there are plenty of awesome videos on these subjects.



We will look more at the stars themselves in another post, but for the rest of this post we will be studying their movement, starting with a deconstruction of another one of NASA’s lies: Parallax.




3. Parallax

Note that this section might get a little technical, but don’t be put off if you don’t immediately understand, as there are a couple of short videos a little further down that will probably make more sense than the text here.


An Advanced Course in Pseudoscience


Let’s first define what this is:



To give you a better idea, below is an animated example of parallax, borrowed from wikipedia.

As the viewpoint moves side to side, the objects in the distance appear to move more slowly than the objects close to the camera.


Here is how wikipedia describes parallax:



Below is a simplified illustration of the parallax of an object against a distant background due to a perspective shift.

When viewed from “Viewpoint A”, the object appears to be in front of the blue square. When the viewpoint is changed to “Viewpoint B”, the object appears to have moved in front of the red square.

Image result for parallax


“Scientists” and modern “astronomers” claim that they can use parallax to measure distances between stars…



Image result for parallax


If one does a google image search for “parallax” what appears is a mountain of images like the one above…





In other words, nice pictures, but nothing that has any substance…



This is also what we find on two NASA websites when searching for “NASA parallax”…

[ PARALLAX DIAGRAM ] mathematical diagram showing the basic distances involved in determining the parallax angle


This tells us absolutely nothing practical, so then we do a google search to try to find a more detailed explaination for parallax…

… and what we find is this “advanced” course:




The site teaches some basic trigonometry, and other mathematical equations – but again, nothing practical in terms of measuring actual stars in the sky…



It turns out that after teaching this “advanced” mathematics … we are presented with this conclusion… or “The bottom line” as they call it.



Here is this text magnified a bit for those who don’t have the eye-sight of a hawk:





Do you see what just happened?


Image result for what meme


After all that complex maths stuff, we’re told that a magical satellite has mapped out the distances for us…


In other words… “Advanced” courses like this one teach complex maths that can verify the numbers provided by scientists, but they don’t teach how to verify those distances by actually looking at the stars

Needless to say, the numbers provided to us have absolutely nothing to do with reality!


The truth is that you personally have no way of measuring the distances they’ve told you…

… but fortunately “a large team of scientists” have done all the hard work for you…



Image result for scientists have discovered that


So let me see if I got this right…

“Scientists” put a tin can called Hipparcos (pictured below) into space, and it somehow mapped out the precise position of 118,200 stars…

… and we’re all supposed to trust all of these distances because we’ve been given some fancy equations…


Image result for hipparcos Image result for hipparcos


Clearly, parallax is yet another example of pseudoscience that has no bearing on reality…


Image result for tesla science equations reality quote


For an excellent study on how astronomers could be so wrong, check out this article:


The Missing Parallax

Clearly, apart from the fact that we have no way of verifying the distances we’re given (which are usually in the billions and billions of light years…), why do parallax equations have no relation to reality?


Well, if the Earth is


… then the logical question to ask is this:


















Quick Tangent

Those who have read 26. Gematria, Synchronicity, and Predictive Programming will appreciate the significance of the name of the satellite that maps the distances we’re given – “hipparcos”, and “parallax” in gematria…






Back to the stars though…







This is a useful 1min video to watch to visualize the problem with “parallax”…

(Note: You might want to turn your volume down as the music is quite heavy!)




The simple fact is that parallax has never been observed between the stars, as they all move in unison, as you can see in this gif:


Image result for stars moving gif







Now then, if the stars are moving in unison, what conclusion can we make?…


Image result for wondering





If all the stars are moving in unison,… could it be that they are all spinning together at the same height or as part of the same structure?…


…Perhaps a little something like this:




The animation above is made from this 4min video, which includes some useful animations of the stars and movement of the sun and moon, and it’ll also introduce our next sub-topic: star trails





4. Star Trails

The movement of the stars is undoubtedly one of the trickiest elements to figure out with regards to the Flat Earth, so please bear with me in the next 3 sections as things might not be clear until you get the full view of things by the end.


Introduction to Star Trails

As usual, the definition first:




Here’s a particularly resplendent star trail photograph captured in Indonesia earlier this month, as presented on the BBC:


Starry nightscape over south-east Asia


Now, the reason why this is a tricky one to figure out is because the stars in the Northern “hemisphere” and Southern “hemisphere” appear to be spinning in opposite directions…

The opposing spins is illustrated by the time-lapse photograph of the stars in the night sky at the equator (looking East) below, which shows:

  • half of the stars appear to be travelling anti-clockwise (those north of the equator), and
  • half of them appear to be travelling clockwise (those south of the equator)…

Note that this perfect symmetry only happens at the equator.



To help visualize this better, here is a time-lapse video showing the star trails at the equator.


Now, at first glance, the fact that the stars appear to spin in different directions in the northern “hemisphere” compared with the southern “hemisphere” suggests that the model below is totally wrong… given that everything is spinning in the same direction here:















Image result for hands over head gif




Image result for hands over head gif










Image result for pulls out calculator gif



Related image








I guess the globe is right then… because it can (supposedly) explain why the stars appear to spin in opposite directions from the viewers perspective…


Image result for star trails globe





Hang on a second, let’s think about this in a bit more depth instead of just accepting the first solution presented to us by the clowns shall we…


Image result for wait a sec gif



Star Trails vs The Spinning Globe


There are many problems with the spinning globe model relating to how the stars move.

To start off, here are some interesting points from the video shown earlier (the one at the end of section 3):











In other words…


If this is how the Earth behaves…


Image result for solar system gif tumblr   Image result for solar system gif


… then that begs the question:






Image result for flat earth sun diameter








Another couple of related questions:



You may have noticed the figure “2 quadrillion” mentioned above regarding the distance to Polaris…

Let’s put that in a bit of perspective…


433.8 “light years” to miles / kilometers:


The e+15 means that you multiply that number by 10 to the power of 15… which as shown in this table is called a “quadrillion”…




Quadrillion is equivalent to “a thousand trillion”… or “a million billion”…



Now, if stars are a quadrillion billion zillion gazillion miles away, do you really think it makes sense that people can use a simple handheld camera to take pictures of them?













Clearly, anything that is even beyond the reach of Carl Sagan’s imagination is not something anyone can take pictures of with a camera.


Furthermore, if the distance to Polaris is that great, even the slightest change of angle due to the motion or rotation of the Earth would make Polaris move out of it’s position directly above the North pole…



If you want to do a simple experiment to visualize this, take a laser pointer and hold it on a basketball shining perpendicular to the surface of the ball, and shine it at a specific point on the wall – with that point representing Polaris.

Now turn or move the ball in any direction… and you will see that the laser pointer does not point at the “Polaris” point on the wall anymore.


Now imagine that that basketball is Earth, and it is spinning at 1,036mph, moving at 66,600mph around the sun, which is moving at 483,000mph…


The 7min clip in this video will illustrate this problem with parallax very clearly:


Now, are we really supposed to believe that Polaris has managed to stay in the same position for thousands of years – as evidenced by consistent navigation techniques throughout history that still work today, all whilst the Earth has moved trillions of miles in that time span?


Image result for sun movement flat earth



Image result for yeah no meme





Image may contain: night





Here’s another anomaly to think about…




Here is a related question:


Image result for earth position sun flat earth


No automatic alt text available.




Despite these gigantic oversights, the priests of science will tell you that the star trails do work on a globe…







Here is a typical explanation that you’ll see that supposedly “proves” the globe model:




This is all very well and good…

… Except for the fact that it only accounts for the spin of the Earth itself… and doesn’t even begin to account for the Earth’s supposed movement of 66,600mph around the sun, which is itself moving at 483,000mph…

Needless to say, if the globe model was correct, we wouldn’t see perfectly circular star trails, but instead streaks more akin to the image shown below, given that the velocities of 483,000mph and 66,600mph far surpass the 1,036mph spin of the Earth.


Image result for line streaks


Clearly, the globe model doesn’t make any sense whatsoever when we scrutinize what we see in the night sky.


Furthermore, along with the lack of visible evidence of the Earth moving, we don’t even feel any any of these motions… (as we went through in 20. You Spin Me Right Round Baby)…





… But of course, the Earth is so big so we don’t feel anything right?


Image result for yeah right meme



Here’s another example of disinformation on this subject:




The smarty-pants who made the illustration above has cleverly omitted the fact that the observatories’ telescopes can change vertical viewing angle and don’t have a default elevation angle that is constricted by their latitudinal location… but sadly there are probably people who fall for this…



Image result for shakes head in disappointment gif



To summarize this section, here is an excellent reality checker that spells out the situation with the star trails vs the globe clearly (along with one or two other things)…





Star Trails Explained: Part 1

This section will start to explain how the stars can appear to be moving the way they are in the night sky, though the material in Star Trails Explained: Part 2 (which will come in Section 6 below) will provide the full picture.


For starters, this 11min clip provides a useful study of the way the stars move. Some of the graphics you will see in this video are shown below this video.




Note that perspective as described here isn’t the entire answer for star trails, but is useful for understanding star trails nonetheless… (more on this in section 6 below).

If things don’t immediately make sense it may be useful to refer to the explanation on how perspective works in 18. Look Around, It Will Astound You.



This 2min video might help with visualizing what is going on as well, as it shows how the same effect seen in star trails in the domed night sky can be replicated on a reflective glass bowl….




There is another fascinating aspect to the stars relating to the star trails that we will look at in section 6, but before we look at that let’s take a look at an incredible tool that has largely been forgotten… the Astrolabe.



5. The Astrolabe

Introduction to the Astrolabe

If you were paying close attention a bit earlier, you may have noticed that the man in the picture shown earlier is holding a curious object…


Image result for sun movement flat earth


This device is known as an astrolabe…


Related image Image result for astrolabe


An astroplate is constructed using several flat discs, which you can read more about here



Back in the day, people were far better educated about the sky objects and the relationship between time and their location than they are today, and many people would have been experts in the use of the astrolabe…


Image result for astrolabe explained


This 2min video will give you some basic insight into how an astrolabe works:





Astrolabes are designed by people who have a very advanced knowledge of astronomy and geometry, though today there are very few people who have this knowledge…

The reason why so few have this amazing knowledge may be because of changes in how geometry has been studied and taught by our illustrious educational indoctrination institutions…

For example – to borrow some ideas from this video, here is how wikipedia depicts geometry in the 15th century and the 20th century:


Do you notice any difference between the two pictures?


Image result for thinking


… Like perhaps how geometer’s back in the day used to work outdoors (where they could point things at the sky),…

… and how “modern” geometer’s work exclusively indoors (where there is no sky)…


This seems rather absurd when you consider that the root words for geometry are “geo, meaning “earth“, and “metron“, meaning “measurement“!




Surely you need to be outdoors to “measure” the “earth” right?!


… But I suppose that we now have fancy blackboard equations and iPhones which can spoon-feed us everything we need to know, so nobody really needs to go outdoors to discover what is actually going on anymore…


Image result for blackboard equations Image result for smartphone addiction teenagers



Image result for tesla science equations reality quote


Geometry was effectively switched from a system connecting the measurement of real world locations and time… to being a totally abstract spatial science studied exclusively on blackboards indoors…

This is why nobody even blinks when shown “projections” like those below, which are supposed to “explain” how the astrolabe can work in relation to a spherical sky – but which make no absolutely practical sense in the real world…

… because nobody has a clue what is actually going on outside anymore…



Most people today like to think that our ancestors up to 500 years ago were primitive idiots for thinking that the Earth was flat,…

… when the truth is that our ancestors designed tools like the astrolabe based entirely on their meticulous studies of nature and the stars.

That’s quite a contrast compared to our “modern” day, where most people get their understanding of nature from what they had been told in their textbooks and seen on television!


Image result for indoctrination     Image result for textbook indoctrination


When you really look into this subject, it’s becomes astonishing that people were able to understand the stars so precisely so as to design the astrolabe – a truly magnificent tool that has hundreds of uses, a few of which are listed here:




Below is an interesting 9min video of a TEDx talk about the astrolabe.

What is particularly amusing is that the speaker is obliged to tell the audience that this device is compatible with a globe model… though as is painfully obvious it makes absolutely no sense with a globe…



Another interesting point to note with regards to the astrolabe is the distance measurement on it – the nautical mile…


The Nautical Mile


In essence, the nautical mile is defined as the distance spanned by one minute of arc along a meridian of the Earth (north-south), as you can visualize here:

Image result for nautical mile astrolabe 


A nautical mile used to be a minute of arc North-South – that is, one 60th of a degree…

Despite the fact that the nautical mile worked perfectly for centuries, the “Clarke Spheroid” model was introduced in 1866 which meant that a degree of North-South was no longer a simple length but varied at different latitudes… as mentioned on Wikipedia:


Image result for clarke spheroid




Image result for oblate spheroid meme



Image result for oblate spheroid meme


You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that if something works perfectly you don’t change it… unless of course you have other agenda’s…


So basically, when “scientists” introduced the sphere lie they had to tell all the people who had successfully navigated by sea using the nautical mile that the physical basis of their measurement unit had been wrong all this time… even though they had successfully navigated the world using it for centuries!

The funniest part is, that despite telling the world that the world is a sphere and that the nautical mile is wrong, the nautical mile is still to this day used for both air and marine navigation…



To state the obvious… if the Earth actually was a globe, don’t you think they’d be using navigational principles to navigate that are based on a sphere rather than a flat plane?


Image result for indeed meme






So to summarize…


Much like the sundial and the moon-dial, the astrolabe is comprised of flat circular discs and has worked perfectly all throughout history – and continues to be used to this day for navigation.

A good understanding of the astrolabe tells us that the Sun and the Moon share the same path on a flat plane in the sky… and that the star system is also moving in a flat plane above us… just as a planisphere suggests…

Image result for planisphere

The Vedic (ancient Indian) astronomical model presents the celestial bodies as travelling on flat planes, as shown in this short 1:30 clip:


And on that bombshell, allow me to introduce you to the astroplate




6. Astroplate

The astroplate might be a bit tricky to understand, so before we get into what the astroplate is, let me remind you of something we covered in 19. What Goes Around, Comes Around… 


Dome Reflection

Primarily, recall that the dome above us is a reflective surface, as evidenced by…


  1. Rainbows – which can only be replicated indoors with a light source and a curved reflective surface, as discussed in this video.

Image result for rainbow


2. Sun dogs, which are light effects due to reflection:

Image result for reflection on inside of bowl


3. “Double-suns“, which show that the sun is reflecting off something:


4. Sunlight coverage throughout the year – including the 24hr sun in Antarctica, which shows that sunlight is reflecting off a domed surface to distribute the way it does:

Image result for sun movement flat earth

Note that the sunlight coverage perfectly matches what we see in terms of sunrise and sunset times throughout the year:

Australia - Flat Earth

Here’s a useful visual so that you can see the shape of the sunlight coverage relating to the shape of the dome:



Also recall from earlier that the stars spin anti-clockwise in the northern “hemisphere”, and clockwise in the southern “hemisphere”…

Here’s the star trails at the equator again for your reference:




Now then, what conclusions can we draw from the fact that the dome is reflective, and that the stars appear to be spinning in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres?


Related image



Well, the logical conclusion here is that the stars are being reflected on the dome as well…



Image result for what gif







It’s okay if you’re thinking this sounds a bit confusing…


… but perhaps this 3min video will start to clarify this…



Star Trails Explained: Part 2

The video above explains the general structure of the astroplate and the basics of reflection.

However, that animation doesn’t really show exactly how the opposite star spins in the northern and southern “hemispheres” works…

To better understand how the reflection works, take a look at the 4min video below which does a good job of replicating the star spin in a home-made setup.

The setup might look somewhat rudimentary, but it is very effective in illustrating how the opposite star spins occur, so don’t be put off just because it doesn’t involve advanced CGI and animations.

Also, let this be a reminder that real science is observable, measurable, and repeatable – even in your own living room!  🙂

Image result for scientific method


In case you want to see more on the astroplate I highly recommend that you explore the YouTube channel Alternative Cosmology which has many more videos explaining how the astroplate works.

For example, here is another (15min) video from that channel that builds on what you’ve seen above and provides additional useful information about the astroplate:



This is probably more than enough information to keep your mind spinning in multiple directions for now, so we’ll leave it there.

Our study of the stars is by no means done though, so we’ll continue our look at the stars – and planets – in another post, when things will start to get really interesting!




To round things off, here’s a quick summary of what we’ve looked at in this post:

To start, we saw that the sun is not a star, and that the stars are not at all what we’ve been told.

You were then shown some videos involving cymatics, sonoluminescence, superconductivity, and quantum levitation, which go a long way to explaining what we are seeing in the sky.

We then moved on to deconstructing the parallax lie, before taking a dreamy look at star trails and the amazing astrolabe, which led us to study the astroplate.

In other words, a lot of awesome stuff that proves that we’ve been lied to about the stars.


This post has shone plenty of light on the lies we’ve been fed by these guys…


Related image


… but what you’ve seen so far doesn’t even scratch the surface of the knowledge being hidden from you.

Rest assured though, we’re going to be slicing through many more of their lies and hidden knowledge like a hot knife cutting through butter, so stay tuned! 🙂


Image result for hot knife through butter gif


To end this post, I will leave you with this 4min video which inspired the title of this post, and which might give you something deep to think about until the next post…



To be continued




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24. Made in a Hollywood Basement

This post aims to deconstruct the pseudoscience behind the promulgation of the “space” myth.


For anyone new to this blog, or for those simply wishing to refresh their memories, below is a list of posts that are relevant to what will be discussed in this post.

If you are new to this blog you may find it useful to read these (ideally in chronological order) before reading on below, but this post can certainly stand on it’s own without any prior reading as well.

  • 16. The Torus and Ancient Cosmology – where a mathematical model of the Universe was derived using magnetism, nature, and mathematics (i.e. sacred geometry, vector equilibrium, and the golden mean/phi). The model matches the model of the cosmos shared by every ancient culture.
  • 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time – a study of many of NASA’s lies, including the fake moon landing, along with NASA’s connections to freemasonry and Nazi’s.
  • 18. Look Around, it will Astound You – an article where the expected curvature of the globe was calculated, and then compared to reality (to find that we see no curvature). The optics phenomenon of perspective was also outlined.
  • 22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2) – an essay looking at Southern hemisphere flight paths; the legal framework surrounding Antarctic travel; flat Earth propaganda; and disinformation (brainwashing) programmes.


In the last post, 23. Destined for Oblivion, we put to bed the ridiculous myths of gravity and relativity, whilst also exposing the connection between the Royal Society and the Vatican and freemasonry.


In this post, we will deconstruct the pseudoscience that is “Space”.





This post will be quite light on scientific equations, but hopefully that won’t deter you from enjoying a humorous look at some of the finest pseudoscience around.

Note that if you’re the serious type who doesn’t like memes and some laughing, then this probably  won’t be your cup of tea. For those who do, here’s what we’ll be reveling in today:


First, you will be introduced to the most prominent public figures promulgating the lies you will learn about in this post.

Secondly, you will need a good dose of humour as we laugh at the idea of a vacuum in space.

We will then scrutinize some of the myths about space travel, followed by a look at why satellites and orbits are utterly impossible.

The biggest laugh will be saved for the end, when you’ll find out about NASA’s latest science project.


Table of Contents


  1. The Pseudoscience Squad
  2. The Vacuum
    • Vacuum Meets the Atmosphere
  3. Space Travel
    • Propulsion
    • Tin-foil & Shower Curtains
    • Van Allen belt
    • August Piccard
    • Space Rockets
  4. Orbits & Satellites
    • Low Earth Orbit
      • The Thermosphere
      • Materials on the ISS & Satellites
    • Satellite Hoax
      • GPS
      • Space debris
    • Hubble Space Telescope
  5. NASA’s Latest Hocus Pocus



Before we start, please watch this 3min video, which will refresh your mind to a few things that we’ve previously discussed, and get you in the right frame of mind for what we’re going to talk about in this post.





In the last post, we put the gravity and relativity myths to bed once and for all.

Following on from there, it’s now time to look at the place no one has ever been to, but that everyone seems to blindly believe in…








Image result for the 19th hole




No, not that place.




… I’m talking about Outer Space!


Related image




^ That’s not actually outer space – it’s a blackboard… but put some white dots on it and it might as well be outer space…




Image result for space



Image result for wow gif







This is what we’re told about space and the Observable Universe:



In other words…


Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan



This is what we’re told that “space” and the “multiverse” look like:



A quick 1min visualization of the multiverse:




Has it dawned on you yet that nothing in that video is real?


All it is, is a computer animation… which might as well have been done by this guy for all we know:


Image result for monkey pushing laptop gif



Despite being clear animations with a grand total of zero scientific facts to support them, these sorts of videos are passed off as realistic by “scientists”…

… and habitually swallowed whole by children and unsuspecting adults who never think twice about whether or not they do in fact present an accurate story.


Image result for dont think


The reason why nobody even bothers to think twice, is because it’s a message that has been hammered into us since before we could talk…


Image result for solar system crib


… then in (cringe-worthy) cartoons while growing up…



… and repeated in school year after year…


Image result for textbook solar system      Image result for solar system classroom



Image result for hammered into children meme



It doesn’t stop after school though, as we’re fed this space propaganda all throughout our lives…


Image result for star wars space Image result for star wars

Image result for the martian Image result for star trek








In a nutshell, here’s what our solar system looks like according to “modern science”…


Image result for solar system Image result for solar system gif



… And don’t forget that the solar system itself is hurling through space at an unfathomable 450,000mph…

galaxy speed.JPG

Image result for solar system gif





Image result for spinning eyes gif





Image result for and im the crazy one



If you believe in that insanity, then I’ve got some of the finest snake oil in all of Texas to sell you…


Image result for snake oil salesman gif




…. And speaking of snakes, allow me to introduce you to…







Image result for drum roll gif






1. The Pseudoscience Squad


Image result for funny flat earth memes


For those who aren’t familiar, this is the team of elite geniuses tasked with saving the world from those crazy people who “ignorantly” question pseudoscience…


The elite team is comprised of the following masterminds, each of whom we will take a brief look at below:

  • Carl Sagan
  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  • Michio Kaku
  • Paul Zaloom
  • Bill Nye
  • Brian Cox
  • Stephen Hawking



Carl “ladies man” Sagan



Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan


This 1min video will offer you a good idea of what Carl Sagan’s pseudoscience is about:





Image result for carl sagan billions and billions




Image result for carl sagan munchies meme




Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan




Image result for yes you do meme



Neil “Snake in de Grass” Tyson


Image result for snake in degrasse tyson






For those who don’t know, according to this genius, the Earth is actually an oblate spheroid pear-shaped…







Image result for pear earth classroom



Image result for neil degrasse flat earth



Related image



The result of his asinine pseudoscience:





Image result for facepalm meme



Image result for neil degrasse flat earth



It’s certainly also worth noting that he frequently likes to show off his freemasonic priesthood by wearing his helios/sun vest in honour of his pagan sun god…




Image result for neil tyson sun meme neil.JPG


To get a grasp of what Neil DeGrasse Tyson is like watch the video below (warning: not suitable for overly serious viewers).

Keep in mind how utterly ridiculous spacetime curvature is, as per Nikola Tesla’s words in 23. Destined for Oblivion.


Michio “theoretical physicist super genius” Kaku

michio kaku.JPG

Michio Kaku is a self-proclaimed “popularizer of science” and has a NY Times best seller called “Physics of the Impossible“, which, along with bearing a rather fitting title…

… also has some notable symbolism… Namely, a subliminal 6-pointed star, and especially the appearance of Saturn – which will become very significant in future posts:

Resultado de imagem para physics of the impossible             kaku

Note that we also find this star in several other key places; and it is NOT the “Star of David”.

Image result for 6 pointed star freemason

 Image result for 6 pointed star freemason hexagon


In a nutshell:


Image result for michio kaku meme



As kooky as he is though, he’s right about a couple of things though…


Firstly, as you may recall from 23. Destined for Oblivion, Michio Kaku spilled the beans on Newton’s little secret…


And secondly, here is his rather apt assessment of modern science’s cosmology:


Image result for michio kaku meme


Listen to those words, straight from the horses own mouth:


Think about those words for a minute, and let them sink in…


This is one the biggest “geniuses” of modern science, and he says that modern cosmology is more wrong than ANYTHING in the history of science!


I really couldn’t have said it any better myself!


Needless to say, most of “theoretical physics” has absolutely no bearing on reality…



Speaking of buffoons in lab coats…


Paul “The Clown” Zaloom




The less said the better, really. It’s a crying shame that children worldwide have had to endure this loon.


Image result for beakmans world     Image result for paul zaloom


It should be incredibly alarming that children have grown up getting educated by actors, rather than actual scientists…


… Which brings us to…


Bill Nye “the Science Lie”


This guy is commonly considered the face of “science” due to his “science” show on the Disney channel (which is nothing more than an indoctrination show targeting children)…

Note that he’s usually wearing a lab coat and a bow tie, so he must be smart!…


Image result for bill nye the science guy


The funny thing is, he’s actually not a real scientist… but an actor (and a terrible one at that) as you can clearly see in this video featuring clips of him in some (terrible) films in the 80’s and early 90’s:


Can you see what’s going on here?…


Let me spell it out:

  1. A paid actor is promoted as a “science expert” to kids, despite having zero actual science qualifications;
  2. An entire generation grow up thinking this fraud is a legitimate and trustworthy scientist;
  3. 20 years after starting his “science guy” act he’s used as a mouth-piece by the government to publicly push propaganda for the government…


As an example of point 3, you may have noticed Bill Nye voicing strong opinions on “climate change” policy…

… Opinions which aren’t based on ANY actual scientific evidence whatsoever… but rather, only on over-hyped propaganda like Al Gore’s ridiculous movie “An Inconvenient Truth“… which ended up not being so inconvenient after all…


Image result for al gore global warming memeImage result for climate change hoax meme



Image result for climate change lie



Image result for climate change lie


Now, despite all the proof to the contrary, this same “science guy” is now promoting the imprisonment of anyone who questions the climate change hoax*, as shown in the video clip below… (So much for freedom of speech right…)

*By the way, in case any of you still believe the climate change hoax (which we discussed a little bit in 15. Energy Weapons: Tesla’s Suppressed Technologies) consider this: 

If our trustworthy governments are so adamant about saving the environment, why then do they keep clean (and free) energy technology like that developed by Nikola Tesla and Ed Liedskalnin out of the public arena?

Could it be that they’re just using “climate change” to get people to buy into the totalitarian totalitarian UN Agenda 2030?… Hmm… 

Image result for problem reaction solution



With all that in mind, it shouldn’t really surprise you to see photos like this, where independent scientists government mouth-pieces / paid actors are cozying up to the leader of the circus himself in the White House…


Related image       bill-nye-evolution_hutc


The video below includes a few clips of Obama and John Kerry lying through their teeth to discredit anyone questioning the government narrative, all whilst weaponizing certain words like “climate change deniers” and “Flat Earthers”,… all in the name of “science”…


All-in-all, Bill Nye is about as trustworthy as an indebted crack dealer if you ask me…


Image result for bill nye meth




Brian “The British Neil DeGrasse Tyson” Cox


This guy is is the BBC’s favourite “scientist”.

Note that he’s been awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his faithful service to the Queen the Vatican…

For more on the Templar’s cross check out 12. Templars Cross, Square and Compass, and The Night Owl and for more on the Vatican roots of “science” see 23. Destined for Oblivion.

Image result for obe Image result for obe templars cross Image result for obe templars cross



Image result for neil tyson freemason


Here’s Brian Cox on the cover of a magazine, ramming the globe down people’s throats as usual…


Image result for brian cox earth is round


Now, do you think the establishment would have to constantly publish propaganda like this featuring their favourite “expert” scientists actors if the Earth actually was round?!


Image result for make the lie big



Image result for repetition mind control






Here’s a 2min clip about Brian Cox that rather accurately encapsulate this fraud…




Last but not least, and probably the biggest con of the lot…



Stephen Hawking


Image result for stephen hawking


Did you know that

  • Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS (also called Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 1963;
  • It’s very unusual that it would occur in someone as young as he was (23);
  • The average survival time of someone diagnosed with ALS is 4 years;
  • Stephen Hawking is still here today, 53 years later – meaning that he has set a world record for ALS survival… by several decades.


From the wikipedia article on ALS:



That’s already enough cause to be suspicious, but let’s think about this logically for a second…

Without meaning to be disrespectful to him, it is a known fact that Stephen Hawking cannot talk, or move. He literally cannot even chew food or swallow his tea.

All he can do is sit in his chair, as all his answers come through a computer – which we’re all supposed to believe is connected to his (genius) thoughts and not simply a pre-recorded script being written by someone behind the scenes…


Image result for call me crazy meme


I mean seriously… they might as well have rolled out a teddy bear with a computer attached to it to feed the public lies!


Image result for wheelchair bear


For anyone who wants a bit more information on this ridiculous con, here are two short 6min videos with some more details:


Now, it could be that he’s just a conscious “vegatable” (for lack of a better word) being used, or that the “real” Stephen Hawking died and was replaced by an actor… and I can see the validity of such a theory given that Stephen Hawking today looks like a totally different person…


Image result for stephen hawking look alike


Whatever the case, this is hardly a case of reliable science.


For what it’s worth, we’ve seen the truth hidden in plain sight on numerous occasions in this blog, so perhaps this Family Guy clip is telling us something as well…



To summarize, despite the fact that this collection of “scientists” are obvious frauds, they’re all paraded out as experts of the universe on “science shows”.


With that in mind, here’s some words of wisdom:





While you’re re-considering where you get your education from, it might also be a good idea to get rid of your tell-lie-vision too…


Image result for brainwashed society tumblr



Before we move on from the Pseudoscience Squad, here’s one final video about psuedoscientists and indoctrination that sums up everything we’ve spoken about up to this point:



Now we’re going to move on from the liars, and onto some of the lies themselves.



Be forewarned:



Image result for common sense ahead






2. The Vacuum


This is what pseudoscientists say about “outer space“:



The essential question to consider with regards to that is this:



Now, it should be fairly straightforward to any critical thinker why the vacuum of space is utterly impossible…

…. unless of course you’ve never vacuumed your bedroom (in which case you should go do that now, I’ll wait)…


Simply put, a vacuum (especially one the size of the supposed Universe) can’t exist in tandem with an unprotected atmosphere, for the obvious reason that a “space entirely devoid of matter” will always suck matter towards it…





Image result for vacuum flat earth meme


This shouldn’t really need much more of our time, but for the sake of being thorough (and frankly because it’s a lot of fun to laugh at how outrageous “science” is) let’s take a closer look…


The Vacuum Meets the Atmosphere

Here is what we’re told happens between the Earth’s atmosphere and space:



Does “the definition of space could vary considerably“… and “one might have to extend the boundary to space”… sound like reliable science to you?!



Image result for can you believe this meme



This is pseudoscience at its finest ladies and gentlemen, step right up!


Image result for step right up



Despite being about as reliable as a pigeon solving a Calculus equation, the Karmán Line (mentioned in the text above) is the “international accepted standard” definition for where space starts:



Now, why do you think they need arbitrary agreed-upon “standards”?

Could it be because this “science” is totally invented?…

After all, if something is actually measurably true, then you generally don’t need to agree on it across numerous countries; it would simply be… you know… true.


Furthermore, here’s what the pseudoscientists say about the nature of their gradual “vacuum“:



Here are those subdivisions of “vacuum quality”:





Image result for cool story bro



Why is this “vacuum quality” ridiculous you ask?


Well, because a vacuum will always suck a non-vacuum towards it, if there is no physical barrier

… and as anyone who has done this to their younger sibling will know…


Image result for vacuum gif


there is nothing that is gradual about vacuums!
























Well, let me get my catalogue out again for you…



First off:

  • The 760-25 Torr “Low vacuum” is the most child-friendly vacuum on the market…


Image result for housewives desperate vacuum



  • The “Medium vacuum” is best suited for agility…


Image result for vacuum living room



… as well as multi-tasking…





  • The “High vacuum” has more storage capacity, so is best for family-sized homes…








  • The purpose-built “Ultra high vacuum” lets you get into those thick rugs and difficult-to-reach places:





… and speaking of “ultra high“…


Image result for carl sagan sad



Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan





  • The real vacuum expert here though is Grandma Bertie,… She’s got herself the all-powerful “extremely high” vacuum…


Image result for vacuum gif


… Worth noting that the “extremely high” vacuum is also extremely effective against fire:

Image result for vacuum gif




Image result for dude what carl meme









  • Last but certainly not least, we have the most powerful vacuum of all:


…. The top of the range “Outer Space Vacuum“…


Resultado de imagem para vacuum cleaner salesman


…. Let’s put it to the test shall we…




That video is quite a spectacular knockout blow…


Resultado de imagem para knockout punch









Needless to say, given the way vacuums work… the only way that “space” could work (in the absence of a closed environment) is if:

  1. there is no vacuum in space, and we have just a continuous atmosphere that extends all the way into “space”… (i.e. an infinite atmosphere with no “space”)

…. or

2. the vacuum in “space” rips everything on the surface of the Earth off it.


Problem is, that makes too much sense to be true, and we’re also getting some urgent breaking news…


Image result for breaking news




Image result for scientists have found meme




Well I guess that settles it then!


Image result for guess so gif



Not so fast!


Despite making the definitive claim in the headline and first two sentences (beyond which few people actually read) that “scientists have finally pin-pointed” and “found the edge of space”, the same article goes on to openly say that “a lot remains very fuzzy”, with “a host of misconceptions and confusing, conflicting definitions”…


As you can see, this article is a perfect example of how to fool people with pseudoscience:

  1. To start with, have a catchy headline that pronounces something as fact;
  2. Re-enforce the headline at the start of the article, with some definitive claims (despite a total lack of factual evidence);
  3. Fill the article with fluff and matter-of-fact statements that the reader is supposed to assume are correct;
  4. Talk about how this lie affects other lies to reinforce the larger lie;
  5. Cite official organizations like FIA and NASA to add a false sense of legitimacy.


It’s all an absolute joke…

… but unfortunately, people will believe anything with the “science” label attached to it…





Image result for vacuum flat earth meme



So in summary:





Here’s one final question about the vacuum that’ll forever remain unanswered…


Image result for vacuum flat earth meme



And on that note, let’s move on to the myth of space travel…




3. “Space Travel”


Propulsion in “Space”

Earlier we saw that space is “the closest physical approximation of a perfect vacuum”, with only “a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter” – which is effectively negligible.



Now, here’s a question (about footage from a video like this)…




Simply put:

No oxygen = no combustion.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that images like the one above are clearly faked with CGI.  That ridiculous fake curvature in the background could have told us that too.



Now, what we’re told by scientists is that “most spacecraft today are propelled by forcing a gas from the back/rear of the vehicle”…


That sounds great, but there’s just one problem: Newton’s 3rd law… which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction:

Image result for action reaction


Considering that space is a near-perfect vacuum (with only a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter) – what exactly is it that is providing the “equal and opposite reaction” force to give spacecraft thrust in space?


Image result for vacuum flat earth meme


The answer to this riddle is that this is just a bunch of made up rubbish.


NASA knows this, and that’s why they pump out propaganda like this about imaginary technologies that they say can propel spacecraft without a propellant:





“Microwave thruster system”… Reaaally NASA?


Image result for throwing microwave gif



Notice the complex made up words that are just there because they sound cool…

  • “classical electromagnetic phenomenon”… Classical? What does that even mean?
  • “interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma“… Huh?!



Image result for sounds complex meme



Here’s what wikipedia say about this “RF resonant cavity thruster“…



If even their own inventions violate the “laws” of physics they themselves established, then either the physics is wrong, or they are lying about their inventon (or both)… dontcha think? …


For your reference, here’s a picture of their cavity thruster…  which looks like something an 8th grader put together from spare parts in a scrap yard…



Needless to say, this is clearly just a made up technology that can’t work, unless they decide to invent some new pseudo-physics like turning spacetime inside out or something… in which case it would work (albeit only on a blackboard).


Bottom line is, NASA know that they can’t explain the issue of thrust in space, which is why they create propaganda about technology that doesn’t exist that appears to be beyond the layman’s understanding.


In other words, space travel is all a bunch of rubbish.


Image result for rubbish gif



And speaking of rubbish…


Tin-foil and Shower Curtains


Take a look at the majestic Apollo 11 contraption that allegedly went to the moon…


Image result for apollo moon landing craft curtain2.jpg





Here’s a closer look, which shows off all of Apollo 11’s glorious cardboard, shower curtain rails, and tin foil:


           Image result for nasa claims they went to the moon in this meme



Image result for nasa the real tin foil meme



Image result for nasa the real tin foil meme



If you’re not convinced, here’s another one of NASA’s spaceships that went to the moon:


Image result for kid rocket


Judging by the humorous 2min video below, in the 60 years since the Apollo 11 mission NASA still haven’t moved on from using plastic and cardboard on their contraptions…




Now, for the sake of argument, let’s give NASA the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that they did have propulsion systems that worked in a vacuum, and that their tinfoil and shower curtain ships are sturdy enough to fly in “space”…


In order to get to space, they’d need to pass through what they describe as an area of radiation called the “Van Allen Belt”. Let’s take a look…


Van Allen Radiation Belt


Related image


As you can see in the illustration above and text below, space agencies tell us that there is a dangerous belt of radiation around the Earth which can damage satellites and spacecraft…

van allen.JPG


Let’s listen to this NASA engineer explain this phenomena in some more detail…



What an absolute joke.

If they managed to send a cardboard/tin-foil shower-curtain contraption to the moon in 1969, surely issues relating to the Van Allen belt would already have been solved 50 years ago?!


The real reason why they can’t get past the “Van Allen belt”, is because that is actually the firmament, which you were briefly introduced to in earlier posts, including in 19. What Goes Around, Comes Around


3  babyloniancosmologybiblke9  14495342_865742086896593_1685816374841334178_n.jpg


Image result for flat earth electromagnetism



In case you still don’t believe in the Flat Earth model, perhaps you’d find it intriguing to take a look at the account of Dr. Auguste Piccard, who in 1931 became the first man to reach the stratosphere in his high-altitude balloon…


Auguste Piccard




This is a story printed in the August 1931 edition of Popular Science… Yes, in those days the truth wasn’t completely censored from mainstream publications yet…




Auguste Piccard’s balloon mission was actually recently featured in a Hennessy commercial… which is VERY revealing…



The truth hidden in plain sight, as always…

… First the flat horizon at 0:19…



… and then at 0:26, where we see the firmament… immediately followed by “waters above”…



We were also shown something quite interesting at 0:41… but we’ll cover that in a later post.



Now, going back to space travel…

… If NASA haven’t been beyond the Van Allen belt, you may be wondering what has happened to all those rockets that NASA have (allegedly) shot into space…



“Space Rockets”

Contrary to popular conception, these rockets don’t actually go upwards…

Most people don’t know this, because news outlets showing footage of rocket launches always cut footage of rockets before they start to level out and fly horizontally…


Take a look at some of their rocket launches for yourself…


nasa     14732252_286595631733960_8158611114925262518_n




The video below features some entertaining highlights of NASA rocket fails, to show you that their rockets “to space” aren’t as straightforward as Hollywood make it seem…

Note that I’ve just selected an 8min section from the video for the purposes of illustrating the rockets, but I can also recommend watching the rest of the 47min video if you have time as it is well-edited and has some plenty of good material.


With all that in mind, I think this comparisons is rather apt:






Furthermore, isn’t it remarkable, that in over 50 years of “space programs”, the technology allegedly bringing people to space has remained unchanged – in contrast to every single other product or technology?!




You might find the 5min video below interesting, as it shows NASA “astronauts” – along with Obama – publicly contradicting the narrative that NASA have been to the moon…

If you haven’t done so already, I’d also recommend reading 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time, which breaks down many of NASA’s lies and exposes their connection to Nazi’s and freemasons.


If we can’t go beyond low earth orbit, how then NASA can have satellites orbiting other planets, like the Cassini satellite which supposedly took pictures of Saturn? It makes no sense!


Here’s another 3min clip of an “astronaut” lying through his teeth, this time about the lunar eclipse…



These astro-nots aren’t very believable are they…







Image result for orbiting basketball


Whilst we’re on the subject of astronauts…


Have you ever wondered why NASA have orange jumpsuits?…

I’m guessing that you haven’t, but I’ll point out the significance of that anyways…


Image result for nasa orange jumpsuit


Orange is a masonic colour.

This is because of gematria, a Babylonian system of computing the numerical value of words based on the values of their constituent letters.

As it happens, “orange” in gematria = 33, which of course is a key freemasonic number.
Image result for gematria

  • O – 6
  • R  – 9
  • A – 1
  • N – 5
  • G – 7
  • E – 5

6 + 9 + 1 + 5 + 7 + 5 = 33


Image result for freemason 33Image result for freemason 33


Note that freemasonry is far from being exclusive to the United States, so there are many other nations who have freemasonic space agencies too, for example:

  • CSA ASC (Canada)
  • ESA (Europe)
  • JAXA (Japan)
  • Roscosmos (Russia)
  • ISRO (India)
  • CNSA (China)


Image result for chinese space agency fake


Funny thing is, they all put out the same fakery…


For example, here is the chinese space agency’s moon walk… which is clearly done with a combination of CGI and scuba tanks:



You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how they do these space walks…


Image result for space hoax quote


It should be becoming pretty clear that:






Now, again for the sake of argument, let’s be super generous and overlook the fact that NASA’s rockets don’t even fly upwards… (along with all the previous stuff too)…

Assuming that they can reach this mythical place called space, the next question would be regarding orbits…





4. Orbits & Satellites

You know by now that NASA love their pseudoscience and fancy words, and once you are aware of their lies it can be rather amusing to peruse their “scientific” articles on wikipedia…

For example, below is a section from the article on the Vacuum, which talks about satellites in low Earth orbit…


solar winds.JPG


“Atmosphere’s eroded by solar winds”?

“Solar sails”?


This sounds like things someone on an LSD trip would come up with!


Image result for flying sailing ship



Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan


Now, as absurd as “solar sails” sound, they don’t come close to measuring up to the absurdity known as “Orbits”…


To get an idea, here is NASA‘s definition of an “orbit”…




Does this sound like anything that you can observe, measure, and repeat for yourself?…


Image result for scientific method


… like say, with two footballs orbiting one another…


Image result for balls orbiting gif


Or does this sound like another case of pseudosciencitis?



This is obviously pseudoscience, and so the idea has to be reinforced with subliminal marketing tactics to establish the “legitimacy” of it… Here are just two examples:

Image result for orbit  gum       Image result for orbit advertising


To illustrate how absurd the pseudoscience above is, remember from 23. Destined for Oblivion that not even Isaac Newton himself believed that mass could affect mass at a distance…



As NASA said above, “Without gravity, an Earth-orbiting satellite would go off into space…”


Quite right.

Without gravity, this party is over.

And as it happens, we already burst their gravity bubble in 23. Destined for Oblivion, meaning that means that NASA can say bye-bye to their satellites…


Image result for waving goodbye gif


But let’s carry on, just to completely unpick this lie.


“Low Earth Orbit”

Satellites are said to orbit in “Low Earth Orbit“, between 160km and 2,000km…



Below is some more information for those who need it.

As an aside, those who’ve read my earlier blog posts may notice the appearance of some familiar occult numbers, which are in fact very common to find all over pseudo-science…

Here for example we see

  • 322 (Skull & Bones)
  • 9/11 (99=9×11… 9/11)
  • 161 (6 is 9, so that has digits of 9/11 too
  • 88 (discussed in 3. Leylines: Part 2 in conjunction with the Vatican, Washington DC, Stonehenge, etc).

To point out the obvious, when NASA make things up, they can put whatever numbers they want into the equation… and they like to use their freemasonic numbers A LOT.


The part to pay attention to above is the altitude:

  • Low Earth Orbit is (supposedly) between 160km – 2,000km; a range in which all manned space stations are said to orbit.
  • ISS is said to orbit at 330km and 435km.


Why is that significant?


Well,… the area from around 85km to around 500km is known as the Thermosphere


The Thermosphere


thermosphere temp.JPG


… which as you might have guessed, is called the “thermo“-sphere because it gets very, very hot…

… with temperatures rising to around 2,000 °C  (3,630 °F)…



So to reiterate…

… The thermosphere where satellites are said to orbit, can reach temperatures of over 2,000°C. (3,630°F)


Let’s have a look at what satellites and “space ships” are made of shall we…


Image result for houston we have a problem


Material of the ISS and Satellites

The following excerpts are taken from the wikipedia article on the International Space Station, as well as 3 from NASA’s own website:


You don’t need to read all of this, just pay attention to the materials used in the building of the ISS and satellites – as highlighted in yellow.


iss2  iss5








So basically, their contraptions are mainly made up of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and bits of plastic, which have the following melting points:

  • aluminum – 660°C / 1220°F
  • magnesium – 650°C / 1200°F
  • titanium – 1670°C / 3,030°F
  • plastic – most sturdy plastics melt before 250°C / 500°F


NASA’s own videos also show plastic circuitry on the outside of the space station (which is apparently the reason for space walks…), and plastic circuitry melts at around 100°C / 210°F.


Now, remember that the thermosphere – where satellites and all manned-LEO craft are said to reside – can reach over 2000°C / 3,630°F…




So Aluminum melts at 660°C, but the temperature of the thermosphere where they supposedly orbit is 2000°C…



Related image



Image result for spanish english meme







Clearly, this is a problem…


… But of course, as with all things, NASA has a pseudo-scientific excuse…











To deconstruct this lie, we will borrow some text from APlaneTruth, who has done a good job explaining how ridiculous the pseudoscience above is:






In short, satellites would have to absorb the heat in the thermosphere (that comes from the sun), otherwise the 2nd law of thermodynamics is broken.

For anyone who wants to look into this more, I can recommend watching this 34min video:


The 6min video below does a good job illustrating the problem with satellites and heat transfer, and it also introduces a couple of other aspects of satellites that we will take a look at below.





Satellite Hoax

As mentioned in the video above, there are 1000’s of miles of undersea fibre-optic cables used for communication purposes…




… but note that this is a more accurate representation:



What about GPS?

First off, the term “Global” Positioning System is rather disingenuous. The software might tell you where you are on a computerized model of the Earth if it was a ball – but that does not make the globe true.

For example, someone could write a software program that would tell you where you were if the Earth was a pyramid, but that doesn’t mean that the Earth actually is a pyramid. Same goes for a ball.

Image result for pyramid earth   Image result for pyramid earth

Secondly, the “satellite” technology used for “GPS” systems are actually based on ground-based technology that was invented in World War 2, called LORAN:


Image result for loran     Image result for loran

Related image   Image result for loran


The existence of thousands of radio masts should tell you something after all…

Image result for loran towers Image result for radio masts Image result for radio towers art


In a nutshell, LORAN existed and was used for navigation before satellites were even invented.

Modern phones and so-called “Sat-Navs” are simply getting signals from radio masts, which are digitally programmed to “pretend” to be satellites.

Haven’t you ever wondered how a “Sat-Nav” can pick up a signal in one place, but not another?… That really is a dead-giveaway that “Sat-Nav’s” receive signals from radio towers and not satellites.

Image result for sat nav no signal   Image result for sat nav no signal


The way that “Sat-Navs” work is essentially no different than the way “cell-phones” work with ground-based radio towers:

cell.JPGImage result for satellites flat earth


The video below is quite a technical study of “satellites”, and shows that a receiver is simply receiving a signal that has been arbitrarily assigned the number of a “satellite” by a computer system.

Thus it will seem as if the receiving system is picking up signals from different satellites, when in fact the signal is simply being received from ground-based towers that send out a “digital signature” of a given imaginary satellite.


So to summarize:

  • If we have fibe-optic cables all over the world,… Why would we need satellites?
  • Ground-based location tech like LORAN is still in operation,… so why do we need satellites?


For those who are still skeptical, I can inform you that there are also technologies being used by the military for communication purposes many of which could easily replicate what we believe satellites do.

There’s also talk of having drones and balloons providing internet in remote places… but why exactly would this be necessary if satellites exist?

Again, it doesn’t add up…

Image result for wifi drones  Image result for wifi drones Image result for wifi balloons


Given that all the functionalities that satellites are said to provide, can – and are – provided by ground-based technology, it doesn’t even make sense from a financial point of view to put satellites in “orbit”. There’s just no way that that would be cost-effective.


Now, going back to orbits, there’s another big issue with satellites in space, and that is space debris…


Space Debris



Consider that the ISS is said to orbit at 17,150mph.

NASA‘s website says that there are more than 500,000 pieces of space debris being tracked – and that doesn’t even account for debris that is un-tracked…

space debris.JPG

Some simple questions:

  • Do you think it is realistic for them to track 500,000 tiny pieces of debris?

Debris is by definition junk that originates elsewhere in the solar system, or has fallen off other satellites (supposedly).

They’d have to have some serious spy tech to track every tiny piece of debris in an area such as the thermosphere…

  • Is it really possible to notice if a screw has spontaneously fallen off the outside of a satellite?
  • Do you think they would have time to respond if a screw approached their space ship at 17,500mph?

Needless to say, a single tiny piece of “debris” travelling at 17,500mph would puncture any satellite or space station, sucking everything on-board out into the vacuum.

  • Given that propulsion in space is a myth, how could they even respond? It’s not like they can magically drive out of the way of the incoming debris.


In case you’re not convinced yet, let’s do a little reality check with regards to satellites…



Satellite Reality Check


Isn’t it funny how we’ve never seen a photo of Earth showing all the thousands of satellites that are supposedly in orbit around it?


Related image



Here are a couple of other questions to consider relating to satellites and the ISS:


Have you ever seen video footage or photos of

  • the ISS being constructed?
  • a satellite being put into orbit?
  • a rocket docking with the ISS?
  • an astronaut going from a rocket into the ISS?
  • a 360 degree video of astronauts (showing the so called “4th wall” as movie producers call it)?


Fact is, you will never find any of the  above, except for in Hollywood movies!


Satellites are quite clearly a total and absolute joke.









Related image



Image result for santa iss





In case anyone is hungry, here’s some ice cream…


Related image




“But, but, but I can see the ISS in the sky…”

Image result for but but meme blank







Well now, think about how small an airplane is when you see it in the sky at 38,000ft (about 7 miles) up.

… Then consider that a satellite is about the size of a school bus, which is about 1/10th the size of an airplane (to be generous)…


The ISS is said to be at 200-400 miles up…

Needless to say, anyone who claims to have seen something the size of a school bus that far away with their naked eye is just flat out lying.


As for amateur astronomers who claim to see it… what do they really see?…




As you will see in a later post, holographic technology is very real, and way more advanced than most people can imagine.

I won’t go into more detail on the matter here, but for those who are interested in checking this out more, below are two videos on the subject you could start with. I’d also recommend looking into Project Blue Beam.


Let’s now turn our attention to another object said to be miraculously floating in the sky…




Image result for aladdin



Just kidding.


The object we’re going to scrutinize is the Hubble Space Telescope…




Hubble Space Telescope




Image result for hubble space telescope    hubble


“Space telescope”… “vital research tool”… “one of NASA’s Great Observatories”…


Image result for laugh out loud meme


A more accurate description of what you see above would be:

Hubble Telescope: “A giant toilet paper roll, wrapped in tin-foil, with a set of ironing boards attached with curtain rails. Opens with a bin lid.”





Image result for hubble quote flat earth




Related image



Related image



Image result for hubble quote flat earth



Funny how NASA has pictures of distant galaxies, but we don’t have a single “non-composite” (i.e. CGI) photo of the Earth, nor any video footage of the Earth spinning…


Related image


Lest anyone has forgotten (from 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time), NASA love a bit of photoshop too, as you can clearly see below…

Note that you can replicate this yourself… Simply go to NASA’s website, take ANY picture of the Earth, open it in photoshop, and adjust the levels to reveal a copy-pasted box around Earth…





Image result for houston we have a problem




Image result for houston we have a problem meme



And speaking of problems…








Image result for can you believe this gif



Back to Hubble…



Here are the words of Edwin Hubble, who the Hubble Telescope is named after:


Image result for hubble quote flat earth


In other words, it doesn’t matter if the Flat Earth model is true… because “it is unwelcome and would be accepted only as a last resort“…. “therefore, we disregard this possibility and consider the alternative”, because a Flat Earth would be a “horror“.

“The unwelcome supposition of a favoured location (i.e. Flat Earth) must be avoided at all costs“.


Image result for science neil degrasse meme


Image result for bias science



Modern science pretty much make it up as they go along, with the stated aim of disregarding the truth “at all costs”.


And on that note, let’s take a look NASA’s latest science project…




5. NASA’s Latest Hocus Pocus

If you think flying toilet paper rolls and shower-curtain contraptions are ridiculous, wait till you find out about what NASA are working on now…




Image result for drum roll gif





“Space Poop Challenge”


(This is not a joke).


This is the announcement from NASA’s own website, published just 2 months ago:





Image result for houston we have a problem




Image result for astronaut toilet


This Telegraph article does a particularly good job of explaining the alleged challenges of “space pooping” if anyone is interested.


Here is NASA’s own video, where someone has kindly highlighted many of the lies for us:



As usual, the mainstream media propaganda machine is ramped up to the max, churning out this story brainwashing…




So basically, NASA expects us to believe that despite the fact that they have an annual budget that is larger than most countries (see below), they aren’t capable of figuring out how to keep an astronaut from soiling themselves…



Looks like nothing more than a particularly *crappy* PR campaign…


… Anything to keep NASA in the headlines and keep the hoax going though right…



It’s also testament to how brainwashed the public is when NASA can spew out ridiculous things like this without anyone so much as opening a window…





Personally, I can’t decide which of these is more full of s***…


Image result for nasa          or                Related image



(Yes, I’m available for stand-up comedy gigs at birthday parties and corporate functions…)


A fitting commercial perhaps…





Image result for houston we have a problem



And on that note, it looks like we’re out of material…






Allow me to offer a quick summary of what we’ve covered.


1. The Pseudoscience Squad

  • The “scientists” you see on TV are nothing more than freemasons and paid actors.


2. The Vacuum

  • the Vacuum and un-shielded atmosphere cannot co-exist;


3. Space Travel

  • there is no way for spacecraft to create thrust (i.e. propulsion) in a vacuum;
  • NASA themselves admit to never having been past the Van Allen belts;
  • NASA openly contradict themselves by saying that they’ve never been beyond low-earth orbit;
  • NASA rockets never seem to fly upwards, but instead always level out into horizontal flight path relative to the ground;
  • Dr. Auguste Piccard was the first man in the stratosphere, and described what he saw as “It seemed [like] a flat disc with upturned edges”;


4. Satellites & Orbits

  • Orbits are not repeatable as per the scientific method, so is clearly pseudoscience;
  • the temperature of the thermosphere means that satellites would quickly melt;
  • GPS can work without the use of satellites by using ground-based technology that pre-dates the invention of satellites;
  • A tiny piece of space debris could destroy satellites; yet this seems to be largely ignored;
  • The Hubble Space Telescope is a giant toilet paper roll.


5. Other Hocus Pocus

  • NASA have recently hit new heights with regards to the ridiculousness of their space propaganda, with the “Space Poop Challenge”.



Next Post…

Thus far, we have covered NASA’s lies; the impossibility of the spinning ball; the gravity myth; along with the lies about “outer space”.


Effectively, the mainstream model of the Universe and solar system has been nuked to oblivion…


Image result for boom gif



And with that done, in the next post we will turn our attention to why this space lie has been promulgated… and later we also take a look at what the magnificent stars in the night sky above us really are…

To be continued



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