Other Media

On this page you will find miscellaneous media relating to The Narrow Gate.


Debunking Relativity & Gravity in under 2 minutes

Below is a 2min audio clip from a podcast where I dissected the theories of relativity and gravity using logic by Nikola Tesla.

For more on the subject I recommend reading 23. Destined for Oblivion.

A big thank you to Josh at Iron Realm Media for recording this.


The Narrow Gate featured on Underground World News

It was a positive surprise to see J. Knight (Dahboo7) and Casey Brown (Enterthe5t4rz) discuss my two posts on leylines on the Underground World News show.

The show is well-worth a listen as there is tons of interesting information shared that builds upon cymatics and what was discussed in my blog with regard to leylines that even surpassed my own knowledge and understanding of the subject! 🙂

For reference, the two blog posts in question are linked below, and the section in the video where they are discussed is 38:00 – 1:32:49, though you may find it interesting to listen to the whole show.