“America’s Pastor” Billy Graham Exposed

This post thoroughly exposes the masonic agenda relating to the evangelical preacher known as Billy Graham, who died earlier this week.

Due to Billy Graham’s immense popularity in the “Christian” community this information isn’t exactly met with open ears, but it’s important that this material gets shared around, as it has the potential to alert church-going Christians to the agenda behind “Churchianity”.

As such, I hope this post will be a useful resource for you to share with others (especially through ‘Christian’ facebook groups) to wake them up to the realities of the agenda being fomented by “church leaders” around the world.

Please also let me know if there’s any information I’ve overlooked or that you think should be included, as I would gladly update this post with more information as appropriate.


Before we get started though, let me make a quick preface with some thoughts on why this post was written… 🙂



Originally I wasn’t planning on putting this post together, as much of what is included here is already presented in a facebook post I made.

However, Facebook decided to ban me for 7 days shortly after I posted this material (the very same day that another 3 day ban had ended no less), so I felt compelled to ensure that this information gets seen by as many as possible…


It went a little something like this:



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Rather than playing it cool to lay low, I instead went “all guns blazing” right off the bat to expose their false prophet….







… which sealed my fate rather quickly…



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That being the case, I decided to do what any self-respecting truther stuck in facebook jail would do… that is, to publish all the information that facebook apparently had an issue with all in one place, so as to make it even easier for this information to be shared far and wide (which I hope you will do after reading!). 🙂




This post is dedicated to the Thought Police, without who’s inspiration this post would not have been written. 😀






Censorship and tyrannical nazi’s aside, let’s get started!




This post is going to cover several facets of the evangelical preacher known as Billy Graham, who died earlier this week.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, here is a short introduction:




Billy Graham was without doubt hugely influential in shaping society spiritually; politically; socially; and culturally; and is commonly regarded as one of the most influential preachers of the 20th century.

Unbeknownst to many Billy Graham was a 33rd degree freemason, and as you will learn in this post, Billy Graham’s role as a church leader was to lead people towards the  Roman Catholic Church and a One World Religion.

In that regard, his real motivations were not aligned with the bible itself, but with freemasonry and the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church.

That might sound crazy for some readers, but what you will see in this post is:

  • Evidence of Billy Graham being a freemason;
  • Evidence of his connection to the Vatican / Catholic Church;
  • Evidence that he was promoting a One World Religion;
  • Quotes from his book “Angels” where he promotes the false “alien” narrative;
  • Links between Billy Graham and MK Ultra; and
  • Numerical breakdown of his death, including 13, 33, 777, 9/11, 101, and Skull & Bones (using analysis similar to earlier work you can find on this website in the “News By The Numbers” menu in the header at the top of this page).


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  1. You Shall Know Him By His Fruit$$$
  2. Billy Graham the Freemason
  3. Connection to the Vatican
  4. By the Numbers
  5. Involvement with MK Ultra
  6. One World Religion
  • Conclusion
    • Credits

Word Count: 4,600



ephesians 5 11






1. You Shall Know Him By His Fruits

In the blog post 36. The War On Your Mindwe discussed how psychological warfare is waged on the masses 24/7, and I briefly touched on how the National Council of Churches was founded shortly after the foundation of Tavistock Institute (an institution known as the nerve-center for the mass manipulation of human consciousness).



As it happens, Billy Graham’s ministry started just after the Tavistock Institute and CIA were formed:

  • 1947: Tavistock Institute and the CIA formed.
  • 1948: World Council of Churches formed.
  • 1949: Billy Graham‘s ministry started.
  • 1950: National Council of Churches founded.


Based on that, it would certainly seem as if Billy Graham was groomed for the role he would play, given how his rise coincided so perfectly with the establishment of the very organisations that have meticulously shaped the religious and cultural scene in both America and worldwide in the last century.




On a personal level, in his role as a church leader Billy Graham has accumulated a huge amount of wealth, being among the eight richest pastors in America, according to Time.com:




Now, without even digging any deeper it should already be pretty clear from the amount of wealth he has accrued who Billy Graham really serves… (and who he doesn’t serve)…



god money.jpg





With 25 million earthly dollars stored up it’s pretty safe to say which master Billy Graham was serving…


“You shall know them by their fruit$$$$”…






There is MUCH more to be said, which we will get into below, but there are already clear signs that Billy Graham is EXACTLY the kind of false prophet the bible warns about…











Another clear example of Billy Graham hidden agenda with can be seen by his secretive involvement with freemasonry…




2. Billy Graham the Freemason

Though he never publicly acknowledged it, Billy Graham was a (33rd degree) freemason.

This is not a matter of opinion, because it is in fact stated very clearly in the freemasons’ own history book:


religion 2



For those not aware, freemasonry is a secret society which claims to work for the betterment of mankind (in secret), but which in reality is responsible for much of the destruction and chaos we see around the world, hence the motto “Order Out of Chaos” (‘Ordo ab Chao’ in latin).





There are many masonic lodges, all of which fall under the umbrella of the Vatican and military Jesuit Order.



Freemasonry is very hierarchical, and accordingly the lower ranked masons are never shown the true picture of what is going on at the top levels. They are thus very easy to deceive – though most masons will tell you that they are aware of what is going on and that there’s nothing to worry about.

The deceptive nature of masonry is even clearly stated in the book written by infamous 33rd freemason Albert Pike called Morals & Dogma, which gets handed to every initiate of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry upon joining.






The same book makes it clear that freemasons serve Lucifer:






Another key masonic book, by 33rd degree mason Manly P. Hall also states this very clearly:





Some say that Lucifer is the “light bearer” and not the same entity as Satan, but the symbols on freemasonic regalia betray such claims…


freemason satan

Aleister Crowley was the most famous satanist of the 20th century, and here he is decorated in masonic outfits in a photo identifying the logo above as a symbol of baphomet.



That symbol is far from the only masonic symbol that parallels with satanism however…




Though most freemasons are doing so unwittingly, it should be very clear that freemasonry is in fact serving Satan.

If it wasn’t clear enough already, consider the words of Helena Blavatsky, who has been a huge influence on the New Age movement as well as freemasonry:






Getting back to Billy Graham…

Along with the fact that he was mentioned as being a freemason in the freemasons’ own history book above, his freemasonic ties are also exposed in other ways as well, notably by masonic hand gestures, as well as the company he kept:


religion 4


religion 7


religion 5


Billy Graham was a close friend and “spiritual adviser” to numerous American Presidents, all of whom are 33rd degree freemasons…








billy graham 7


As the saying goes…


company you keep



And speaking of Billy Graham’s shady connections…



3. Connection to the Vatican

Going back to what we mentioned early with regards to Billy Graham and wealth…


god money.jpg



As it happens, the richest institution on Earth is the Vatican…



golden throne



Considering their mutual love of money it should come as no surprise that Billy Graham was very well connected to the Vatican as a servant of the Roman Catholic church:



billy graham 5




billy graham 2


As outlined in the article below, Billy Graham’s mission was to lure Christian’s away from the true teachings of the bible, and instead towards the apostate Roman Catholic Church.




As outlined here, Billy Graham’s son even spoke clearly of the close relationship between Billy and the Catholic church:







Billy Graham’s connection with the Roman Catholic church remained strong until his death.


billy graham 3












Contrary to what Billy Graham promoted, this is what true Christian’s think of the Pope:




Ian Paisley preaching against Billy Graham and the Pope (3mins):


You can find further videos exposing Billy Graham’s work relating to the Catholic church here:


We won’t go to much into this, but to give you a brief idea (if you are new to biblical prophecies), the rise of the apostate Roman Catholic church is prophesied in chapter 17 of the book of Revelation:





“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet“…




“… and was adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and had in her hand a golden cup“…












Also, notice that Daniel prophesied a “5th age” where the kingdom of Iron (i.e. Rome/the Vatican) would be restored…


5th age daniel


What has the 5th age got to do with Billy Graham and his death you ask?




101 binary code

101 copy 2


The name “Billy Graham” encodes the number 101 in jewish gematria:



… and Billy died in “Montreat, NC”…




These numbers have to do with ENERGY and occult number magic, and Billy Graham was certainly a big part of the masonic magic show!







I’m sure you’re now dying to see some more numerology associated to Billy Graham, so next we’re gonna take a look under the hood to see what we find…




oh boy























hood 2




Ooops, wrong car. That one must belong to the Pope, seeing as he likes snakes so much…















Snakes and aside, let’s get into some numbers!



4. By the Numbers

Billy Graham’s role in the masonic show becomes abundantly clear when we further scrutinise gematria and numerology associated to him.

Before we go any further, if you are new to masonic numerology some of what you will see below may seem outlandish to you at first glance… however, I can assure you that numerology and gematria are very real things used by the occult and freemasons.

If you wish to see countless other examples of masonic numerology in previous events, false flags, deaths, and other “news” beyond what you can see below, please check out the rest of the posts in the “News By The Numbers” section of this site, which you can find in the menu at the top of this page (as shown in the picture below).

The Introduction to News By the Numbers page has also been written specifically to introduce readers to masonic numerology, though I do try to show symbolic meanings of numbers as appropriate throughout posts like this.




I’m going to highlight some gematria concerning the things highlighted in red here:



First, recall the importance of the number 33 in freemasonry:





Billy Graham’s full name is encoded with 33:




Billy was a “baptist”…


He was part of the “southern baptist convention”…


Billy’s wife “Ruth Graham”…




Billy was an “evangelist”…


“Evangelist”, like freemason and zionism…




As you saw earlier, “Billy Graham” also encodes 101, which is another important number in freemasonry, as shown below.


The location of his death also encodes 101…



Billy Graham wrote many books, but his two most famous ones – and the two listed on his wikipedia page sum to 101…




I won’t cover this in great depth but in a nutshell 101 represents Lucifer, or what Orwell calls “the worst thing in the world”…





It might be interesting for you to note that we often see this same numerology represented in movies, such as The Matrix:


Or the TV show V… (V = 5 in roman numerals). More on that later.






Billy Graham’s website is tied to 888, which has an interesting connection…


“Jesus” in greek gematria also equals 888.

iesous 888



Did I mention number magic?! 😀


101 lol

(yes, “lol” is 101 as well 😀 )


To give you an idea of what is going on, this is subliminal word and number association. Or in other words, number magic. You could also call it the “casting of spells” using gematria.

Every word has numerical equivalents, and numbers have energy. By associating certain words to other words they effectively program people’s minds subconsciously to associate certain things with others.

This is why you see “billygraham.org” associated to 888 of “Iesous”/Jesus, as it attracts that energy.

Conversely, people who are blindly praising and worshipping Billy Graham – and the event of his death – which are associated to 33 and 101, will attract those energies.





Looking closer at Billy Graham’s given birthday and his death date also shows masonic numerology:




First of all, note the 7’s, and the 21, which is usually symbolic of 777…




saturn 1


Billy Graham hosted a couple of shows, called “Billy Graham Crusades”, and “Hour of Decision”…







Billy Graham was 99 years old when he died.

99 is a closely related to the 6 pointed star / cube of Saturn (Satan):






Note that this star is NOT “the star of David”, but is a Babylonian symbol associated to Remphan (Satan), as stated in the bible






Seems like Remphan was popular all over the place back in the day…




… and still TODAY!





Looking closer at Billy Graham’s age, he died aged 99 years old, and 3 months + 14 days.

Thus his day of death encodes pi, which is approximated as 3.14




This is significant for two reasons:


Firstly, Pi relates to Skull & Bones in English gematria:




To briefly understand why Skull & Bones is important, first recall what Helena Blavatsky said…



Notice that this is exactly what is stated in Genesis 3:22


322 bible.jpg


Notice that the numbers on the Skull & Bones logo is 322.

A notable Skull & Bones initiate is George Bush, pictured below. Also recall that Billy Graham was the “spiritual adviser” to people like George Bush!



As you may have realized, numerology plays a central role in when freemasons pull off their events. Here are some examples.


322 1



The second reason why Pi is significant here, is because pi represents the circle… which is obviously a key symbol for freemasons given that their logo includes a compass (for drawing circles)…



In a nutshell, the circle (or the “O”) represents the Mark of the Beast, which is why we see Pope’s and Cardinals wearing circular hats on their heads:



You might also find it interesting to note another ‘special’ group of people who wear this circle hat too…



For those unaware, the modern day “Jews” are in fact NOT “Judeans”, nor do they have any ancestral relation to the tribe of “Judah”. Rather, they are Khazar’s who follow the babylonian Talmud rather than the bible, and who have hijacked the name “Israel” to falsely elevate themselves as “Gods chosen people” when they are not. But that’s another story for another day…

For anyone who wants to dig into this subject more for themselves though, a good place to start is by researching who the biblical “Edomites” are…



Anyways, reeling ourselves back in from that gigantic tangent, and getting back to pi and the circle, you can learn more about how the circle or “O” represents the Mark of the Beast in this video:




I realize that this numerology stuff might all seem very abstract, but the important thing to realise is that all of this numerology relates to ENERGIES and manifestation of SPIRITS, something which 33rd degree masons (like Billy Graham) are very skilled with!!




By pulling the plug on cult-figure’s like Billy Graham, the occultists are able to foster energies in the public consciousness that they can harness and release on specific days of the calendar, according to their will (or rather, the will of Satan, which the freemasons are unknowingly playing along with, thinking that they are on the right side).


Billy Graham’s involvement with the occult is not limited only to freemasonry, masonic numerology, and the Roman Catholic Church however, as he has also played a prominent role in mind control projects like MK Ultra…


5. Involvement with MK Ultra

Those of you who follow this blog will already know that Hollywood is very closely tied to MK Ultra mind control, as we covered this in 35. Butterflies and Rabbit Holes.



With that in mind, Billy Graham’s Hollywood celebrity status speaks volumes about the kind of work he was involved in…


billy graham star



Billy Graham’s celebrity status is such that he also appeared on the cover of Time magazine, not coincidentally including some demonic symbolism:


billy graham 6


If you think this is a coincidence, note how prevalent this devil-horn symbolism is, particularly relating to which characters are chosen to appear with “devil horns”…




Anyone who appears on the cover of Time magazine and who is rewarded with a pentagram on the red carpet is clearly in the back pocket of the satanic elite who run Hollywood.

There are surely few things that encapsulate “the world” better than Hollywood, and Billy Graham’s celebrity status is a severe indictment of him according to scripture:





Now if Billy Graham’s ungodly life wasn’t clear enough, Billy Graham’s close ties with other institutions known for satanic practices and MK Ultra, such as Oral Roberts University, further exposes that fact…




Before we get more into the MK Ultra aspect, notice first that the logo of Oral Roberts University features the flame just above the word “spirit”, which is a typical symbol of the “light bearer”, who for freemasons is Lucifer.





In his book “The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave“, Fritz Springmeier outlines the connection between Billy Graham and Oral Roberts University:


“Oral Roberts, 33° Freemason, helped into ministry by his masonic brother Billy Graham.

Oral Roberts has been seen by witnesses participating in SRA and Mind-control. Oral Roberts University and the charismatic movement is another important religious front. The Charismatic movement has been infiltrated by multiples since day-one. The history of the infiltration is extensive. Oral Roberts had cherokee blood, According to some things that Oral Roberts has said, some Christians think that he received his healing powers from an old Indian who healed him through indian shamanism when Oral was young.

At times, Oral does use the same methods that spirit mediums use to heal with. According to slaves who have been deprogrammed, they were in satanic rituals with Oral Roberts.

Christian ministers, who have participated in his ministry are saying that they have seen massive swindle in his healing ministry. His university is being used as a programming center. His basketball team at one time had Monarch slaves playing on it. We do not know if they still do.

Under the prayer tower is one of the programming sites. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped launch Oral Roberts University, and is a friend of Oral Roberts. From the Illuminati’s point of view Tulsa is the Guardian City of Apollo. The City of Faith is to be the center for healing from AEsculapius, a demon related to Apollo.

While portraying themselves as Christians, infiltrators within the charismatic movement are carrying out satanic rituals to get demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of, if the main center for the campaign to infiltrate Christianity via the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement with programmed multiples.”


It’s also interesting to note that MK Ultra officially begin the early 1950’s, which is exactly the same time Billy Graham was starting his “ministry”…



Needless to say, the fact that Tavistock, CIA, the church system, MK Ultra, and Billy Graham’s ministry were all founded in the same 3 year period is surely not a coincidence.



You can read more about Billy Graham’s work with MK Ultra here:


Below is also a 15 minute interview of a former MK Ultra victim who provides more insight and details into how the church system has been used for satanic rituals and MK Ultra mind control:



To understand the nature of Billy Graham’s role as a church leader and MK Ultra handler we’re now going to look at his role in the bigger picture.



6. One World Religion

Earlier we discussed Billy Graham’s connection to freemasonry, and the fact that his ministry started at the same time that the World Council of Churches was established.

The establishment of these organisations are not the ultimate goal in and of themselves however, but are geared towards steering the world towards a “New Age” / “5th age”… also commonly known as the New World Order…




The fact that “Secular” is the key word in the latin “New World Order” should tell you very clearly that the central aspect of the NWO is religious.




“Secular” is defined as “not subject to or bound by religious rule”… which can be interpreted as meaning “not bound by biblical laws”.

Accordingly, in the 1989 book on the NWO, A. Ralph Epperson wrote concerning the NWO that “religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned”:




Also note what is expressed on the opposite side of the dollar bill, by the motto “E Pluribus Unum”:


secular 2



This is why we are seeing the Pope leading the charge to “unite” all the world religions into one…


Pope Francis poses with religious leaders during a meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican



In other words:


From the many…





… one:


one world 3



In the words of David Spangler, who is considered to be one of the fouding figures of the modern New Age movement:


new age




Now, shifting our focus back at Billy Graham, and with the above NWO ideology in mind, it becomes clear that he has played a key role in the push towards a New World Order.






religion 10


Billy Graham’s own words show this to be the case as well, given that he often quoted directly out of the masonic book The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, by Manly P. Hall.


religion 3






billy graham






That sort of teaching, along with being obviously inspired by masonic doctrine, goes totally against what the bible says:





Billy Graham is quite clearly a false prophet who presented people with a version of Christianity that people want to hear, rather than the lessons that the bible actually teaches (lessons that actually challenge people to change their lives for the better).

In the words of Paul Washer:


false prophet


Billy Graham was/is far from the only so-called “Christian” preacher aligned to Rome and their heretical teachings however, as the entire Church leadership is drowning in self-serving liars and hypocrites…


wolves 2





The modern “church” system led by these wolves is a system built upon lies and misinterpretations of the bible.

I won’t go into detail on that here to keep things brief, but you can learn what the problem with the “church” system is from some of the videos in this playlist, starting with the video below.




Another false teaching promoted by Billy Graham is the idea that a person can be “saved” simply by saying a prayer and asking Jesus into their heart, which is something you won’t find anywhere in scripture.

The text below is from this page where you can find further explanation of the subject.




In the words of non-worldly pastor Leonard Ravenhill:


sinners prayer


Again, to be brief I won’t go into detail on that particular subject, but you can find more information about it in some of these videos:


Here is an excellent hour long documentary exposing Billy Graham for his New Age doctrines that I’d recommend watching if anyone wants some more information on the subject:




Now, teaching people false doctrine through a church system that is diametrically opposed to what the bible actually teaches is a crucial aim for these corrupt wolves who call themselves “church leaders”.

This is because for the masses (including church-going Christians) to fall into the trap of accepting the One World Religion, they need to be unaware of what the bible actually teaches!

Now, looking at the NWO, the only way that the world will unite like this…



… is if there is an outside threat or a critical event that catalyses the world to unite.


In the words of David Rockefeller:




Ronald Reagan was even more explicit…




raegan 2


We discussed this “alien narrative” in this blog post, which is an important read for anyone who wishes to understand how Hollywood is being used to pre-program the masses to believe in the “alien” narrative.




This deception is one that can also be traced to Billy Graham, given that he has promoted the idea of aliens which are part of “Gods angelic host” in his book “Angels”, as you can see below.


billy graham   billy


Although he doesn’t explicitly state that aliens are real (by instead using language like “scientists think they can prove”… “writers have speculated”… “could very well be”… etc…), the seeds of deception are clearly being sown into the minds of the masses.

Any truthful Christian will be aware that the “extra-terrestrial” narrative is totally bogus (with true FE cosmology in mind), along with the knowledge that understanding Genesis 6:2-4 brings…


Lastly, it’s again intriguing to note the subliminal connection established by the occult between the name “Billy Graham”, 5th age, and the alien narrative that is going to be so central in bringing about the NWO:




101 binary code





And on that note,



peace out




I hope this post has exposed “America’s Pastor” Billy Graham, as well the corrupt church system he worked for.

To summarize the key points of what we’ve learned here, in this post you have seen that Billy Graham:

  • was a servant of money, not God’
  • was a freemason, and thus a servant of Lucifer (“the light bearer”);
  • served the Roman Catholic Church;
  • lived a worldly life, embracing his celebrity status in Hollywood;
  • worked closely with institutions involved in MK Ultra;
  • promoted false doctrine;
  • promoted the false “alien” narrative; and
  • promoted the One World Religion of the NWO.

You also saw how the story of “Billy Graham”‘s life was numerically encoded with masonic numerology, including 13, 33, 777, 9/11, 101, and Skull & Bones.


What is abundantly clear is that Billy Graham was far from a godly man, and that role he played a central role in leading millions of people towards the apostate Roman Catholic Church and the idea of a One World Religion.


Now, it’s easy to feel down-heartened and helpless when learning about the enormous system of deception relating to churches, which involves wolves in sheep’s clothing good people like Billy Graham.

With that in mind I want to leave you with some prophetic words from the last few chapters of the Book of Enoch, which outline very clearly that better times are ahead for those who stand in righteousness and truth… as well as what will happen to the liars and corrupt religious leaders of the NWO who have been vampiring themselves on mankind under the false pretext of being “Christians”…


Before I leave you with Enoch though, let us remember that our real enemy is not men like Billy Graham…

Those who willingly or unwittingly lead others astray like Billy Graham did will rightly be punished, but in the meantime it is important to keep sights on the real battle, which is not against men, but against rulers in high places…


ephesians 6 12



Now for some Enoch 🙂


Chapter 96:



Chapter 92:



Chapter 103-105:












This presentation was made possible by:






Special thanks goes to Der Führer himself…


















facebook jail







facebook jail




Over to the Führer himself for the final word…












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    When the faggots at the Vatican (Esau’s a faggot, so it make sense his church is also faggots) created Islam to kill the Trews and christians, this church created it to be similar to Catholicism, which means that we don’t have to JUST KILL The Muslims, but also some of the Catholics who are also brought to America by America’s Freemasonic leaders. MS-13 is not only Catholic, it’s Masonic, it’s Satanic. And it’s in our schools AT THE DEMAND OF ESAU….our worthless brother.
    When the bullets fly, here is who you have the right to kill:
    Freemasons = this scum brought Muslims to the Christian Nations, now they WILL DIE.
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    Recently, we saw two Freemasons celebrate an “exceptional moment in history” with the signing by NoKo’s Kim Jung-Un and America’s President Chrump the chump. Here’s why I’m telling you about being one of Fathers Elect, because this crap-signing by Trump and Un was a frickin’ joke. As an Elect, I was there, on the front lines.
    Basically, NoKo was going to assist Saudi Arabia in a Winter Harvest last year. The Winter Harvest Massacre in Vegas was a warm-up of sorts, that showed the Princes of Saudi (who were on the 6th floor of the hotel, watching the events unfold) how easily an enemy can annihilated by using these secret openings into the earth as an ambush. Fact is, the sewers around this music-venue were used in conjunction with the tunnels to allow killers to gain quick access and unload a few magazines from their AK, then escape without notice….into thin air.
    These events were preparation for the Winter Harvest (America-wide harvest of murder and conversion), which WAS to occur on the Winter Solstice day of December 21st, 2017. On this day, Egyptian Myth says that ISIS gave birth to Horus. ISIS!! Can you see the irony here??
    Anyway, NoKo blew off a nuclear device last Summer, and Trump was ready to go to war over this blast. After googling the site, I saw the geo-glyphs that “speak” of a tunnel under the blast site, and I wrote about it. This pissed off Jong-Un, and he called me a “scabby sheep” to which I replied that “the scabby sheep will take down this fake dragon.”

    Anyway, Jong-Un was afraid that he’d be killed on his way to Singapore. You see, the rules of Esau (Freemasonry) state that it is a death-sentence for a plan of the elite to fall apart, and whoever is in charge when it fails, then that leader dies. NoKo’s plans, NoKo’s part of the script, stated that this ghost-town of NoKo would be used to begin WW III. But it failed. Un was shivering in fear at what would happen to him.

    But that was all settled yesterday, when Jong-Un signed a contract with Trump (Esau) that gives NoKo a new place in “life.” This contract gives NoKo a new lease on life, and it also removes the requirement that NoKo start WW III……….for whatever THAT’S worth???!!!
    NoKo was going to nuke America, then the Locust Army was to mop-up, Syria-style, where the American troops ASSIST in helping ISIS kill American Trews and Christians, just like in Syria and elsewhere where there’s a “battle against ISIS” which is a lie.

    Folks, the lies are rampant and many. Here’s a Truth for you: as a Christian……WE HAVE THE VICTORY!!!


    • The tunnel site where NoKo blew a nuke off is at a “junction” of tunnels, and the elite have a nuclear device for underground use that, when exploded, melts the rock in the area, for several meters deep.
      This nuke makes it easier to dig these tunnels, especially at these “junctions” where turn lanes and what-not are needed for the auto-traffic that uses these tunnels.


  3. The differences between the children of the True Father of Israel, and the stupid children of satan, are many. But the number one difference is compassion. Father’s children have compassion, satan’s punks have hatred in their hearts.
    Father’s children, when maturing in The Truth, become more and more humble. The Freemasons, their ego’s are purposely built up by Esau, and when these idiots fall, they fall hard.
    It is written that the Elect stand at the feet of Yashua (Greek word for Jesus) on Judgment Day, and assist in seeing the rewards and punishments given out. The punishment IS DEATH of the souls, and as an Elect, I want to let ALL FREEMASONS KNOW that I am going to fight like hell for the souls of the “lesser” Freemasons….those who are good people, but have been led astray by Satan. I assure you, the Elect will be pulling as many Freemasons out of the grasp of Satan as possible!!

    I don’t (for the most part) hate Freemasons on an individual basis. I hate Freemasonry….PERIOD.
    Some of the upper muckety-mucks I DO HATE for what they do to Trews and Christians.And the Masonic Politicians bringing in the Muslims to kill the True Americans , especially the white man and woman???
    These punks WILL PERISH on Judgment Day (unless they repent).

    If you’re a Freemason, get the hell out of your Lodge asap.And repent!! If you DO THIS (repent) NOW, then there’s hope for you on Judgment Day, as the Elect fight toooth and nail for your soul to LIVE……
    Your GAOTU is taking you to the furnace, knot-head.

    Remember this: The chaff on a wheat-kernel burns like gasoline in a fire. I mention this fact because Father sifts for the Wheat…..Satan sifts for the chaff. And the chaff perishes.
    ALL Freemasons ARE CHAFF. But the great news is that YOU can change this….simply leave your Lodge….and live!!

    (it is biblical that Father loved Jacob and He hated Esau, even from his mother’s womb. How can Father hate a baby?? It’s because of what Esau did in the first earth-age. Esau must have been a General in Satan’s army (in that first earth age), so in this earth age, he was given the “Mission” of becoming Russia.
    Same goes for white people. Father made them His because they all stood up against Satan in that first earth age. How it must have hurt like hell for Father to see the Trews go into captivity (Egypt) and watch the souls that stood against Satan in that first earth age, are now being led astray by the Freemasonry of Egypt. Father killed tens of thousands of them for this stupidity in worshipping Satan….You will find that todays Leaders/presidents were some of the most evil souls in the fist age, which is why they have “high offices” (high positions) today. What they did THEN, determined what they do NOW.)

    Father took those who stood against Satan and made them “His”. Father made them all white, and He wanted to be our God, literally. The other Races are special, too. Father loves ALL His Races and shows NO PARTIALITY towards one of another. But do to the Freemasonic agenda’s of Esau, whites are being persecuted for being Father’s children. And their “relationship” with Father (as protectors of the faith) is purposely NOT being told by the preachers, because if this “news” was proclaimed throughout the land….all Races, when it comes to whitey, would just sit down and shut the fuck up.



  4. UPDATE: Somali’s in Lewiston, Maine Declare War on Whites
    Tuesday night of this week saw another fight break out between the Locust Army in Lewiston and white boys.
    Basically, there were some whites at Kennedy Park in Lewiston and a car with 3 Somali’s drove by, and shot a girl with a pellet/BB gun. Three white men ran after the car, and when the car stopped, the 3 asked the Somali’s why they shot the woman.
    From the Sun-Journal (Lewistons Masonic-owned trash newspaper that also protects these Somali’s by NOT printing in the paper the race of the attackers): From the Journal:

    “When the car (of Somali’s) stopped halfway down the block on Knox Street, (this guy) and his friend confronted the youths in the car and asked them why they had shot at them. Suddenly, the three men were surroinded by roughly 30 people (Somali’s) swinging sticks,. baseball bats and other weapons.”

    One man was hit in the back of the head with a brick or something like a brick. The friends of the man have stated he has died, but the State Police (Freemasons on Patrol) have been called in by Maine’s Governor……….for the purpose of protecting the Somali’s.

    Thank Esau. Thank Obama and Trump, and thank the governors….all of them Freemasonic trash, who use a bunch of bastards to kill the Trews.

    Lock-N-Load on the firing line.

    Don’t shoot until you see the whites………of the White Lodge. (lol)

    Here we come, Esau!!!


  5. I would like to make a proposal, of sorts. We see how the Politicians all “GET TOGETHER” for the making of the laws that suppress, oppress, and kill the sheep. These Freemasons have been given a “foot-up” in this world by using the information from the fallen angels.

    My proposal is this: WE PRAY as a unit to get Father to bring us “climate change” for Christians and Trews. For example, the Preachers are Judged first on Judgment Day, and when I see pedophile punk freemason preachers trafficking children for the Vatican, and making billions of dollars doing so, …..and then these pedophiles draw-in their “buddy preachers” like Creflo Dollar and Jesse DuPlantis to get them to get their congregations to buy jet airplanes for them so that they, too, can traffick children for the Vatican and make billions of dollars. Folks, I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!! How ’bout you??

    I say we pray and concentrate our prayers on one person, in this case that person being Kenneth Copeland….and pray that Father might take his soul from this earth, thereby saving the children AND sending a message to these punks that we, as Christians, ARE GOING TO PRAY AND UNLEASH THE POWER OF FATHER and the Power of His Christ……and to get Father to pay these people a serious visit

    Folks, if we ALL PRAY TOGETHER…… we CAN create change. Once Copeland is gone…then we move on to the next one, Creflo Dollar…….Jim Bakker……..Jesse DuPlantis……..Jonathon Cahn…….

    It’s time we show Christ that WE can do it in His Name…….instead of just praying and wondering why “God allows this to happen.” Father told us how to deal with it. And prayer is a major solution to the problems we face today.

    Let us pray together for the demise of Satan’s children, no matter what position they may hold.
    The preachers lying to us in church is why we have no FAITH. Start praying, start believing, start making a change for Christians in these last few months.

    Let’s put the fear of Father back in their hearts.

    ( no offense Mr. Copeland. I hate Freemasonry almost as much as I hate pedophiles)


  6. If I may…..I would like to show you how The Vatican has warped The Word of Father (King James Bible) literally from the very beginning….from the Genesis. This is very important to know that the KJV was manipulated and IS false….because today we see “other” bibles coming out, all of them with THEIR OWN INTERPRETATIONS, but were originally interpreted from the KJV. My point here is that if these new bibles were interpreted from the KJV, and that the KJV is false, then you have nothing more than a false interpretation based on another false interpretation. Confusion from confusion. Babble from babble. And Father knows that Esau’s church in Rome is full of babble.

    Anyway, back to the topic…..in this case that topic is the manipulation of The Word from the very beginning….from its Genesis. So…let’s go to the Book of Genesis…..Chapter One….verses 1and 2.
    Genesis 1;
    1) IN the beginning Father created the heaven and the earth.

    (this verse is easy enough to understand…right?? But hold on there cowboy….cause here we go….)

    2) The earth was without form, and void,; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Father (YHVH Shamah!! Father IS THERE) moved upon the face of the waters.

    Did you catch that?? Between verse one and two…..did you catch what just happened??
    In verse 1 we have a CREATED EARTH and a CREATED HEAVEN. Which means “they exist”….”i can see them”..etc. Then verse 2 states that the earth is VOID and WITHOUT FORM. Verse 1 we have CREATION….and verse 2 we have DESTRUCTION.

    Actually, in verse 2 we see Father moving over this “void” of water in order to CREATE THE EARTH AGAIN, after He destroyed it….or….better yet….after Father destroyed that first age, Father is now, in verse 2, re-creating the things on the earth, ie: man, plants…light…..the Races, Adam, etc.at that Christ occupies today.
    The fact is, if you have a Companion Bible then you’ll read where this word in verse 2….the word “was”… in the original manuscripts this word is “became”. So, with this understanding, let’s re-read this verse properly:
    2) And the earth BECAME void, and without form……..And Now (in verse 2) Father is “repairing the damage.”

    Please allow me this time to state these two verses WITH UNDERSTANDING;
    1) IN the beginning Father created the heaven and the earth.
    (And for millions of years, Father and His children lived happily. But then came the day when Satan wanted to be Christ, instead of just protecting the Mercy Seat that The Christ occupies today (but He didn’t occupy then). So Satan began to deceive Fathers children, and got one-third of them to follow after him, and got them to worship him, instead of Christ. Father saw what was happening, and He destroyed that first earth age, and TOTALLY CLEARED-OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.)
    2) And the earth BECAME without form (without spiritual forms…..you and I) and void (void of ANY type of life) and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Father moved upon the face of the waters.

    These “waters” are the firmament spoken of later in this chapter. You see, in that first age, the earth was totally dry. The dew watered every night and that was all that was needed, we were all in spirit form.
    But when Father destroyed that earth age, He caused the firmament to “fall to earth from the heavens” which is why we have oceans and lakes and what-not today. In Eternity we go back to the firmament being “over our heads,” much like going to Sea World and walking that clear plastic tube that allows for you to walk on dry land even though the waters “are over your head” and as you watch the fish and the whales swimming….over you head..

    When you read about lost cities underwater…..the stories are true. It’s just that these cities were built in that first age, when the earth was dry. They’re only underwater today because Father let the water-fall from heaven and “wash and wipe-clean” the face of the earth.


  7. Google has a new hit-n-run tactic, but I’ll survive.
    I need to clarify something I wrote about previously. It was on the topic of Cain giving birth to Enoch (Satan’s Enoch). In Genesis Chapter 4, verse 17, where Cain knew his wife and bare Enoch, and then Cain went a built a city and named it after Enoch. I stated that Enoch was a “builder of cities” and I apologize for possibly muddying the waters with this statement…..so please allow to expand on this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION .

    Cain, being the first-born between Satan and Eve, was a giant, a Geeber, and Cain also had the forbidden knowledge from Satan. In the Book of (Adam’s) Enoch, you’ll read how oppression is the main weapon used against the sheep. This word “oppression” is actually Communism. And for Communism to work, and thereby for Freemasonry to work, the sheep had to taken from the “plains” where they lived solitarily, with family. They were so spread out on their farms and such, that it would’ve taken one Freemason per-sheep to get the total control that they can achieve simply by building cities, where the sheep can be controlled by a Lodge or two. These cities are then controlled…..EASILY…..by Esau.

    I hope and pray that you can see how cities play one of the most vital roles when it comes to Esau controlling his brother, Jacob. Because just how vital they are is about to be made perfectly clear.


    • Father absolutely HATES cities, almost as much as He hates Esau. Father hates cities because they stack people on top of each other, creating breeding grounds for disease, violence, murder, rape, rip-off’s, etc. Cities are an ABOMINATION. Which is why Satan loves them.

      When you consider that over 80% of Americans live in urban area’s, then you can see how Freemasonry has absolute control over these 80%….plus the other 20%. It takes more than a few Lodges to pervert cities and justice. It takes Freemason Cops, Freemason Lawyers, Freemason Merchants (business owners), Freemason Faggot-preachers, and an infra-structure controlled by nothing other than Freemasons. It’s called a strangle-hold, but the problem is, the strangle-hold they apply to us, is what gets THEM FREEMASONS turned to ashes on Judgment Day.

      There are almost 4 million square miles in America. If Americans were all farmers in rural area’s, Freemasons would need to have at least one person per farm family, which equates to millions of maggot Freemasons. But build a city and NOW you control millions with just the infra-structure that Esau has created to control Jacob. This system allows for the “prospering” of Freemasonry, and also allows for the death of the sheep. (notice how many faggot cops are mentally ill morons who ARE PAID TO MURDER THE PUBLIC).

      Anyway, almost 4 million square miles of land to control. How do you do that somewhat easily?? The short answer is you build a city….”city” being code for “cattle yard and slaughter house.”

      Yes sir, 4 million square miles. The Freemasons broke that down into easier, more managable parts….
      and if you do your research, you’ll find that Esau broke the Country of America into 19, 354 parts….
      you’ll find that Esau EASILY controls over 80 percent of Americans with 19, 354 cities…….19,354 urban area’s……………………………………………………………………………..
      . …….. 19,354 CATTLE YARDS……….19,354 slaughter houses.

      And the “slaughterer’s” are here, just waiting for the word from their Masonic Lodges to begin the wholesale slaughter of the sheep. Masonic Lodge=ML. “M” is the tunnel symbol, and “L” stands for “elevator.” ML= “elevator to the tunnel system.”

      EVERY MASONIC LODGE IS CONNECTED to the tunnel system under the ground……the very same tunnel system that the Locust Army comes from (not including those FEW locusts on the ground surface).
      And since it WAS the Freemasons who created ISIS, it only makes sense that ISIS will use the tunnels of Freemasonry.


  8. Google has escalated their battle to keep The Truth from being printed. Wave buh-bye to Google, folks.
    Father hates it when ANYBODY suppresses the Truth. Google is exactly like Goliath. A giant whose time to die has come…..here comes my Rock google-goliath!!!! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. You’ll wake up in the very place YOU FEAR.

    Anyway, ALL Freemason owned businesses have hidden signs and messages in the name of their company…..and GOOGLE is no different. Please…..allow me to break down this name as Father breaks down this giant.

    The two “OO”‘s are eyes in petroglyph language. But even more than eyes….these eyes in GOOGLE are “wide-open” in fear. Why would that be?? Why is there “TERROR” OR FEAR? Look at the two letter “G”‘s and you’ll soon understand. These G’s represent Satan, or GAOTU. There’s ONE G ON EACH SIDE OF THESE FEAR-FILLED EYES…..meaning….”Freemasonry has us boxed-in, surrounded.”
    The final letter’s….L and E are as follows;
    L=elevator to the underground tunnel system
    E=symbol for the underground Mason Bee hive…ie: underground cities. (there’s those cities again)

    Putting GOOGLE’s message ALL TOGETHER we get:
    Freemasonry controlling the “eyes” (sheep) through fear until the underground tunnel system (by extension the Locust Army underground right now) is used (for the Army) to emerge and kill or convert all Christians and True Jews (sheep, eyes).


  9. As a Marine (albeit, a dying one, lol) I love being surrounded. It leaves only one way to go…..ANY EFFIN’ WAY MY FATHER WANTS ME TO GO!!!!

    (folks, it’s Father AND His Son, Yashua, who collapse giants and Kenites. certainly NOT ME. But by Faith am I able to see Father and Yashua collapse the world of the Kenites (son’s of Cain, sons of Satan) that have held us hostage for thousands of years. Can you read me, GOOGLE?? )


    • (6/18/18……..12:30 pm Eastern Time))
      Within the last hour, GOOGLE has released a topic that is, no doubt, aimed at myself…….AND I LOVE IT!!!

      Basically, GOOGLE states that “they can predict when you die.” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Folks please watch this closely. You’re gonna see a giant fall dead.
      I’ve been “assassinated” so many times………PLEASE, GOOGLE……..TRY ME, punks
      Ask St. Mary’s hospital in Lewiston, Maine They tried to assassinate me last November. But others tried long before today. So, go ahead, punks, make my Millenium!!!!!

      In the meantime, learn to swim, because your ship is about to hit an iceburg.

      (no weapon can prosper. but….I beg you, please try. all your riches and your just another punk-ass freemasonic organization that finances terror (terrorists) against the Christians and Trews of America and the world. please……come for me so that I may see your demise in person, assholes)

      How “bout I predict YOUR death??


  10. I wish to show you this “thing” that takes place between the two religions on earth….both of which came through Esau’s Satanic Church in Rome. Of course, I speak of Islam and Christianity, and especially The Bible.
    The Church could only make the True Word confusing….which they succeeded at with great success. But when you understand how this church is the church of babble, then even this fact makes sense. But the same CANNOT be said about Islam. Islam was “pulled out of the asses” of the Catholic Church.

    On more than one occasion we can see how the Church, when interpreting The Word into the Bible, they ADDED VERSES which are not in the original manuscripts. ALL of these verses in the Bible tell us to “love thy enemy.” and Pray for thy enemy. The perfect example of what I’m trying to articulate to you is found in Matthew 5, verse 44. And this verse reads:

    44) (Christ supposedly speaking) “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.”

    This verse tells the Christian and Trew to BLESS THEM WHO SEEK TO KILL US. IE: BLESS FREEMASONRY!!!!! Folks, does this sound “biblical” to you???

    It had better effin not sound legitimate to you…..because it’s not true….this verse was ADDED. If you had a Companion Bible you’d see the footnotes telling you that THIS VERSE DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS. it was added. but why?? Well, let’s look into Islam and see if we can locate the reason why we, as Trews, must submit to Satan’s children, the freemasons (and their creation ISIS).

    One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see the hatred that is taught to Muslims in their “bible.”
    Dozens of verses in their “book” speak of how the Christians and Trews are iNFIDELS…….and that they must be killed (same logic as freemasonry). This is why the Muslims (Locust Army) were shipped to ALL Christian Nations, and not to their own peoples.

    They are here to convert or kill all Trews and Christians, and your Bible teacher (Freemason scum) is teaching you to “bless and pray for” and to be “a quiet, conforming sheep” when they come for you to kill you.

    Use Lewiston, Maine as a prime example. Somali’s of the Maine LOcust Army under Governor Paul LePage) recently killed a white man (30 Muslims against 3 white boys) and the cops in Lewiston have been told to muddy and prolong the case…….because…..IT’S NOT LONG UNTIL THE ENTIRE LOCUST ARMY IS RELEASED UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. At that time this one murder will be lost to memory.

    I’ll love my enemy all right. I’ll love the bastard to death!!!!

    (Maine’s Governor and these Somali Armies are both on the same LePage)

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    • You can’t make this stuff up!! A few hours after writing this topic, I read the Lewiston Newspaper…..The Sun-Journal. (6/20/18 edition)
      The headlines read: Police Urge Patience…..(with the investigation into the 30 Muslims of the Locust Army that killed a white man in Lewiston last week.)
      The photo on the front page shows a group of about 30 white folks, with a couple of them holding signs.

      NO BULL……one sign reads “Love your Enemies and Pray for those who persecute you.”
      The second sign reads: Overcome evil by doing good.

      Folks, these idiots are obviously Freemasons, but even deeper it shows that “they” are going to use this Bible Verse to keep the sheep quiet during the massacre.

      Let ME tell you EXACTLY what Father says about this scum…..KILL ‘EM. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and a life for a life.
      I’m going to expand on this and say (forgive me, Father) “They kill one of us, we kill 10 of them.”

      Folks, Father gave me the inclination to write this topic about this verse to show you how this shit works, how the Vatican plays both sides.
      I never……in my wildest dreams, dreamed that this verse COULD POSSIBLY be the next quote from the Bible by Hillary Clinton. That this verse will be used to calm the sheep before AND DURING the slaughter.

      Hillary, you suck. Go ahead and quote the Catholic Churchs’ bible..go ahead and use your selected verses for your agenda. I’ll make sure you fail, Jezebel. (Father will make sure you fail)

      How do we overcome evil??? Father is very clear. You KILL the offender. Can you hear me, Jez??
      You have public hangings for pedophiles, perverts and murderers. (jez will die for all three of these).

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  11. Today (6/21/18) the Lewiston, Maine newspaper, the Sun-Journal, reported with it’s headline that there’s a NEW curfew in Kennedy Park, the scene of a murder committed by the Locust Army.

    The old curfew was 9pm, and this new one is set for 10 pm. (does this make ANY sense??)

    Folks, is THIS ALL these cops and investigators can do about this murder?? Where is the murderer?? Murderers?? Let me move on to my point here.

    There is a paragraph in todays propaganda paper….about the old curfew, and EXACTLY who was being protected by Lewiston’s Freemason cops. Here is that paragraph,,,,,(my words)

    Nancy Chen, who lives near the park, said curfews seem to apply to some people and not to others. Police (Masonic scum) shoo some people away (shoo away the whites), she said, and not others (not the Somali’s who are doing the killing).Police shoo some people away, she said, while large groups of immigrants (Somali’s) congregating in the basketball court seem to get a pass.

    (She went on to say)….”They’ll (the Somali’s) be there all night and the police just keep on going (going by). We don’t know why, it’s not fair..”

    The Shriner’s created ISIS (Locust Army) and it is the Kora Temple in Lewiston that is giving the orders here. The Police Chief is a Kora, the Governor is a Shriner, and everyone involved (cops, State Police, etc) are Freemasons.

    The Freemasons wear more sheep’s clothing than any other group. But their actions show their TRUE HEART (of murder). Lewiston cops protecting our enemies. Frickin’ SCUM.
    The Governor allowing and even forcing this issue……Pure Frickin’ SCUM.
    Police Chief of lewiston. Pure Frickin Masonic Trash.

    Get your shit straight “Dirty Lew” cops. You fucking satan-worshipping morons.

    Freemasons should change their names to “Those who perish on Judgment Day.”
    frickin’ morons….ALL OF THEM.


    • Nancy Chen, mentioned in the above post, had even more to say.
      Chen said she, too, was accosted recently by a large group of boys (why won’t this freemasonic shit newspaper mention the Race?? These “boys” were Somali’s). anyway……Chen was accosted by a large group of boys in the park, one of them struck her with a metal pipe.

      “There were 12 to 14 of them all around me (remember the GOOGLE translation I gave earlier? How the “eyes” are surrounded by Freemasonry?)…Chen said. When I went down to the Police Department to get help, they followed me right down there,”

      This last bit is totally disgusting. These slime KNOW they are protected and I alone could give at least a dozen more cases where this scum is protected as whitey dies.

      Lewiston cops. You’re a bunch of fucking idiots. You’re allowing them to do this makes YOU a murderer, also. You fucking scum!!!


  12. The Catholic Church knew long ago that one religion would not be able to entrap all of the sheep, so this whore branched out into other churches. The Lutheran Church, Scientology, Mormonism, Pentecostal, and EVERY OTHER CHURCH YOU CAN THINK OF, has its roots in the Synagogue of Satan in Rome.

    Back in the 80’s and continuing to this day, some of the satanic churches have been doing what they call “slain in the spirit.” Basically, you do an altar call and then you get over-come and start speaking in “tongues.” The problem is, the Holy Spirit in which the TRUE spirit comes is NOT YET manifest in these end days. The “tongues” of the Holy Spirit go out in EVERY LANGUAGE AT ONCE, meaning EVERYBODY understands what’s being said by the Spirit of Father.

    However, you WILL NOT find The True Father or His Son taught by this synagogue from hell. So…..what exactly does this info mean to you, the Christian?? What it means is this: if you DID get “slain” then you HAVE A DEMONIC SPIRIT IN YOUR BODY…….and you need to get rid of that scum…………in Jesus’ Name.

    Isn’t it funny how they charge you to destroy you?? (tithing to satan)

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  13. I never understood the fact of being an elect until just a few years ago….and this came after 20 years of study from the original manuscripts. I remember though, when I was about 3 or 4 (Father gives His Chosen Ones memories to the max, so that Father can “connect” events that happen to you at the time your a young person, to the events that happen to you all the way through your life). Anyway, from the time I was approximately 3 years old, and when my family would go to visit grandpa or something…….everytime we came within the Harlan, Iowa city limits I would get this feeling of what I now recognize as a feeling of evil….pure evil. Today, I understand this evil feeling to radiate from Parian Lodge 321 in Harlan. I have been in a pissing contest with these losers for a decade or so.
    A few years back I had the oppurtunity to rent a basement apartment in an old funeral home across from 321. I stripped her out to the bare walls and discovered signs and symbols leading to the tunnel system that ran from the Lodge and over to this funeral home that was built back in early 1900’s. I phoned the MW of the Lodge and we had a pleasant talk. Three days later I was kicked out. 7 months later the building burned beyond saving. There went the evidence of the tunnel, and other signs that I was investigating. The evidence showed necrophilia was taking place whenever a beautiful body would come in for burial, and the tunnel to the Lodge across the street was the main partaker.

    I bring all this up because another Harlan Landmark has been destroyed after I wrote of the signs and symbols (from google maps) that speak of a tunnel under this Old Mill. I grew up with the guy that this Old Mill was given to.
    If you go to harlanonline.com and look at today’s issue (6/22/18) you’ll see this razing made the paper.
    The Old Mill is exactly that….an old mill that ground wheat and corn for the local farmers, and the train tracks lay right next to this mill so that the product could be shipped out. Along with loading the train when it stopped (this line is no longer in existance) there was also an unloading taking place, as massive amounts of treasure were being hauled into and out of Harlan. And the signs on this Old Mill were sticking-out like a sore thumb on google, and I wrote about it. And now The Old Mill, a Harlan Landmark, is gone. To be replaced with a brand new shop…….just like what happened at my apartment. After it burnt down, the cop-shop next door extended it’s offices and covered over the tunnel access that I was “this close” to getting into.

    You know, if i tell of every tunnel access point in Harlan, the town will see half of itself destroyed, and the other half building over it after the destruction.

    For example, this Old Mill?……the signs spoke of how it connected to other contractors in the business…..like Bruce Burger.
    Sta-Bilt in Harlan is another place where the trains would haul treasure in and out of…..this business exists (up the track” about a quarter mile from The Old Mill.
    (I’ll be sure to watch the newspaper in Harlan to see how long these businesses last)

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  14. I wrote about this apartment in a post titled “Harlan Iowa’s Haunted Funeral Home.”
    Last I checked it was still online.


  15. The rewards of Father’s Elect and His Chosen is well known. Father IS the inheritence of the Elect and Chosen, and Father owns EVERYTHING.
    But as for the Freemasons….their reward is death of the soul. It is biblical that what they aquire in this earth age is all that they get….after this age is over (in a few months) they perish….kaput. Finni.

    In the Book of Enoch, we see who perishes….but pay attention also to a verse that speaks of “saving some of these freemasons”……. and others. So, let’s start with who perishes:

    Enoch 10:19) Let every oppressor perish from the face of the earth.
    (this word “oppressor” is another word for Communist. Communism is the number 1 threat to Chrsitiantiy. And Freemasons are used to “set-up-shop” in every town in America for the purpose of helping to spread communism throughout the world, which allows for Esau to manipulate his brother Jacob. So this verse tells us that Bernie Sanders is dead meat.

    Enoch 49:2) In the day of trouble (today), evil shall be heaped-up upon sinners; but the righteous shall triumph in the Name of The LORD of Spirits.

    (Christians win, Freemasons lose)

    Pay attention Freemasons:
    Enoch 49:3) Others shall be made to see that they must repent, and forsake the works of their hands; and that glory awaits them not in the presence of the LORD of Spirits;yet that by His Name they may be saved. The LORD of Spirits will have compassion on them; for great is His Mercy; and Righteousness is in His Judgment, and in the presence of His Glory; nor in His Judgment shall iniquity stand. HE WHO REPENTS NOT BEFORE HIM SHALL PERISH.

    This phrase….”and that glory awaits him not in the presence of the LORD….””….. when you die, your soul returns to Father INSTANTLY. And you are then in the Presence of Father and His Son, Jesus.
    And that’s what this phrase means….if you, as a Freemason, die and find your soul standing front and center in the Presence of Father….it’s TOO LATE TO REPENT…..and your soul dies….turned to ashes.
    This is what the final sentence of this verse is telling you…..HE WHO REPENTS NOT BEFORE HE DIES SHALL PERISH……..once you “get there” it’s too, too late.

    Father has His Loving Hands outstretched….they are open to you. He beckons you to….. “come…..and live forever.”

    You know, those children you sacrfice and molest??………..when you kill them, you’re not just just killing that one child, YOU’RE KILLING EVERY CHILD THAT PERSON WOULD’VE HAD HAD THEY LIVED. But no….the Freemasons taught you that it’s ok to molest and kill and lie and cheat and steal and murder.
    And this is why Father will soon be saying, “The only GOOD Freemason is a dead Freemason.”

    Repent. And if you can, stay away from the kids. If your “desires” are too strong to leave the children alone…..THEN KILL YOUR SELF. Give me something that allows me to help you on Judgment Day. And to kill yourself for being a pedophile so that you’ll hurt any more children,,,,,I’m sure Father will over-look your “suicide” and might just look upon it a sa n act of mercy.

    My god, man (and woman). Come over to the winning side!!!!


  16. While it’s true that the first earth age lasted millions, perhaps billions, of years….it is also just as true that THIS earth age is just a short-timer, and the end is here. Get your soul in order.

    THIS earth age (same earth, just a new time age) is almost like a two-week vacation away from Home with Father. NOT that it’s a vacation, especially for the Chosen, and ALL of Fathers children are suffering right now…..no matter what Race, it’s suffering….but my point here is that THIS age is almost over.

    It is biblical that one day with Father is as a thousand of mans years. So, Father created everything (except for Adam) in 6 days, He rested the 7th day, then on the 8th day He Created Thee Adam. So, there’s 8 thousand years right there.

    Israel says it’s the year 5775 right now. I don’t know whether to trust this old whore of Esaus’ or not.
    NOTHING against the Trews and christians who live there, and CERTAINLY NOTHING against Israel (as it pertains to being Fathers Land). It’s just that to trust Israel today is to trust Esau (Russia Proper), a known murderer of Trews and christians (Syria being just one location where this murder takes place, Yemen is another). Trews dying. ALL the Middle East was founded by the sons of Noah, then, just like America, they all got hood-winked into Satanism/Communism/Freemasonry.

    Back to my point. 5775 (Israel Calendar) plus 8,000 (number of years Father used to Create) = 13,775.

    This number is, of course, off somewhat. We only have a few more months, one year at best (REJOICE, we are going Home) and this indicates how much we miss the 14,000 year mark.

    Remember, one day with Father is as one-thousand years.And THIS earth age BEGAN almost 14, 000 years ago….which….in Fathers Time….is two weeks.

    How’s your two weeks away from Home going?? (actually, our souls are with Father until we are planted in an fertilized egg of woman, during copulation, sex. Meaning, you’ve been on earth for 9 months longer than your birthday.)

    100 years of man, divided by 1,000.
    Think about it. IF you live 100 years, on Fathers Clock that’s about 2 months.
    (don’t trust my math. I don’t)


  17. Archaeologists are trying….and lying……about man’s origins. They try to make man “on earth physically” for longer than the last 14, 000…..but they can’t do it. Because it’s a lie.

    Research; “Ancient Foot Prints in Stone” on the Internet. You’ll see photos of hundreds of footprints left in mud millions of years ago, then the mud turned to stone. While mans remains can ONLY be found dating back 7,000 years (they lie about this, even), these footprints go back to that first earth age, where those spirit bodies roamed the earth along with the dinosaur, and all of Fathers Creations lived in unison with each other. We were in spiritual bodies then. ( HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT !!!) We’ll soon be doing this again.

    Again, the angelic beings known as the fallen angels, they are in the same spiritual body that we have inside of us, and this soul is there, in side of us, until we die. Instantly our soul returns to Father.

    Your Mom and Dad, child, grandparents….EVERY soul that Father Created THAT MAKES IT TO ETERNITY…….will see the “old” people and the “young” people in their lives on earth, are now the same age as us. Maybe I’d better say that differently. WE ARE ALL ABOUT 35 YEARS OLD WHEN WE ARE WITH FATHER. We’ll be “about 35 years old” for Eternity….no cancer (Freemasons are gone, ashes), nothing that offends will be there. No taxes, no Politicians, no Terrorists, NOTHING EVIL.

    It’s gonna be a beautiful time. Hope to see ya there.


  18. One of the main ways that we can use to kick Freemasonry in the balls, is to train 4 year olds to use a firearm.
    Then, when the Lodges meet on their “day” of the month and “aquire” a sacrifice from Boys Town, that child could then use the firearm to waste the scum before the molestation takes place.

    Or, we could just give the children a badge….a police badge. That way they can LEGALLY MURDER the bastards who sacrifice them.

    Listen to the cries, Father.
    All those children crying for Mommy and Daddy.
    Gawd, I wish Congress would grow up!!!!

    Mr. Pope. You’re a Satanic dirt-bag, Sir. Do the world a favor and die, you pedophile.

    ALL Cops who murder for their Lodges WILL PERISH. And since the good cops refuse to police the bad cops….YOU’RE ALL FUCKING SCUM.


  19. O, how Esau laughed when he got Americans to fight each other in a Civil War. You see, it was Russia’s Freemasons who caused and created this fiasco that saw biological brother kill biological brother.
    Most of the death happened within Christian Families. Brothers in Christ fighting brothers in Christ. O, how Russia must laugh!!!
    I stress “biological” because there were also “brothers” of Freemasonry in this war. Brothers in Satan.
    These shit-bags, no matter what side they were on, survived simply by giving secret hand symbols during their capture. The captors saw the gesture, and this scum was saved while Christians died by the thousands PER DAY.

    My brother Esau (Russia) is a fucking puke, (FMF). And the laughter doesn’t stop just because the Civil War is over. Noooo sirrreeee. Esau loves a laugh.

    Prepare for Civil War in America AGAIN as Russia freaks out at the Holy Light that is shining brightly on her, causing this whore to squirm and to rethink her strategies.

    Consult your Geeber, Esau. They won’t lead you astray. (LMFAO)

    (….and I feel fine…….)

    Civil War….it’s here, folks. I kid you not. Look at the Politicians freak out!! Look at the lefty’s….stoopid bastards. They’ve been hit with so many left’s that they’re praying for a right. AND HERE IT COMES!!!


  20. I just went upstairs to get the Sunday paper. After reading the front-page headlines……I’m a little peeved.
    The Sun-Journal newspaper is run by a Masonic pedophile, and so the headlines that support the LOCO Locust Army is to be expected. After all, the Shriner’s created this army to kill us whites….even though they are white. Anyway, here’s what peeved me.

    The headlines read: TENSE TIMES Anti-immigrant sentiments run high after Knox Street brawl kills Lewiston man

    Here’s what’s put in a box, to “magnify” the message in a paragraph: “”Bigotry against Immigrants is nothing new to Lewiston.””

    Bigotry against immigrants!!!!????!!!!???? THEY KILL US and WE are the one’s who are bigoted??
    Father, The Sun-Journal needs a make-over.
    Father, if this business were to die for speaking lies, so be it.
    But not by MY hand Father.
    By YOUR MIGHTY HAND, Father……in a way that makes them KNOW it was You, Father, who has toasted their faggot asses.(FMF)
    And Father, we-a need-a no-a more-a of-a Kora. Slay the slut, Father, slay this whore of Russia.



  21. I began treasure hunting in 1985, and since then I have written thousands of posts concerning the treasure signs and symbols of the Russian secret socieites.
    In many cases I would quote book sources for information, but I stopped doing that. I noticed that when I wrote and quoted a book, that that book got re-written. In a bad way.

    I noticed how so-called “people” would complain about my writings and tell me to post my sources or shut up. Ha! Ha!…….I wrote even more just to piss them off, purposely leaving out any sources.

    Lately, it’s hard to post sources because IAM the source….or…my Father is the source, so just go ask Him if you have any questions.

    Anyway, this is why Freemasons want you to post your sources and page numbers of the sources and paragraph of the source……so that when you write something that is in conflict with the propaganda, they can immediatley go to the sources and pages listed in your post, and re-write this book so that it is “in line” with the satanic/masonic propaganda.

    I purposely didn’t list sources just so these bastards would have to read the whole book (if they could figure out which book I wrote from)…….and remember, these faggots are parasites….they’re lazy as hell, and so they HATE having to read an entire book JUST to find and re-write the part you wrote about.

    So….gawd-dammit….list your sources and page numbers and paragraphs so that these maggots can EASILY keep their agenda’s hidden.

    (in the book North American Sun Kings….the masonic author goes into “global warming” even though this book was written well before global warming became Al Gore’s money-whore. it just shows, though, how stupid masons try to “salt the mine” in advance when it comes to their agenda’s.

    BREAKING NEWS: Just got the list as to what Freemasons are worth…..NOT A FUCKING THING!!!
    MWM= dead man walking
    Grand Lizard= dead man walking
    Freemason w/o repentance= dead men/women walking
    Unfortunatley, on Judgment Day the piles and piles of ashes left from the Freemasons perishing….they, too, are worth absolutely nothing.

    Freemasonry= proving stupid people CAN be manipulated and caused to perish.
    Satan laughs at those who worship him, because knows he’s toast…but YOU DON”T know. So guess what….SURPRISE….SURPRISE…SUPRISE!!!! You go from being an ass to being ashes.


  22. Folks, Freemasonry is in a serious wobble. The old whore is getting ready to fall down drunk (with power) into its own puke (vomit).
    Freemasons are leaving their lodges in droves, and I would like to welcome them to the winning side.
    There are some things that you MUST do in order to keep your nose clean.

    #1) REPENT. Do this is a secret place, and call out in Jesus’s Holy Name (don’t quit til you get an answer). I say a secret place because IF The Christ forgives you, you’re goinig to go into an immediate releasing of serious water (tears of repentance) as The Holy Spirit enters your soul and cleans the soul of all evil spirits that your satanic lodge gave you.

    #2) Having REPENTED and your soul cleansed by The Holy Spirit, you now MUST fill the void in your soul.
    That void is the void left when the satanic indoctrination of Freemasonry is kicked out of you. But now you MUST STUDY IN THE WORD to keep satan from coming back, with 7 spirits more,,,,,,,all of them hoping to re-enter your body.

    #3) Acts of Righteousness. Now that you’re with the winners, you need to use some of your ill-gotten-gains to do acts of righteousness. These Acts are what delete many of the sins that have built up against you while you were a freemason. But I warn you. Giving to a Charity that is owned by the Freemasons (all of them) DOES NO GOOD TO YOU WHAT-SO-EVER……fact is, this IS A SIN and it will only ADD to your sins on Judgment Day. And you want to GET RID OF YOUR SIN. SO, HELP PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, VETERANS, homeless………whatever the Spirit leads you to do.

    #4) PRAY TO FATHER DAILY AND ASK FOR GUIDANCE AND KNOWLEDGE. When we pray, we are to pray to Father, in the Name of Christ. Don’t a pray a prayer of the church, where satanic beads cause you to chant. Just talk normally to Father like you do anyone else. Tell Him your sorry, that you repent and that you are so happy to have been shown the TRUTH.

    #5) It is not neccessay for you to speak out against Freemasonry, or to expose any of the things that these perverts do….we already know about them.
    HOWEVER, if you ARE told to reveal certain apsects, then do so bravely, and in the Name of Christ.

    WELCOME!!!!…….to the winning side!! All of Heaven IS REJOICING OVER YOU!!!! And so am I!!!!!


    Glory to the Father of Israel!!!! And to His Son, Yashua (YHVH’s Saviour. Greek word that was translated to Jesus)

    On Judgment Day, Feemasons will see, firsthand, that there’s NOTHING free in Freemasonry. It ALL costs you your soul.


  23. Today (6/25/18) it was announced that Freemason Richard “Old Man” Harrison-of Pawn Stas fame- has passed away.

    In Enoch it is written about how there are angles in Heaven that RECORD EVRY DEED OF MAN AND WOMAN ON EARTH RIGHT NOW…….in preparation for Judgment Day, when Father will say: “The only good freemason is a dead freemason.”

    I mention this because I hope Old Man repented before he died.
    If not……what this Freemason had on earth IS ALL HE GETS, AND NOW HE PERISHES ON JD.

    GO AHEAD. Be an Old Man……….and be happy with death after life.

    ( i pray this freemason idiot repented, if not, he’s in Heaven…but he’s on the wrong side of the gulf that separates the good from the bad and the ugly (ugly in sin)……..If there was no repentence by the Old Man….he knows first hand what’s in store for Freemasons (all secret society members), and it isn’t pretty.
    Fact is, the Old Man weeping right now. He’s lost EVERYTHING….including his soul,,,,,,,UNLESS HE REPENTED.

    POOR Richard “Dick” Harrison.
    REPENT NOW!!!!


  24. Father Created approximately 12 billion souls. One-third (4 billion) followed after Satan….we know these souls today as Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, and on and on and on…….
    There was also one-third that fought against Satan in that first earth age….we know these today as the white race. Millions of these white boys who fought against Satan in that first earth age…..ended up getting duped by Satan in THIS earth age. No wonder it pained Father to have Created man.

    Anyway, the other third of Father’s children……they were slackers. They could care less that Satan was deceiving a third, nor did they help the one-third that fought against Satan. Christ calls them “luke-warm” in Revelations….calls them “fence-sitters.” Christ also states that since they are neither hot nor cold (in The Word) that He (Christ) will spit them out of His Mouth.

    These slackers are what are alive today for the most part. They never stick up for anything. They, too, shall perish. It looks like that after Judgment Day, those 12 billion MIGHT number around 5 billion who make it to Eternity.

    This is important to know today, as you search web site after web site. Sites like this one are here because of people who, whether they understand it or not, they are doing the same thing in THIS earth age as they did in the first earth age……..they are fighting against Satan and his Freemasons.

    Whether that person who owns this site knows it or not….you ARE Chosen…by Christ, Himself. You did this same thing back then…..that you’re doing today, just in a different way.
    Your Rewards WILL be great.


  25. If I remember correctly, there are 4 places in the Bible where accrostics are found. An accrostic is a select set of verses that are found in an Chapter of the Bible, but three of four lines of this Chapter, when read separately from the rest of the Chapter, these three or four verses hold a special message for Father’s Children. As I go into the accrostic from Psalms 37, I want you to remember that Freemasonry uses the “magic of Satan” of Egypt, as well as that forbidden information from the fallen angels of (who are headquartered in) Russia. Between these two forces, Trews and Christians don’t stand much of a chance as the chips have been stacked against them from the very beginning (Genesis).

    In Psalms 37, it is three verses that we are “told” to read separately from the rest of the Chapter. The three verses are 7-20-34.

    7) Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his (evil) way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

    (satan’s children have used the forbidden info to oppress Fathers children, and they use wicked devices that were passed down from the fallen angels, and the Freemasons use these devices to kill and bring them under Communism. Be patient in the LORD…REST in Him until SHTF)

    20) But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the LORD shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume, into smoke shall they consume away.

    (those who kill the True Sheep are the one’s who perish on JD. and Freemasonry WAS CREATED TO KILL TREWS AND CHRISTIANS. This part where it says that they shall be as the fat of lambs……the manuscripts are clearer……they speak of a spit with a carcass on it, going round and round as it cooks over a bed of tremndously hot coals……and how the fat drips off the carcass….hits the super-hot coals….and sizzles as it goes up in smoke…forever (meaning….finni).

    34) Wait on the LORD, and keep His way (keep His commandments), and He shall exalthee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off (perish), THOU SHALT SEE IT.

    Your gonna see the death of those who mess with you. Their souls go up like th efat of lambs over a spit. Malachai 4:3 says it better (about the wicked on Judgment Day).

    Malachai 4:3) And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD.

    The day is, of course, Judgment Day. Freemasons who fail to repent, honestly repent, from the heart, shall be ashes under our soles as the ashes of Freemasons cover the floors. When I say Freemasons, I mean EVERY secret society.


  26. Let’s face the hard facts head-on….living is the number 1 cause of death. AND….Freemasons and their forbidden knowledge are THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH TO TREWS AND CHRISTIANS.

    I served The Corps in peace time, only to find out that Camp Lejeune left me with a serious set of circumstances. When I found out last year about this poison water……and researched the symptoms of 15 known carcinigens that were in this water (over 70 actually)….the symptoms caused me to cry, knowing that I WAS RIGHT FOR DECADES…..that somewhere, somehow, I became a broken vessel.
    ALL OF THE SYMPTOMS are there for me, and after crying for being vindicated, I praised Father for NOT showing any preferential treatment to me….as one of His Chosen. Forget getting compensation from the tax-payers WHO HAD NO CLUE this was going on……no, sir……the citizens of America don’t owe me squat!!!! My brother, Esau…on the other hand………

    Anyway, being the jarhead that I am I got back onto some known remedies for cancer that I researched decades ago….because like I stated……I KNEW there was sometrhing wrong since I was 30 or so.

    I find, especially today with my condition,,,,,that baking soda does the best at killing/bring to remission….cancers of all kinds. Remember, cancer is of the forbidden knowledge given to Russia, who owns America, so they mascaraded vaccinations as the way to innoculate the sheep with cancers of all kinds. Leaving their own evil spawn alone to prosper….gettting the picture yet???

    Baking soda should be of a brand that HAS NO ALUMINUM IN IT, and look for the Kosher Sign (ok),……..like i stated before, Esau also owns Israel, and they, too, get cancers, so they have ways to deal with it, and baking soda is one of them. Today, they have injections that repair on a DNA level.
    But for us, they kill our dna.

    Make sure the baking soda FULLY DISSOLVES (a table spoon per 16 ounces of fluid) in your water before you drink it. You’ll get kidney stones otherwise.
    If you get heart burn, or have heart burn…it’s your body telling you that Esau’s chemicals have made your body acidic, and that you need to bring it back to ALKALINE. Baking soda does that. I try to do 20 ounces a day, throughout the day. 4-5 ounces when I get up. 4-5 ounces after noon, and so on.

    My body rejects vitamins……..my bones go into serious pain mode. Apple Cider Vinegar is what I use to get my daily allowance of vitamins. Bragg’s ACV with the mother is the best. Again, I pour a little in a liquid drink, and it’s better that ANY PILL VITAMIN. You poop out those hard pills before they even dissolve. ACV, being liquid, absorbs into your body on a cellular level.

    Red dye number 4. STAY AWAY FROM THIS POISON.

    When I first began drinking the BS, I would drink massive amounts for a few days. I almost died back then, and I can honestly say that I am stronger today than back 6 months ago. I still feel like crap….but I am happy as hell just knowing that my race is almost over on this earth. I have run a good race, and if you think being a Chrisitan means that you have an easy life, you gotta ‘nother thing comin.’

    I’ve been stifled, obused, oppressed, you name it. But I love it……because real soon we’re goona be in MY NEIGHBORHOOD. And watch closely as I (and ALL of Fathers Chosen) get to have the evil souls for a short time to do as we like!!!!! I mean……MAN……(i’m smiling)….we get to participate in the deaths of the soul of billion of Esau’s Idiots. How’s that for payback being a bitch???!!!!!

    (there’s only one broadcast that teaches chapter by chapter and verse by verse, the way Father DEMANDS that it be taught……The Shepherd’s Chapel. Look for it. Study with it. Become wise with True Knowledge, and not the knowledge of Bill Gates (Satan)….whose knowledge on earth is worthless in Heaven. But then, poor Bill won’t fair too well on that day, anyway.)
    Father Bless you all.


  27. Folks, two hundred years+ of Freemason control of America has brought this Country down to the level of a fourth world country. Time to take America back…..treasure rooms and all…like those under Trump’s Golf Courses and buildings.

    I want to point something out to you…….about how Freemasonry “allows itself to prosper’….YET KILLS EVERYONE ELSE.

    It’s a shame that the immigrants from the south are being told to go to America. This all started under Bill Clinton, when he gave 20 billion$ to Mexico, to Carlos Slim….a real piece of Freemason slime.

    These people come to America, and Trump is letting them in, as families now, where they’ll be a blow to the resources meant for the American Taxpayer. But how does Trump deal with these situations??
    Easy….it’s called triage.

    When triaging, your first question is, “Does this situation cost money, or is there money involved that COMES INTO THE COUNTRY?”

    In the case of the ILLEGALS….this agenda calls FOR MONEY TO BE SPENT….so it’s given to the taxpayers…..put on the backs of the taxpayers.

    On the other hand, when MONEY COMES IN TO AMERICA…..Trump is right there. Case in point, right after being elected, Trump and his faggots IMMEDIATELY began to sell “investment visa’s” to Chinese at 500,000 a shot. 500,000 a visa!!!!! But Trump POCKETS THIS MONEY. He doesn’t give this money to the American taxpayer…..no sirrreee, that’s TRUMPS ILL-GOTTEN GAINS.

    It is being reported that Trump has taken in over one-trillion dollars between the visa’s and the investments.
    It is being estimated that the ILLEGALS on the southern border will cost American taxpayers one-trillion dollars over the life of the group.

    I gotta take a Trump and wipe my Kushner.


  28. I was watching Jim “Look at me, I’m a Moron” Bakker, and he has OBVIOUSLY been given the posts that I have posted here. Remember the one topic I posted that stated that I do not understand why Bakker IS NOT screaming Revelation 9 from the rooftops?? I mean, IF he WERE a true preacher of Father, Bakker would be doing what I (and this web site) are doing…..exposing the corruption.

    But, alas, Jimmy DID teach Revelation……..but it was Chapter 6, which speaks of the colored horses…..ALL OF THEM ARE HORSES OF WAR. And here’s little faggot Jimmy saying that the first White horse in Chapter 6 is the horse ridden by the anti-christ, and he WOULD BE CORRECT. But, that;s NOT CHAPTER 9, Bakker, you frickin’ bonehead.

    As I stated, these colored horses are HORSES OF WAR and the rider on the horse HAS COMMAND OF AN ARMY. So, when Jimmy Judas-Goat talks ONLY of how Satan is on the first white horse, he leaves out a ton of info. For example, Satan rides this WAR HORSE of white because he IS THE COMMANDER OF AN ARMY…….and that army is ALREADY HERE, WAITING FOR COMMANDS TO ATTACK. And THAT ARMY is written about in Chapter 9.

    When properly interpreted, Chapter 9 discusses the “crowns of gold” that the “men” wear. They ALSO WEAR BREASTPLATES, which are something that Priests wear, so this tells us they come in the name of religion, ie: Islam. These words “crown” and gold tell US EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LOCUST ARMY OF EASU, OF FREEMASONRY, THAT’S ABOUT TO KILL TREWS AND CHRISTIANS.

    This word “crown” (REVELATION 9:7) in the Hebrew is a word that describes HOW TO MAKE A TURBAN.

    THIS WORD “GOLD” in the Hebrew is a word that has a meaning of : “to supply what it needed.”

    On a deeper scale, WHO HAS GOLD ON A MAJOR SCALE? Countries and Nations do. America especially.
    My point here is that these two words “crowns” and “gold” paint us a picture of how the worlds leaders, all of the Masonic trash, are “supplying what is needed” for Islam to kill Christianity.

    Jim Bakker…..spiritually speaking…..you’re a dead man walking. So are your Profits.


  29. (I love it when Trump brags about how smart he is, and I also love how he berates people with their “stupidity”…here’s what I think of when I hear king midas talk shit about his idiocy:)

    In order to fully understand the stupidity of this ego-maniac named Trump, you have to understand how Satan used/created the school system in America, and around the world, for the purpose of “LOCATING” THOSE SOULS WHOSE MINDS ARE THE MOST SUCEPTABLE TO BEING BEGUILED LIKE EVE WAS BEGUILED, IE: SCREWED BY SATAN.

    Satan set up schools to see, RIGHT AWAY, who is the dumbest puppy in the litter. And Trump passed with flying colors, he even brags about it.Yes

    Yes sir, Satan picks ’em right outta high school those who are as worthless as shit, and he makes them Freemasons.

    But how????….you may ask……..does Satan do this thing that he does in order to know who he can deceive???

    The answer is logical. Satan set up the school system to measure a persons gullibility. It’s called an IQ Test. To get an A in the shit taught in school is a sure indication that you’re probably one dumb puppy……..aqnd that you’ll believe ANYTHING YOU’RE TOLD.

    And there’s Mr. Trump. Bragging about his IQ.

    (sit, boy, sit. Give money to Israel, boy, give money to Israel (Russia))


    • Not all high IQ people are dumb enough to fall for Satan’s Freemasonry.
      You’ve been blessed with just as much COMMON SENSE as you have blessed with man’s knowledge.

      Man’s knowledge is worthless on the first day of the Millenium.

      Trump has no affiliation with common sense because it doesn’t come with money to give to Trump.


  30. It’s been a couple of months since revealing THE FACT that the school massacre’s were committed within triangles and vaginal diamonds. The shooting seemed to stall, and I can tell you first hand that the release of this info through Freemasonry for a loop. I know, because my Freemason Dad has been left with nothing to accuse me of lately. The wind has left his sails.

    Anyway, in Appendix 12 of the Companion Bible, we see a break-down of the stars and constellations, and what they mean to Father. But while Father Created these heavenly luminaries, Satan, as always, tries to “steal” that which Father has made…..men’s souls being the number one thing Satan steals.

    In Appendix 12, we see the Canis Minor (Constellation Lyra) explained. This Lyra is a triangle and vaginal diamond TO THE CHILDREN OF SATAN ie; Freemasons. (research Lyra to get a look at this star formation Created by Father). In Appendix 12, here is what is stated about Lyra:
    “The second dog. In the Zodiac of Denderah it is SEBAK….meaning: “conquering, victorious.”

    Satan “stole” this Lyra, and it made it “his” and Satan even kept the same message of this formation….”conquering and victorious.” Satan DID rename the constellation, to “pubic triangle, and vaginal diamond,” both of which refer to the underground access points to the underground that the Locust Army of Satan will use to “conquer and be victorious” over ALL THE CHRISTIAN NATIONS, ESPECIALLY AMERICA…

    The Native Americans knew these access points as vaginal diamonds, and when George ARMSTRONG CUSTER CUT THE VAGINAL LIPS OFF OF THE MURDERED SQAWS, he was sending a message to the Souix to stay out of the tunnels. The Souix responded a few days later with Little Big Horn. Where hundreds of Indians poured out of these access points and tunnels to help in the annihilation of Custer and his men.

    EXACTLY what the Locust Army will do to America. And Satan is HOPING to be victorious in this endeavor, but, of course, he fails miserably. This is why Freemasons are losers. Because their leader is a complete failure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • These school massacre’s happened within triangles and vaginal diamonds laid out using Masonic Lodge’s.

      This is proof of Masonic murder in America. And proof that EVERY FREEMASON should be imprisoned.


      • Every Masonic Lodge should be burned to the ground. The members of these whore houses should be shot, or imprisoned.

        Grand Lizards…..you’re toast, too.


  31. Here’s another example of how things I write about get changed. Years ago, I wrote about the Battle of Hittin. This battle is important to understand as it is a battle that I believe NEVER HAPPENED.
    Originally, when I wrote about this battle, the research resources stated that it was the Knights Templar and the Muslims who fought this battle. During this battle, The True Cross (that The Christ Died On) was taken from the Templar’s by the Muslims.

    However, I NOW feel this battle was a lie based on the fact that the Templars were Catholic and SO ARE THE MUSLIMS. This battle was nothing more than a way for the Church to “give” the True Cross to Islam, which IS an abomination. The church “handed over” Christianity to the Muslims.

    This Battle HAS TO BE REMEMEBRED……especially today. You see, there MIGHT be another “handing over” of the Christians to the Muslims. THIS “HANDING OVER” MIGHT JUST HAPPEN VERY SOON.

    If it WERE to take place, if this handing over were to take place….it would make sense that it would happen on the anniversary day of the Battle of Hittin……..which is the 4th of July.

    And here you thought we celebrated the 4th as an anniversary day of “Independence!!!!”
    The Freemason trash of Congress signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July…..so that this day could be “celebrated” and remembered……..as the day that Chrsitiians in America were handed over to the Muslims.

    July 4th, 2018. We’ll see what happens.


  32. The Battle of Hittin took place in the year 1187.
    The Templars, being the church’s first lying, thieving, murderering bank, had to go underground (with the giants), then re-emerging as the Freemasons that we know today…..lying, thieving, murderers.


  33. Pay attention to the fact that Trump is challenged on every move by the press. THIS IS DONE BY DESIGN.

    If they can keep you focused on the Donald………they can keep your mind OFF OF KUSHNER…..who is the true president.

    Kushner is either a fallen angel, or is the off-spring of the fallens. And what he’s doing on the worlds stage is the finalizing of wwIII and the “resettlement” of New Canaan (Syria, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and on and on) and New Gauto (America).

    KUSHNER IS AN ENEMY OF AMERICA. Isn’t he, Mr. Trump???


  34. Eugene Stoner was a Freemason and a weapons designer. Fact is, he created the AR-15, which would become the M-16. But let’s expand on this “AR-15.” for a moment.

    The fact that Stoner was a Freemason is obvious in his pick of the letters and numbers used in his creation, which the original was the AR-10….chambered for the .308 (if I remember correctly).

    But this AR-15…..it’s unique. It’s the embodiment of Satanic worship. And, obviously, Stoner was well-versed in mirrors….or, reverse-mirror optics. In other words, the AR is the reverse of Ra, or Satan. The “15” is a reverse of 51, or Ea, god of the underworld.

    Put it all together, Stoner was saying (with his AR-15 designation) that his weapon will “kill people for Satan and send them to the underworld.”

    Knowing what we know today, the people who Satan wants dead is the Trews and Christians. Which means Stoner was also after that goal. To kill non-Satanists.

    Depending on who you get your research from, Satan has a trinity just like The True Father has the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But in Satan’s case…..that trinity is Ra (Satan) Ea (Horus)……and ISIS……the Locust Army created by Freemasons to kill the Christians and Trews.

    Like I said, Stoner was a Freemason. No doubt the Locust Army will be armed with AR-15’s (M-16’s).
    This is what the AR was created for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very Interesting, I was told by a person that knew something about the weapon in question, “the gun was built around the bullet.” In other words, the Caliber of the bullet was decided first, and then they designed the Rifle, the caliber was the .223, which is 322 mirrored. (322 Skull & Bones)

      I guess the plan was to fight endless wars, and pile up Skulls and Bones, with 322, which equals Genocide! Something they have been doing since Viet Nam.

      Also, the volunteer Army they recruit to fight these wars are “The Best, and the Brightest,” aka “The God and Country Americans!”

      The MTV Crowd will stay safe at home in their “Mothers Basement” playing “Call of Duty” with their online friends, and dreaming of one day ruling the world.



  35. If you want to hear a bright note that God does provide and is helping His children fallen on hard times (with no help from the church anywhere in site) you have read story stories. Some of them are stunning, and it’s not easy to find them unless you literally put in a search God blessed me with a lottery win, or something like that. LotteryPost has dozens of amazing stories. These are stories of the working poor (lower middle class and down), the givers of old fallen on hard times, having been run over by the rich who got there by greed (secular and religious). They are amazing heart-warming stories. Most of them do not go on to live large, they create businesses, they give, they share, houses are saved. Something is going on, definitely.

    All of the wealthy preacher men scream about the lottery. According to them you will go to hell for buying one little ticket. I guess they’d rather you send to them or spend it on their latest “bestselling” book or CD set, yada, yada, yada. You can start with folks like Mary and Brian Lohse, but there’s just so many big winners and everything in-between — and the money comes, very often, at just the right time.



    What I don’t understand is that Jesus’ Gospel was different than Paul’s. Jesus told his followers to go spread his gospel – BEFORE he died on the cross. If he told them to preach a gospel before he died, than his gospel has nothing to do with the cross.

    He says in Matt 9:13 & 12:7 that he will have mercy and NOT SACRIFICE. He came here in his Father’s name with his Father’s Word. He was the Word made flesh.

    Who do we believe? Jesus or Paul? Jesus also says…

    “I am come in my Father’s name, and YE RECEIVE ME NOT: if another shall come in his own name, HIM YE WILL RECEIVE. How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭5:43-44‬‬

    “Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, HE IS IN THE DESERT; GO NOT FORTH (do not follow): behold, he is in the secret chambers; BELIEVE IT NOT.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭24:26‬‬

    And he also said, “ALL THAT EVER CAME BEFORE ME are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭10:8‬‬

    Beginning to get the picture?

    If it is allowed here on earth, it is upside down from the Truth.

    Jesus is Truth, His Words Only…

    John 6:63-64

    It is the spirit that quickeneth (gives life); the FLESH PROFITS NOTHING: THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK unto you, THEY ARE SPIIRIT, AND THEY ARE LIFE. But there are some of you that BELIEVE NOT. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.”
    ‭John 6:63-64 ‬

    Thus, this is why they killed him and made a religion of it…just as Pilate said they would do.


  37. Was Paul a 33rd Degree Also?…

    Jesus: “Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man THAT HE WAS JESUS THE CHRIST.”
    ‭Matthew 16:20‬

    “It is the spirit that quickeneth (gives life); the FLESH PROFITS NOTHING: THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK unto you, THEY ARE SPIIRIT, AND THEY ARE LIFE. But there are some of you that BELIEVE NOT. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.”
    ‭John 6:63-64 ‬

    Paul / Saul the Pharisee: “According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise MASTERBUILDER, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.”
    ‭1 Corinthians 3:10‬

    The first 33 degrees are those of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, in which the degrees of one, two and three are earned in the Blue Lodge. They consist of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow-Craft, and Master Mason. The word master, in Masonry signifies a man who is considered in the allegorical sense as a “Master Builder”; this means that he has reached the highest degree of skill and knowledge of his craft, which happens to be “wisdom and Gnosis.”


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  39. Excellent info. Thank you.
    I have to say I disagree with a few of what you wrote, but I am grateful for quite a lot of the info.


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    I have known for decades……indeed I have SAID for decades, that Freemasonry has destroyed not just the people, but it has also destroyed the entire world in their greed to own all resources, and in their desire to control all the world’s population through Communism.

    So, I can say, with out hesitation, that Freemasonry has corrupted the entire earth, and the rulers of this earth. The strangle-hold of this cult is felt, and it is cutting off the circulation to the Christians of this world. The Freemasons are behind every aspect of these agenda’s, allowing for the agenda’s to be carried out on a town-by-town basis….worldwide. But just who, exactly, do the Freemason’s work for??

    Let’s look at a few verses from The Book of Enoch, beginning with this one:
    Enoch10:12—-All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the teachings of (a fallen angel) Azazyel.
    Folks, this verse alone shows who the Freemason’s work for, it’s the Fallen Angels!!
    Enoch is very clear about how the Fallen Angels were sentenced, for coming to this dimension to screw women and create a giant off-spring through these illicit unions, it’s clear how this act forced Father to banish these angels from heaven, and force them to the live in this hollow earth. To this day the Vril Society supplies pretty women for these angles to have these giant hybrid children with. These giants are about to emerge for Agartha (this hollow earth).

    In Genesis 4, we see Father reprimanding Cain for killing Able. Cain was a giant off-spring of the fallen angel named Satan. Cain was 40 feet tall, and he squashed Able like an ant. Father, in Genesis 4:7, makes this strange statement………..And unto thee shall be his desire, AND THOU SHALT RULE OVER HIM. tHIS VERSE IS BASICALLY SAYING THAT THE DESIRE OF THE OFF-SPRING OF aBLE IS TO KILL THE GIANTS, BUT THAT THE GIANTS WILL control the human population.

    REMEMBER, THESE GIANTS COME FROM THE FALLEN ANGELS….so when you speak of the giants controlling mankind, it is also the fallens controlling mankind, using the freemason Rulers of the earth to pass these oppressions onto the populations of ignorant sheep.
    The geoglyphs at Nazca Peru (Nazca Lines) speak of openings into the earth in 8 different earth locations. These openings go clear to the hollow center. When you take a flat piece of paper and draw a circle, then mark in this circle where these bases are located, you get The Star of David. Proving that the Rothschild’s know all about these fallen fools and how they control the earth’s surface population.
    Folks, the attack on Christ’s Church MAY begin this Passover. The Christians will be shot like a sleeping lion, and will become a spectacle to the assassins as the victim writhers in pain before dying.

    Folks, the Freemason’s brought you the CGI event at Christschurch New Zealand.

    Or was it the fallen angels who did it?

    Freemasons brag of killing The Christ because it was the fallens who got Christ killed. They were present in the audience, stirring the crowd up against the Messiah. Getting Christ Crucified. This is what they’re about to do to us now. And since the Freemason’s work for the fallen angels, they are allowed to brag about that event, no matter how satanic it is (what they did was satanic)
    If you walked by a fallen…you’d never know it. Now, if you walked by an offspring of a fallen…you’d see it coming a mile away!!
    More proof of the fallen angels controlling us comes on the back of the dollar bill. The all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. An eye “watches.” Enoch called these fallens WATCHERS. The dollar bill says this: the watchers are at the top of the pyramid, meaning all secret societies “are bellow them,” or…”under them”….aka…under the control of the watchers.


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  44. The book of Enoch is not canon with scripture. You speak of going against scripture and then proceed to quote from an unscriptural book which is used by GNOSTICS, who are helping to build the one world religion. By the way, NO scripture in the Bible points to Rome as the great city. Jesus was not crucified at Rome, He was crucified in Jerusalem, which is the great city. (Revelation 11:8, 17:18, KJV) You do not interpret scripture by looking at things outside of scripture. That is not how it works. You interpret scripture with scripture. Rome is not the mother of harlots because she is not old enough to be the mother of harlots. Jesus Christ NEVER charged Rome with the blood of the prophets, but He DID charge Jerusalem. (Matthew 23:29-37, Luke 13:33-34, KJV) The purple and scarlet attire of the harlot was worn by the priests of Jerusalem and these were also colors that decorated the temple of Jerusalem. (Exodus 25, 26, 27, 28, 38, 39, KJV) God also tells Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16 that she is a harlot that fornicated with the kings of the earth and was decorated with gold, silver, and precious things, and that she would be burned with fire. In other words, Rome is a red herring. Yes, Catholicism is a false religion, but it is NOT the great whore. It is not guilty of the blood of the prophets, Jerusalem is. Also, your use of gematria to interpret events and names is unscriptural. Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to partake in such foolishness. I kindly ask you to study your Bible more, toss Gnostic scripture in the trash, and stop using unscriptural gematria to interpret things.


  45. Yes, Billy Graham was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Most Christians don’t know that! When he came to Wembley, London in the summer of 1966, people from all over Britain paid fortunes from all over the Country to get there. Tickets were an exorbitant £25 each! Billy Graham got £100,000 for the visit. He turned up 25 minutes late in a Private Helicopter and his whole Service Address was over in 30 minutes. The Coach Car Park was crammed Full! Well what a complete rip-off! Thousands of people were extremely disappointed. He left £130 Million in his Will published in the Washington Post a few weeks ago. 0bviously Franklin Graham has never done a days work in his life, so inheriting this large amount of money should see him retire early! Billy Graham met the Pope at least 3 times and perpetuated ecumenicalism and inter-Faith dialogue to promote a 0ne World Religion and 0ne World 0rder under his co-conspirator Ex President George Bush Senior! Surprising they both died within a few weeks of each other! Yours Truly, Mark L. England.


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