Radio Interviews

Due to the humbling feedback after my recent radio interviews (thanks everyone!) I thought I’d put this page together to compile all my interviews and podcasts in one place for those interested.

On this page you can find a list of upcoming shows, as well as all previous shows I’ve featured on to discuss The Narrow Gate.



Upcoming Shows

No scheduled show at the moment.

If you are interested in having me on your show/podcast please Contact Me. 🙂





Previous Shows



RichieFromBoston live hangouts (December 22nd, 2017)

In this hour Richie and I discuss BitCoin, transhumanism, virtual reality, the Flat Earth circle map deception, Enoch’s cosmology, alien deception, chemtrails, and much more!


RichieFromBoston live hangout (May 26th, 2017)

Richie and I finally had a chance to do a live show after months of technical issues relating to YouTube, and covered a lot of ground in the areas of cymatics, false flags, occult symbolism, technology, and more!



The Richie Allen Show (May 10th, 2017)

‘The Richie Allen Show’ is the most listened to indy media show in Europe, and I was humbled to joined Richie  to discuss cymatics, the nature of reality, and a tiny bit about Flat Earth 🙂


Truth Frequency Radio – ‘Secrets Revealed’ (Feb. 18th)

“Richard joins us again this evening to speak about his awakening to truth in so many aspects and how his realizations in connection to such topics as 9/11, flat earth, the matrix, and New World Order helped him to better understand the world and reality in which we live in a way that he could not have previously. As well as how embracing truth with regard to all of these topics affects one profoundly to go about life differently with renewed focus.

He also shares how his awakening has now helped him to find his true purpose in writing his blog and [upcoming!] books to help others to awaken to their own purpose, reason, and mission for being here in this world and at this time.”

Listen to the show below, or alternatively here.




Truth Frequency Radio – ‘Secrets Revealed’ (Jan. 21st)

Author of 9 books Zen Garcia hosted me as we spoke about my motivation for starting The Narrow Gate, as well as subjects like cymatics, magnetism, and Flat Earth among other things.

Unfortunately Skype kept bouncing me from the show’s server for the first hour, but I managed to join from 1:03:45 onwards and we still got through quite a lot of good information.

Listen to the show below, or alternatively you can also listen at

A download of the show can be found here.


Decoders of Truth / Project Leak  (Jan. 5th)

In this show I’m interviewed by Jay Campbell and Rex Bear, and go deep into the rabbit hole as we discuss Flat Earth, magnetism, and cymatics, along with a lot of material yet to be covered in The Narrow Gate including transhumanism and the matrix…

Unfortunately the first 10 minutes where I introduced myself a bit weren’t recorded in the video below so it starts a bit in the middle of things. However, you can watch the full pre-edited version of the show including video of me speaking here, though I suspect that you may need to join the Decoders of Truth facebook group to watch.


Iron Realm Media podcast (Dec. 10th, 2016)

In this podcast I joined the fine gentlemen at IRM for a casual chat about Flat Earth, though as it happens my main (only) input came after 46:00, where the focus of the conversation shifted towards the occult as I discussed numerical secrets of Tesla’s 369, the cube matrix, and synchronicity.