I’m Richard, and I’m the author of The Narrow Gate!




Aside from my propensity for posing with horse statues and dogs, I’m a simple guy with simple pleasures, one of which is researching and uncovering what is going on in this mad world.

This website documents my journey to truth, and it is my sincere hope that others can benefit from the knowledge I have uncovered and tried to present here in as logical and coherent a manner as possible.


I do not claim to have all the answers (far from it), but I do ask a lot of simple questions, and I’ve learned that that is a good way to make realizations that forever changes one’s world view.

My approach to research can be summed up by the following quote:


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Many of the things presented on this site are indeed wild beyond belief. So wild in fact, that if I had seen some of the things discussed here a couple of years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed much at all.

However, as an engineer by education I deal in absolutes, and what is presented here is entirely based on a rational approach to the evidence that I have encountered in several years of diligent research.




Prior to studying at University in England I was fortunate to attend international schools in several different countries, including Portugal, Malaysia, Brazil, Sweden, and Belgium.

Wherever I went, maths and science-related subjects were always my favourites because answers were either right or wrong and left no room for biased subjectivity.

It is this logical mindset I try to apply in all my research, seeking to always support any and all assertions with clear and undeniable facts, quotes, statistics, and/or illustrations, to make things easy to understand.

I have a strong belief in keeping things as simple as possible, because if you can’t explain something to a child, then often times it probably isn’t true.




I do not claim to know everything – in fact I know that I know very little, and I have also been wrong more times than I can count during my forays into various rabbit holes.

My aim is not to be right, but to present only truth and nothing but the truth; and as such I wholeheartedly encourage you to question everything I present. I do not fear critique or questions – in fact I warmly embrace them.


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Should you have an interest in learning more about my motivations, I humbly invite you to listen to some of the radio shows on which I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed to discuss The Narrow Gate.

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