News By The Numbers: June 2017

Below you will find numerical decodes of news stories and false flag events which have occurred in June 2017.

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This page is a work in progress and will be updated continuously as events unfold until the end of the month, at which stage this page will be published as a regular post.


Table of Contents

  • 6/15 Despicable Me 3 Trailer
  • 6/10 Apple “Appocalypse” Commercial
  • 6/7 North London Stabbing
  • 6/6 Notre Dame Hammer Attack
  • 6/5 Orlando Shooting
  • 6/4 Ariana Grande Tribute Concert
  • 6/3 London Bridge False Flag
    • Manchester Connection
    • Fear Propaganda
    • The Story
    • Location
    • Date
    • Time
    • Freemasonic 33 (Number Plate Bingo)
    • Colours and Symbolism
  • 6/3 Champions League Final
  • 6/2 ‘Rock am Ring” Evacuated
  • 6/1 CERN at Bilderberg






6/15 Despicable Me 3 Trailer

The animated movie “Despicable Me 3” releases in theatres on June 15th.

Watch this 30 second trailer and try to see the masonic symbolism and numerology (there is loads).

There is a scene-by-scene analysis below after you’ve had a chance to scrutinize the video for yourself (no peeking!) 🙂




First off, notice the colours and the number 69, which can be found on top of the freemasonic arch:

baal arch   Snip20170607_58.png


More freemasonic colours:
















Yes, let’s all go back to Villainy (=101) shall we…












Skull & Bones makes their usual appearance…



There’s plenty of all-seeing eye symbolism in this video too, not least in the very last scene showing the one-eyed critter as the center of attention.

Notice also where he’s sitting… i.e. on the steps of a pyramid-like stairwell…

Snip20170607_69     dollar.jpeg


Movie releases on June 15th…





Moreover, we’re also shown the 777 symbolic of “Order Out of Chaos“…





That’s all for the numbers, but it’s also worth pointing out the sick amount of sexual themes being shown here – in what is supposed to be a children’s show…

… exemplified in these two scenes (not to mention what these yellow critters themselves look like):

Snip20170607_78    Snip20170607_79


If we go deeper still, consider also who these little yellow monsters represent…

Some would say that they represent the 33.3% fallen angels/demons (Revelation 12:4), and that they are shown passing through the veil here (relating to what CERN are doing)…



They even tell rather openly that they’ve been “waiting a long time” to come and abuse the (wimpy effeminated) humans…

Snip20170607_73  Snip20170607_72


Not to worry though, as there is a saviour…













(For more on what the hexagon pattern and black cube represents, see the first and last sections in News By The Numbers: May 2017.)


6/10 Apple ‘Appocalypse’ Commercial

Apple just came out with a new advert, called the “Appocalypse”…

To start with, watch this 3min commercial, and try to see if you can spot some of the symbolism for yourself:


Before reading my numerical decode, you may find it useful to watch this video by Spudgy Pang as he analyses the bigger picture of this commercial, including the ‘predictive programming’ aspect:


This video was released this commercial on June 5th…


June 5th is the 156th day of the year, which relates to 33 and 9/11:

  • thirty three” = 156
  • 156th prime = 911



Notice the length of the commercial video:


  • 3×6 = 666
  • 666 is also the 36th triangular number:


The video supposedly takes place in Cupertino, California…





In the next scene we see this text on the wall:




Notice the gematria for “App Store Servers” = 99 and 216

Snip20170612_5 216


Next we have an obvious reference to Ra…


Moreover, notice how the woman in the video says at the start of the video “my desk is on the 7th floor”… which is followed by the number 22 above.

7/22 is an approximation for pi (i.e. 22/7 = 3.14…), and as it happens, in English Gematria “Skull & Bones” = 35, same as “pi” as the image below (from this 8min video by Marty Leeds) shows:




There is much more to the number 22, which I outlined in conjunction to the Manchester arena false flag in News By The Numbers: May 2017






So only 10 seconds in and we already know that the usual suspects are behind this video.

… But there’s plenty more…


At 13 seconds we have the serpent entering the scene…




Next we have 33, shown by the 3 rows of servers on either side, along with “As Above So Below” symbolism shown in the mirroring in the floor.


In the ceiling we have 5 rows of lights, which again relates to 101


In the next two scenes we have the introduction of the usual freemasonic red & blue, which is pervasive all throughout this video (as you’ll see later on).


Snip20170612_12    Snip20170617_36.png


Overall, this video is about a digital “apocalypse”, whereby this guy pulls the plug on the internet…

Quite fittingly the song on his iPod (shown below) is 4:16 long, which is 256, an apparent reference to computer coding, given that 256 is a key number in binary (2^8)


Moreover, notice that the song is shown at 0:33, and the title/artist is a total mockery of Christ… with the message being “CHRIST(opher) on the CROSS is “All Right”.

The timing of this scene – at 0:33, is not coincidental, and tells you who is doing the mocking…


As for the song “All Right”, it was released on the album “Another Page” which came out on 31/1… or 3×11 = 33



As if that mockery wasn’t enough, the very next scene features the man smiling at the black cube of Saturn (Satan), along with a very quick (i.e. subliminal) two-finger salute to Baphomet…

(See the Recap and conclusion of News By The Numbers: May 2017 for more on the black cube).



Oh and don’t forget about that serpent skin on his shirt again…



Here we see more masonic colours…




In the scene of the car flipping we catch a glimpse of the number plate…


  • H = 8
  • B= 2
  • T= 20 = 2+0 = 2

Thus, 6 HBT 248 = 6 + 8 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 32

Perhaps not significant on it’s own, however it’s telling that it’s yellow text on a blue number plate (blue sky?) and on a yellow car, which is symbolic of the sun god…

32 representation of a mayan stone cut to represent the sun and its 32 rays     32nd-degree-scottish-rite-masonic-freemason-

To prove that this is not a stretch, notice the symbolism on the Olympic torch, which is 32 inches long…

32 3333


Knowing how the elite use predictive programming to tell you of future events ahead of time, could this reference to “Spring” be alluding to something? Hmm…



Here we have a man driving a truck straight into chaos, with gold and purple colour symbolism

These colours – along with red/blue (which together make purple) are symbolic of Lucifer, as outlined in this video. Thus, this scene might be telling us who is driving this ship into chaos… adding fuel to the fire…



Unsurprisingly, the truck he is driving is red and blue as well…



In this scene we see a man with black & white (masonic) stripes on his shirt clicking on his phone to cause an explosion… This is telling you openly that the freemasons are controlling these chaotic events…



More red and blue on the news as usual…



Notice the spelling of “Appocalypse” on this sign…


Quite fittingly, that sign features gematria of 96, 9/11, and 666



By the way, “apocalypse” doesn’t mean what everybody seems to think…


apocal    apocalypse definition


Needless to say…



In the next scene we get introduced to a plastic surgeon by the name of “Chad Powszok“…

Snip20170612_30 Snip20170617_41

Here’s why they chose that specific name:



Remember this?…







More red and blue






There are a couple of interpretations of the pattern on the wall in the scene below:

First, it looks like a IX XI… which is roman numerals for 9/11.


Secondly, there are 3 X’s, and since X=24 = 2+4 = 6, XXX = 666


Notice also that “I-Tunes = Eye – tunes…

There’s also red and blue on the left of the picture above, which we see A LOT of in the next few scenes…






Notice how “Pizza” is brought up at 2:16… where 216 = 6x6x6. Perhaps a reference to Pizza gate?



More red and blue





Above we see Farmville… which relates to numbers 33, 69, and 9/11



More red and blue






Notice the concluding phrase, at 33 seconds again…


This phrase has gematria of 13 and 33



In this scene we hear the guy sing the lyrics “think we’re gonna make it”…



He sang that phrase at the exact same time as “WWDC” (Worldwide Developers Conference) appeared, which also shares the 322 gematria…



Here’s the last scene…



The video then ends with the apple logo…



Speaking of Apple… here is the apple store, in a cube


The store is located on on 5th avenue in New York (“The Big Apple”)…

… which brings us back to this:


The apple is symbolic of the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden… where Eve was enticed to want to “be a god” and “not surely die” (i.e. live forever)…




Notice Genesis 3:22…



Just like Eve back then, the elite have been deceived into trying to be their own gods and trying to find another way to live forever, this time using technology…




Notice that both the Skull & Bones (322) logo as well as the date the Georgia Guidestones were laid (3/22) make a mockery of Genesis 3:22 above…



Anyways, now we’re starting to get away from the Apple commercial which this entry is about… so I will end it here.

That said, if you want to continue your research into 322 and transhumanism, then head over to my friend Nicholson1968’s YT channel, starting with this quick video:







6/7 North London Stabbing

Below is a decode of some more mainstream media fear propaganda, which was coded by the numbers as usual.

This scripted story aims to pull the heartstrings of readers with an “innocent nursery school teacher on her way to work” as the (fictional) victim in a seemingly random attack (i.e. it could happen to YOU, so you better be scared…)

Say what you will about me being a heartless and inconsiderate so-and-so, but THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE – and they clearly show that this story is nothing more than scripted propaganda.

Key Numbers:

  • 13 & 33 = Most important #’s in freemasonry
  • 322 = Skull & Bones secret society
  • 69, 88, 93 = Saturn (aka “Satan”)
  • 36 = 3×6 = 666, and 666 is the 36th triangular #
  • 66/99 (or 96/69) = As above, so below
  • 9/11




6/6 Notre Dame Hammer Attack

It’s hammer time!!

hammer time

On June 6th reports broke in Paris that a man wielding a hammer attacked a police officer outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral while shouting “This is for Syria”…





The supposed “terrorist’s” name encodes 88 and 13 (backwards in Chaldean):

  • “Saturn” = 88



Notre Dame….

Where have we seen this before?…



Notre Dame Hammer Hunchback         hunchback
The passage above is from page 227 of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame“.

It’s the kabbalistic (masonic) orders who contrive these events and run these stories by the numbers… hence the phrase “a small hammer with cabalistic letters.”

Another interesting passage to note:

Jeremiah 5023

This biblical passage has gematria of 229, which ties it to the date of June 6th through astrology…

Hammer Beast #

At 2:29am in Paris the Moon entered the constellation Libra.

Moon Virgo
Moon Libra

It was said the attacker used “other unsophisticated weapons” and of course an American tourist, “Kyle Nichols”, was there to reflect on the events…

Kyle Riches

other unsophisticated weapons

Cathedral” = 342 English Extended
Libra Moon” = 342 English Extended, 144 Reverse Ordinal
Other Unsophisticated Weapons” = 342 English Ordinal, 144 Reverse Reduced
Moon in Libra” = 144 Reverse Reduced, 67 Reverse Reduced
Notre Dame Cathedral” = 167 Ordinal
The Hunchback of Notre Dame” = 167 EP Full
Radical Islamic Terrorist” = 167 Reverse Reduction
Kyle Nichols” = 167 Francis Bacon, 133 ALW
Cathedral” = 33 Jewish Reduced
Libra” = 93 Reverse Ordinal
Libra Moon” = 93 Jewish Ordinal
This is for Syria” = 93 Reverse Reduction
The Hunchback of Notre Dame” = 93 Jewish Reduced
Saturn” = 93 English Ordinal


In summary, the point to take away here is that this event was scripted according to gematria, astrological alignments, as well as on the story in the Hunchback of Notre Dame!





6/5 Orlando Shooting


Let’s take a look at some of the date numerology first as it will show up throughout this decode.

  • June 5th is the 156th day of the year
  • “thirty three” = 156 ordinal.
  • “June” = 156 Primes.
  • 911 is the 156th prime.

On the Hebrew Civil & Ecclesiastical Calendars this year June 5th is 9-11 and 3-11 (3×11 = 33) respectively and 5/23 on the Julian Calendar.


Two key parts of the story are highlighted here:

CNN screenshot



Working left to right we have

  • The 91 which is the 13th triangular number.
  • The 107 for the year ’17.
  • The 235 is the Julian date of  5-23.
  • The 64 is representing the Hebrew Ecclesiastical date of 3-11 since 311 is the 64th prime number.


The key phrase in quotation marks in the CNN article is “negative relationship”…

negative relationships.jpg
Here we have another 13 and a 311 along with it’s mirror (113) for the Hebrew date as well as being 33 (11×3).

The 229 is an important number since we have the 229th verse of Revelation 13:18 which reads,

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”


The shooting is said to have been at 2427 Forsyth Road…


“Forsyth” is a Scottish clan name.  No doubt a nod to the Scottish Rite.

  • And speaking of the number of the beast (tied to #229 earlier) there’s your 666.
  • 137 is the 33rd prime.
  • “Killings” = 39 reduction.
  • The date 9/11 leaves 111 days in the year.

Now, let’s take a look at the gematria for the company the shooter is reported to work at…

Fiamma company name

  • “Death” = 38 ordinal
  • “All-Seeing Eye” = 119 ordinal
  • “Star of David” = 119 ordinal
  • “Government” = 119 ordinal
  • “Hebrew Calendar” = 119 ordinal
  • “Three Eleven” = 119 ordinal
  • “London Bridge” = 119 ordinal

So again, another event scripted by the numbers!




6/4 Ariana Grande Benefit Concert

Further to the analysis in News By The Numbers: May 2017, it was announced that Ariana Grande would have a benefit concert in Manchester, in “honour” of the “victims”…




The concert will feature many other Illuminati puppets, as outlined in News By The Numbers: May 2017.


June 4th is 13 days after the Manchester false flag:


6/4 is also an important date for spiritual reasons:



The concert is called “One Love“…


“One Love” in gematria features Saturn numbers 88 and 93, along with 33 & 333, 101, and 22 which are outlined in some depth in News By The Numbers: May 2017.

one love


The concert will be held at Emirates Old Trafford…






6/3 London Bridge False Flag

There I was, snugly settling down in front of my laptop with a freshly-made hot cup of spicy chai (with a dash of honey and splash of milk) ready for a cozy Saturday night catching up on the latest blockbusters by RichieFromBoston and Nicholson1968…

… before the idiots who run this joint decided to pull off year another one of their pathetic hoaxes…







Image result for computer face palm






As repetitive as it is to decode the same things over and over again in these false flags, I’ve pulled together some interesting things for your perusal below. Enjoy!


Table of Contents

  • Manchester Connection
  • Fear Propaganda
  • The Story
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Freemasonic 33 (Number Plate Bingo)
  • Colours and Symbolism


Manchester Connection

First thing to note, is that the elite love to leave clues about their next false flag in all of their events.

… and as it happens, I caught their little game out this time around, as the London attack was actually symbolically foreshadowed in the Manchester hoax as you can see below (the screen shot is from News By The Numbers: May 2017, which I published on May 31st).

Note that I’m not claiming to be a psychic or anything like that, but freemasons are incredibly detailed and ritualistic about their events, and when you know how they operate it is easy to spot these things.






Fear Propaganda

Just like all the other recent false flags, this event was all about instilling the masses with fear, according to the Hegelian dialectic… a.k.a. problem > reaction > solution…


What better time to maximize public fear than on an evening when the masses are out in full force drinking themselves silly over the Champions League final (more on that further down)?…

The game had barely finished before the police started running into local bars to terrorize the gullible public, who follow every order they’re given despite seeing absolutely nothing worth getting scared about.



Online the police where telling people to “Run as fast as you can”, and “Run, hide, tell”…



… In other words…







This was obviously nothing more than a “psyop” (psychological operation) to ramp up public fear – as this CNN news anchor actually even clearly stated:



Needless to say…




For a good take on the bigger picture surrounding this staged event, here’s a good video by A Call For An Uprising:




The Story

Notice that, as usual:

  • despite the fact that London has the most CCTV camera’s per-square-inch in the world, there is no CCTV footage of what supposedly took place
  • there are no actual dead bodies
  • there are no photographs or videos of the crime scene(s)
  • all the perps are dead ( = case closed, no need for further investigation)

In other words, there is no evidence whatsoever that what took place here is anything more than a theatre production.


london cctv



“…but, but, but…there were loud sirens and bright lights on TV though,

… so it must have been real…”










Here’s the gist of the story we’re supposed to believe in, outlined by the numbers:




Notice how they could have listed it as 7 dead + 3 attackers, but they specifically list it as 10 (including 3 perps).

This is done to get the 13 in there.



Here’s one courtesy of Neil Simpson (a facebook friend):



  • 135 + 531 = 666


Also notice that her name is Holly, like “Holy“.

In the Manchester false flag one of the “witnesses” interviewed by the BBC was called “Andy Holey” (i.e. Holy). This is just pure mockery.


Also notice that the other “eyewitness” is called “Robbie”… a popular name in false flags for obvious reasons…


Another example of a “Robbie” is (actor) Robbie Parker from the Sandy Hook hoax, who was laughing openly for the camera’s despite supposedly grieving for his “dead” daughter…


All in all, these are just actors with made up names!


Here’s another story, conveniently published at 22:32 (322 of Skull & Bones backwards):



Below is a neat decode of a BBC story that I’m grateful to Alan Andrews for sharing:


The video below supposedly blew the whole charade wide open, as it shows the “police” getting changed into other clothes right on the street… into the clothes resembling those of the “dead terrorist”…






HOWEVER, on closer inspection it becomes clear that this not the same person…

Below you can see how the two people in the videos above are in fact different, including the pattern on the camo pants, the colour of the beard, the logo on the t-shirt, the thickness of his arms, etc. (photo credited YT channel ‘Run2Christ’).


This is a good reminder (for myself as well) to always scrutinize things in detail, and to question everything, even the seemingly legitimate evidence and videos on YT, because truthers (including me) can get things wrong sometimes!

It’s also interesting to ask:

  1. Why would they want the crisis actors to be changing on the street like that in public? and,
  2. Who filmed it?

It certainly seems that they wanted casual truthers to get hung up on this, because it is something that is easily discredited by closer inspection, thereby making it easy for these people to be branded “crazy conspiracy theorists”…

Needless to say, this sort of curve-ball is often done to steer the narrative and make “conspiracy theorists” look silly after they spread videos like these that are later easily debunked.


Moving on…


The Location

“London Bridge” = 119 (9/11) and 11×3 = 33


The coordinates encode 33 as well (11×3 = 33):




The Date

3rd of June, or 3/6… 3×6=666.

June 3rd is May 21st in the Julian calendar:


… which is the 142nd day of the year (in leap years).


142 is connected to 322 (Skull & Bones) and 216 (6x6x6):



The Time


  • 23+46 = 69
  • 22+8+23+46 = 99





Freemasonic 33 (Number Plate Bingo)

As always in these False Flags, RussianVids (YT channel) is on-point in identifying the obvious 33‘s in this psyop, some of which I’ve copied below for your reference.





As shown in the video above, the number 33 is encoded into the number plates of every police car used in this theatre production…







Notice the Purple and Yellow bus:


The first three digits on the Taxi = 33


The number plate on the taxi also encodes 33 in gematria:







This picture was also included in some news reports…


The reason for that is because police = 33:


Two “Police” next to each other makes two 33‘s, which is also significant as shown here:



Two 33‘s makes two pyramids, which together make the 6 pointed star (i.e. the star of Remphan/Moloch/Satan/cookie-monster):




Colours and Symbolism

You’ll notice below how most of the photos of this event in the news are heavily emblazoned with the colour purple, which we discussed in 10. Purple Haze, all in my brain and News By The Numbers: May 2017.

There was clearly a common theme in newspapers with the colour purple on this day, including Real Madrid winning the Champions League final earlier the same day – wearing purple (and gold):


Notice how they picked a photo of a family, just to pull on the heartstrings of millions of viewers watching the news that bit extra…

Notice how all the family members all look like they’re about to fall asleep, not that they’ve just been in a near-death attack.


There is some notable masonic/Luciferian symbolism in the photos too…

  • Along with the things in red text, notice the purple and gold pyramid on the left:


  • The Trident:
    • notice also the purple and gold pillar in the middle of the picture

Snip20170604_57      Picture1



Before moving on, here is some light comic relief 🙂









6/3 Champions League Final

There is plenty more to add on this, but for now notice how the colours of both team are highly symbolic:

  • Purple / gold = symbolic of Lucifer – as outlined in this video.
  • Black / white = masonic duality

real madrid final madrid






This was Real Madrid’s 115th year, and “freemasons” = 115.




Some more numbers courtesy of @GematriaClub: showing some connections showing you that events like this are nothing more than scripted events, as exposed by the numbers.









6/2 Rock am Ring Terror Alert

The music festival season has barely even started, and the powers-that-be are clearly intent on making the most of this opportunity to terrorize the masses with their fear propaganda…



As for the numbers…



Notice the logo is red and black (satanic), and white/black text (masonic).

  • AM = 1 13 = 11×3 = 33



Also notice the lightning bolt…







6/1 CERN at Bilderberg

The annual Bilderberg meeting is taking place this week (1st – 4th June), and for the first time ever leaders of CERN are in attendance, as discussed in the video below.

For your reference a full list of attendees can be found here:





For more on recent developments relating to CERN check out this video by RichieFromBoston:



Plenty of interesting things then… JMO.

But I digress…

I’m Richard on The Narrow Gate, and I am out!