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Before you start your journey here, please read the Introduction, which will give you a sense of the purpose and direction of this site.

Below you will find a complete list of posts in The Narrow Gate, and further down on this page you will also find short summary’s (“cliff notes” overviews) of every post contained herein.

Please note that this blog is best read in chronological order (much like a book) as much of what is written lays groundwork for subject matter in subsequent posts, and every piece of information presented forms part of a larger puzzle, as you will surely find out for yourself the more you immerse yourself.


  1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians
  2. Leylines: An Introduction
  3. Leylines: Part 2
  4. Obelisks and City Plans
  5. Links to the Ancients
  6. Owls, Owls Everywhere
  7. Festivals of Fire
  8. An Introduction to Synchronicity
  9. Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills
  10. Purple Haze, up in my brain
  11. Decoding today’s headline: Fort Myers shooting
  12. Templars Cross, Square and Compass, and The Night Owl
  13. Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe
  14. Crop Circles and Ancient Power Plants
  15. Energy Weapons: Tesla’s Suppressed Technologies
  16. The Torus and Ancient Cosmology
  17. The Greatest Liars of All Time
  18. Look Around, it will Astound You
  19. What Goes Around, Comes Around
  20. You Spin Me Right Round Baby
  21. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2)
  22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2)
  23. Destined for Oblivion
  24. Made in a Hollywood Basement
  25. Exposing the Coming NWO Alien Deception
  26. Gematria, Synchronicity, and Predictive Programming
  27. The Stars Declare the Truth

#28-33 TBA

34. Kill Your TV!
35. Butterflies and Rabbit Holes
36. The War On Your Mind


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Word Counts

To give you an idea of reading times, here are the word counts for each post.

Average reading speed is ~200 wpm, so 2,000 words takes ~10 minutes to read, though you will also need to allow some time for viewing supplementary videos.



Post Summary’s / Cliff Notes

1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

A short article introducing – and showing the connection between – the following fields:

  • Cymatics (the study of how sound affects matter);
  • Fibonacci series & the golden mean (phi);
  • Cymatic and resonant properties of DNA;
  • Design and resonant frequencies of the Giza Pyramids.

Word Count: 1,700

the_c2e396_5621938.jpg        CreightonS5-image002

2. Leylines: An Introduction

A study of ancient megaliths, showing that

  • ancients all over the world built their temples using the same phi- and pi-oriented maths;
  • their structures were very similar aesthetically;
  • many of them are perfectly aligned to the same star constellations: either Orion (which is associated to Osiris) or Draco (which is associated to serpents);
  • the serpent was of high importance and worshiped all over the world, from the Temple of the Serpent in Mexico, to Angkor Wat being aligned to the Draco constellation, among countless others.
  • many ancient megaliths are aligned with each other geographically.

Word Count: 1,900

draco2.jpg      aphi7

3. Leylines: Part 2

Further analysis of leylines, which shows you that

1. the Stonehenge burial mounds are aligned with Easter Island and the stone spheres in Costa Rica at an 88.88° heading. Easter Island has 888 statues, and had its name changed in 1888 to a name resembling Ishtar – Baal’s wife (i.e. Easter = Ishtar).

2. the obelisks and domes at the Vatican and Washington DC are also aligned to exactly 88.88° respectively.

washington vatican

3. Teotihuacan-Stonehenge-Baalbek are aligned to all the 5 largest and oldest US cities that all have masonic temples, and where many of the most significant events in recent years have taken place.;

4. “Isis”, Anubis, and Baal have frequently been featured in the news recently.

5. the freemasonic logo idolizes the same idols (Sun/Osiris, Moon/Isis, and the all-seeing eye/Horus) that were worshiped at the Temple of Baal, by the Egyptians, and at Teotihuacan. 

6. The WTC complex is aligned to the Orion constellation, just like the Giza pyramids.

Word Count: 2,400

seaglobex   291721_2372907846995_1379499935_32788177_8016710_n

4. Obelisks and City Plans

A review of obelisks around the world, and scrutiny of Washington DC’s city plan.
You are shown that
  1. The City of London, Vatican City, and Washington DC form a trinity of global control, respectively encompassing finance, religion, and military.
  2. Obelisks are found all around the world in important squares and plazas, and are symbolic of male fertility. Many major cities (eg. Rome, Paris, London, Berlin) even have original obelisks from Egypt.
  3. The One World Freedom Tower is an obelisk that is designed to include a pyramid and capstone; as is the Shard in London. The capstone and eye of Horus is found on the back of the one dollar bill.

Khazarian-Power-centres- Main Mashup Image result for nwo dollar

4. Washington DC’s street design has clear links to the Vatican (eg. 88.88 alignment & Tiber River/Tiber Creek).

DC’s street plan includes (but isn’t limited to): an upside-down pentagram; a 6-pointed star; the square and compass (a central component of the freemason logo); and an upside-down cross. The upside-down cross can also be seen at the Vatican where the Pope sits.

5. The US Capitol building has an owl-shaped outline, and the owl is also found on the front of the one dollar bill.

Word Count: 2,000
wtau owl-captial

5. Links to the Ancients

An essay illustrating the clear links between modern day freemasonry and ancient civilizations. You will learn that

  1. worship of the owl and Moloch has been on-going for thousands of years, up to and including the present day when freemasons are continuing in the traditions of ancient cultures, not least at Bohemian Grove which most world leaders visit annually.
  2. the hand gesture that pays homage/shows allegiance to Moloch (the deity associated with the owl/death) has been normalized into main stream society by rap culture and cartoons.
  3. The Temple of Baal (where Moloch was worshiped) has been brought back into the mainstream, suggesting that the occult is starting to become has become prevalent in today’s society once again.

Word Count: 3,100 

  cremation of care ceremony bohemian grove owl logo

6. Owls, Owls Everywhere

In this post you are shown the extreme pervasiveness of owl symbolism in modern day society.

You will see that

  1. owls appear everywhere, such as in architecture, education, media, television, music, business, sports, universities, museums, parks, zoo’s, government buildings, etc, etc… so basically – everywhere.
  2. the owl is used as a key occult symbol by those who lead multinational corporations, countries, media, etc (i.e. members of the Bohemian Club, among others),
  3. the owl was used to pass a hidden message through CNN in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.
  4. the owl is connected to the deadliest sporting disaster in England’s history.

Word Count: 2,000

Image result for george bush owl Image result for anderson cooper owl

7. Festivals of Fire

In this installment you will find out that the dates of an astonishing number of terrible events in history coincide with ritual sacrifice dates; such as the fire bombing of Dresden (on Lupercalia/Valentines Day) and the Liverpool Blitz (during Beltane fire festival).

You are also briefly introduced to the Rothschild’s – an elite family who have profited from financing both sides of every war for over two centuries.

Word Count: 2,200

Image result for fire  

8. An Introduction to Synchronicity

This essay introduces you to the magic world of numbers. You will learn that

  1. the masonic numbers 13 and 33, along with 88, 322, and 9/11 are encoded in countless historic events up to and including the present day;
  2. the shooting in Munich was linked to Anders Breivik, who himself is linked to those running Washington DC and Vatican through the Templar’s Cross;
  3. the progression of society today mirrors the steps outlined in the communist manifesto;

You will also briefly be introduced to some brainwashing techniques, including subliminal messaging (eg. in Disney films); the promotion of competitive (divisive) sports; as well as predictive programming.

Word Count: 5,000


9. Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills

In this post many secrets of Capitol Hill and dollar bills are revealed, including that

1. An owl can be found on both the one dollar bill as well as in the Capitol grounds.

2. The dollar bill includes many other hidden symbols, including (but not limited to): Alpha & Omega“Mason” Anagram in a hexagram; and many occurrences of the number 13. You will also learn that the events of 9/11 were encoded in dollar bills several years before they took place.

We also step inside Capitol Hill and analyze the painting found on the underside of its dome, which is called Apotheosis of Washington, and which features the motto E Pluribus Unum (“out of many, one”) as well as George Washington depicted as Jupiter/Zeus.

Word Count: 2,200

10. Purple Haze, all in my brain

The colour purple is of huge symbolic importance, and it appears everywhere from corporate logos, the purple heart award, royal families, the Pope’s robes, cartoons and movies, education, and music, among countless other places.

  • Red and blue are the root colours of purple, and they too appear prominently in countless places, such as in politics; sports rivalries; emergency service lights; on the news/TV; in many corporate logos; and in national flags of most major countries.
  • Red and blue are key colours in optics, which will become hugely significant later on in this blog; and
  • The famous songs Purple Haze and Purple Rain both make clear references to optics.

Word Count: 2,700

11. Decoding today’s headline: Fort Myers shooting

As it happened, the Fort Myers shooting occurred literally 3 hours after the post about the colour purple, and was rife with symbolism and numbers that were discussed in previous posts…

The article also briefly discusses the growing pervasiveness of biometrics, which was a chosen narrative for the mainstream news media when talking about this event.

Word Count: 800

Image result for fort myers shooting 

12. Templars Cross, Square and Compass, and The Night Owl

In this article several key pieces of information are presented that lay much of the groundwork for later posts…

1. The  Templar’s cross is a symbol that has its root in many ancient cultures all over the world, all of which had similar illustrations involving 4 quadrants;

Kings Royal Crown 

2. The square and compass is the logo of freemasonry, and these two tools draw a circle and square. The circle-in-the-square and square-in-the-circle are key features found on the walls of Masonic temples.

3. Many freemasons are identified by freemasonic handsigns, including the scientists that brought you the heliocentric model of the solar system…

4. You are introduced to one of the big secrets of the owl worshiped by freemasons for thousands of years (as discussed in earlier posts)… which is the fact that star trails at the equator have the appearance of owl eyes…

Needless to say, this pattern of motion is impossible in the heliocentric model of the solar system that freemasonic scientists propagate…

Word Count: 3,900

 owlsky Owl_Eyes

13. Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe

 This post builds on material  that was presented in Post #1 on Cymatics, as well as what has been discussed with regards to freemasons.
You see that
  1. freemasons are lying about something huge, involving the makeup of the solar system;
  2. some of the secrets of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 that Nikola Tesla spoke about can be found in magnetism;
  3. the mathematics of nature (the golden ratio/phi) is inherent to magnetism;
  4. the freemasons are well aware of the mathematical and magnetic principles in nature, and put these secrets out in plain sight (knowledge is power…);
  5. Ed Liedskalnin’s flywheel at Coral Castle was designed according to these natural principles.
6. Magnetic Current describes everything that has ever existed in our Universe;
7. There are only 3 things in this universe that create everything that exists: Two individual & flexiblemagnetic spectrum currents”, and the “Neutral Particles” of matter;
8. These 3 things form the blueprint to the harmonic functions & laws of any vibration, and for every single frequency, which are all within the whole Magnetic Spectrum…
9. Sound is vibration of these 3 things; and there has never been a sound made without a vibration first.
10. Phi and the sacred geometry derived from the flower of life represent the magnetic currents of the universe;
11. A magnetic motor like Ed’s would be capable of harnessing infinite magnetic energy found all around us in nature.

Word Count: 4,400

16ccc.jpg  1169d1336576516-edward-leedskalnins_zps45288c98

14. Crop Circles and Ancient Power Plants

Further to information presented in Post #13, this post illustrates the phenomenal magnitude of magnetic power that is freely available in nature.

In particular, you will see that

  1. Crop circles exhibit patterns matching those of simple magnetic fields, as well as complex patterns derived from the Flower of Life (sacred geometry);
  2. The structures built by ancient civilizations harnessed  vast amounts of naturally occurring magnetic energy;
  3. Nikola Tesla replicated the technology used by ancient Egyptians in his Wardenclyffe tower; and
  4. Our (freemasonic) world leaders are hiding this free energy technology whilst pushing other forms of energy that feed into their agenda of controlling the worlds supply of food and energy.

Word Count: 3,200

Image result for crop circles  Image result for tesla pyramids

15. Energy Weapons: Tesla’s Suppressed Technologies

It’s relatively well known that many of Tesla technologies were suppressed by the powers that be… But what happened to these technologies?

Well, these technologies have been – and still are – secretly used by our governments today, and in this article I reveal to you some of the places they’ve been put to use… such as:

  1. to turn the twin towers and WTC7 into dust on 9/11;
  2. to manipulate the weather; and
  3. to create man-made earthquakes.
capture(1).jpg      wtc_pulverization2.jpg
This article also includes a look at some music that was released on or around 9/11, such as those shown below:
Word Count: 5,200
 The Eerie Coincidence of Dream Theater's Live Album Released on 9/11   This Artwork Was Created the Spring Before 9/11

16. The Torus and Ancient Cosmology

In this post, we build on what has previously been presented in terms of magnetism and sacred geometry, to derive a model of the Universe based on

  • magnetism;
  • vector equilibrium;
  • sacred geometry;
  • golden mean/phi spirals;
  • fractals; and
  • some common sense

Image result for flat earth torus vector equilibriumimm_9bst

The mathematical model derived is then compared to cosmological models of many ancient civilizations, to find a direct correlation.

And what’s more, the map of the world that would be applicable to this cosmological model perfectly matches the map found on the logo of the United Nations, among other organizations…

Word Count: 3,500

       1 Yggdrasil

17. The Greatest Liars of All Time

In this post, we take a look at the undeniable connections between freemasons, Nazi’s, and NASA,… and their enormous lies.

Image result for nasa serpent  Freemasons (1)

As you will see, NASA faked the moon landing, and have been faking all their imagery and videos of space, the moon, planets, and the Earth itself ever since, with a combination of photoshop, CGI, and bad acting.

Word Count: 4,200


18. Look Around, It Will Astound You

In this post, we start to take a look at the physical world around us, to see what conclusions we can make about the shape of our world.

What you will come to understand, is that

  • no matter high up you go, the horizon is always flat;
  • mathematical calculations for the curvature of a globe do not match what we see in reality;
  • the reason why ships and buildings appear to “be hidden by the curvature” is due to perspective; and
  • perspective shows us that the sun is close, and not actually changing height.
Word Count: 3,400
  Image result for parallel sun rays flat earth

19. What Goes Around, Comes Around

In this post, we continue our study of the physical world, by doing a comprehensive study of the movement of the sun and moon.
Image result for flat earth sun
This study leaves no stone un-turned as all of the following topics (and more) are covered:
  • Photographic scrutiny of sun rays, as well as sun spots on top of clouds;
  • Calculation for the distance to the sun;
  • Calculation for the size of the sun;

  Image result for sun perspective flat earth Image result for sextant navigation

  • Time zones and seasons;

time Image result for flat earth tropics

  • Explanation for 24hr sunlight in the Arctic and in Antarctica;
  • Solar analemma;

Image result for sun movement flat earth Australia - Flat Earth

  • Moon phases;
  • Solar and lunar eclipses;

Image result for sun movement flat earthImage result for solar eclipse

  • Electromagnetic levitation of the sun and moon;
  • How tides work; and
  • Weather patterns
Word Count: 6,400
  Image result for weather flat earth

In this post we take a somewhat humorous approach to dissecting the “spinning ball” model scientists provide us with…
In particular, we look at
  • Centripetal motion
  • Doppler effect
  • Flights on a spinning ball
  • Gyroscopes
  • Mythical Coriolis effect
  • Atmosphere if the earth is spinning
  • The absurdity that is water on a spinning ball

Image result for earth spin speedImage result for doppler effect  Image result for gyroscope

landing 6 download (1)

As bonus material, we also do a decode of the music video of “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)“, the song which inspired the title of this post, and which isn’t short of occult symbolism…

Word Count: 4,800

globe shiva4 shivaa serpent snake-totem


21. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2)

This post is part 1 of a 2 part post on Antarctica. There is also a secondary bridging theme across both posts which is that of indoctrination and disinformation.

To start with, we look at some of the fascinating symbolism found in Pink Floyd’s music related to Antarctica and the Flat Earth.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall, Part Two (Official Music Video) Image result for the wall pink floyd

Pink Floyd’s lyrics then take us into education and thought control, where we discuss how the world has been indoctrinated and socially conformed to believe that the world is a globe.

We then sail over to explore Antarctica itself, where we scrutinize the (mythical) magnetic south pole as well as the Antarctic journeys of

  • Captain James Cook;
  • Captain James Clark Ross;
  • Ranulph Fiennes; and
  • Amundsen & Scott.

We then move on to Ferdinand Magellan and Sir Francis Drake as we cover circumnavigation and estimate the circumference of the Earth.

Word Count: 4,700

Image result for flat earth sun diameter Image result for captain james cook ship

22. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2)

We continue where we left off in Part 1, by looking at travel in the southern hemisphere, before rounding out this double-post with a look at disinformation programmes.

  • Air travel in southern hemisphere

Image result for flat earth dome south africa.JPG

  • Scrutiny of Admiral Byrd‘s Antarctic expedition
  • Scrutiny of the Antarctic Treaty System & official travel restrictions

Image result for june 24 1955 admiral byrd download

  • Flat Earth hidden in plain sight in movies, music, news, corporate logos, etc
  • Disinformation programmes / brainwashing
  • Globe propaganda

Word Count: 3,800

    Image result for taiwan emergency landing flat earth



23. Destined for Oblivion

This post debunks gravity and relativity, using common sense and Nikola Tesla’s insights.

It also shows the clear connections between the Royal Society (where the gravity myth originated) and the Vatican and freemasonry.

  1. History of the Royal Society
    • Vatican connection
    • Freemasonry connection
  2. The Theory of Gravity
    • Isaac Newton
    • Scientific Experiments
  3. The Theory of Relativity
    • Albert Einstein
    • Spacetime Curvature & Nikola Tesla
  4. The Scientific Method

Word Count: 8,800

Image result for ordo ab chao Image result for isaac newton freemason Image result for newton cartoon 

24. Made in a Hollywood Basement

This post aims to deconstruct the pseudoscience behind the promulgation of the “space” myth.
  1. The Pseudoscience Squad
  2. The Vacuum
    • Vacuum Meets the Atmosphere
  3. Space Travel
    • Propulsion
    • Tin-foil & Shower Curtains
    • Van Allen belt
    • August Piccard
    • Space Rockets
  4. Orbits & Satellites
    • Low Earth Orbit
      • The Thermosphere
      • Materials on the ISS & Satellites
    • Satellite Hoax
      • GPS
      • Space debris
    • Hubble Space Telescope
  5. NASA’s Latest Hocus Pocus

As you can see by the table of contents above, in this post you are first introduced to some of the most famous pseudoscientists themselves…

Image result for on a scale of 1 to carl sagan Image result for funny flat earth memes flat-earth-memes-78-11

… after which we scrutinize what they say about the mythical place called “Outer space”.

In so doing we learn that “space” is nothing more than an elaborate hoax produced using CGI and an enormous amount of pseudoscientific lies.

Word Count: 7,200

Image result for nasa claims they went to the moon in this meme 15317741_10157913101200193_8096637821601865904_n Image result for santa iss 12139586_944466212278747_326617553_n.jpg

25. Exposing the Coming NWO Alien Deception

This post is a little bit longer than the others, but it is by far the most important one to date. If you read one of the opening 25 posts, let it be this one.
This post sets out to answer the following question:
If space is fake, why are NASA, Hollywood, and the mainstream media incessantly pushing space and alien propaganda at us?
What you will be shown very clearly in this post,  is that there is a very sinister agenda behind the promulgation of the alien narrative, as it will play a crucial role in the implementation of the New World Order.
The areas covered in this post are:
  • Aliens in Hollywood movies
  • Predictive programming
  • “Alien Invasion” stories in the mainstream media
  • Propaganda for space/aliens/Mars

 download-22 Image result for V tv show Image result for mars believe

  • Controlled opposition pushing alien propaganda, including
    • Alien astronaut theory
    • New Age “ascension”/”shift in consciousness”
    • Sirius Disclosure
  • Politicians increasingly talking about aliens publicly
  • Unite against a common enemy” brainwashing
  • The NWO Agenda
  • Wernher von Braun warning about weaponization of space
  • “Anti-gravity” craft / UFO’s

Image result for ufo lights washington Image result for tesla ufo patent

  • Project Blue Beam
    • Holograms
    • The 4 step plan to implement NWO

Image result for mind elf waves Image result for project blue beam Image result for project blue beam

  • The New World Order
    • Defining what it is (i.e. “Novus Ordo Seclorum” = New Secular Order)
    • One World Leader

Image result for new world order eye  Image result for e pluribus unum

  • Further (Recommended) Reading

I strongly urge you to share this post with as many as you can, and as soon as possible.

Those not aware of these deceptions will be at their mercy.

Word Count: 8,000

26. Gematria, Synchronicity, and Predictive Programming

This post focuses on introducing the subjects of gematria, numerology, synchronicity, as well as predictive programming in movies – with particular emphasis on the alien theme discussed in Post #25.

A very disciplined and logical approach here shows that we are also very near to the NWO being fully implemented.

The post is broken down into 4 sections:

1) Predictive Programming & Introduction to Gematria 

Section 1 introduces you to Synchronicity and Gematria, and then that knowledge is put to use as we decode UFO-related incidents by the numbers.

  • Predictive Programming
    • Examples of 9/11 predictive programming
    • Examples of predictive programming manifesting in the present day
  • Synchronicity
    • Recap of Synchronicity from earlier posts
  • Gematria
    • Introduction to Gematria
    • UFO incidents by the numbers
      1. Mt Rainier (1947)
      2. Roswell (1947)
      3. Washington DC (1952)
      4. Phoenix Lights (1997)
    • 33rd Parallel

2) 2016: The Year of “69”

We build on the knowledge of gematria and synchronicity from section 1, and we see beyond doubt that 2016 is the year of 69.

In particular, I will show you how pervasive the number 69 is this year in politics; in (rigged) professional sports; and in the entertainment industry.

You will also learn that 2016-2017 is the time period when the NWO will be established.

  • 2016: The Year of “69”
    • 69 in Politics
      • Obama visit to Roswell
      • Trump vs Clinton
    • 69 in Sports
      • Leicester City
      • Liverpool / “Justice for the 96”
      • Wales Euro 2016
    • 69 in Entertainment
      • Celebrity Deaths
        • David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Patty Duke, Prince, Michael Jackson
      • Celebrity Retirments
        • Elton John
    • The Year 5776.8 and the NWO

3) Synchronicity in Hollywood Movies

Having shown you in Section 2 that 2016 is the year of 69 and 2016/17 is the year of the NWO implementation, we take a look at the movie industry to find clues as to when exactly the deceptions will occur.

4) Current Events

In this section we recap some of the things pointing found in section 3 that pointed towards November 16th (11/16), and also take a look at recent developments, including:

  • An Executive Order passed by Obama regarding “Space Weather Events”
  • Leaked documents, including:
    • The Hillary Clinton/Podesta emails
    • A potentially real document leaked from Benenson Strategy Group – Hillary Clinton’s political advisors.

Word Count: 14,000

Image result for brain numbers




27. The Stars Declare the Truth

The aim of this post is to present an accurate and comprehensive picture of what the stars are and how they move in the night sky, as simple observation tells us that they are not at all what NASA tell us that they are.

It is also my hope that this post may inspire you to look upon the night sky with new eyes and with renewed child-like curiosity.

  1. What We’ve Been Told
    • The Sun
    • Gravity
    • Thermonuclear Fusion
  2. The Real Stars
    • What Stars Actually Look Like
    • Frequency of the Heavens
  3. Parallax
    • An Advanced Course in Pseudoscience
    • The Missing Parallax
  4. Star Trails
    • Introduction to Star Trails
    • Star Trails vs The Spinning Globe
    • Star Trails Explained: Part 1
  5. The Astrolabe
    • Introduction to the Astrolabe
    • Geo-metry
    • The Nautical Mile
  6. The Astroplate
    • Dome Reflection
    • Star Trails Explained: Part 2

Word Count: 6,200




34. Kill Your TV!

This Image result for put the "brainwashing machine" in the living roompost explores precisely how television is used to subdue and control the unsuspecting public.

The post begins with a look at everyone’s favourite secret organization – the Illuminati, where you will learn who they are, and what they are up to.

We then take a look at just how a tiny number of people manage to control the masses who vastly outnumber them – which is a study that will center around televised media, with particular focus on subliminal programming and mind control.Image result for illuminati

  1. Illuminati Confirmed
  2. Order Out of Chaos
  3. Media Power Base
  4. Introduction to Mind Control
    • Advertising
    • Brainwashing
    • Subliminal Programming

Word Count: 4,200


35.Butterflies and Rabbit Holes

This post exposes the darker secrets of government mind control projects, including MK Ultra and Project Monarch.

More specifically, this post first introduces readers to the relatively short history of MK Ultra, involving Operation Paperclip, after which some examples of MK Ultra in action are shown.

nazi.JPG        Image result for mk ultra

That is followed by a study of how mind control works, with particular focus on Project Monarch, where the basics of Dissociative Identity Disorder and alter ego triggers are disclosed.

compartmentalize        Image result for sheep multiple mirrors

We then scrutinize many of the most common mind control symbols and triggers, including multiple personality symbolism; blue bird; Monarch butterfly; puppets; rainbows; white rabbit; sex kittens; and Mickey Mouse.

The journey down the rabbit hole then takes us to the ‘Vow of Silence’, where readers learn why we don’t hear more about this subject – as well as just how pervasive (and perverse) mind control slavery is at the highest levels of society.

To finish up the post ends with a short look at why this material matters to you



It is my hope that this post will compel you the reader to:

  1. be proactive in helping those affected by mind control – such as by sharing information about this subject with others; and
  2. want to learn more about the programming itself, so that you can continue to deprogram yourself from the lies and psychological control mechanisms used against you and those around you.

Word Count: 7,000


36. The War On Your Mind

This post exposes the psychological warfare campaign that is waged against the public 24/7 but the so-called elite, with Tavistock Institute being the nerve-center for these operations.

We started this post you with an introductory look at Psychological Warfare, focussing in particular on the introduction of the television and what former-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov referred to as ideological subversion.

Dr. Bezmenov’s description was compared to the state of society today as we went through the four stages of ideological subversion; namely: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization; and it was noted that society is most certainly in the state or “crisis & normalization”.


Our study will then took us onto Psychological Operations (PsyOps), where we first scrutinized the US Army Department of Pychological Operation’s handbook, where we again saw a direct correlation between psyop tactics and the state of society.


We then looked at some of the “highlights” of Bilderberg Group document titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, where we saw how psychological warfare fits into the greater strategy.


Our focus then shifted to understanding the organization that acts as the nerve-center for social engineering – the Tavistock Institute, starting with a short look at the history of Marxism, which is the ideology underpinning everything Tavistock does.


In an effort to understand how Tavistock manages to exert it’s influence on a worldwide scale, we then analyzed Tavistock’s role in the NWO hierarchy, and examined the vast ocean of subsidiaries connected to Tavistock.


When looking at the activities as a coordinated effort, it became clear that everything on television and in the education (i.e. indoctrination) system as a whole is geared towards brainwashing the public into desiring a communist “one world” community – i.e. a New World Order…


That being the case, it is my sincere hope that this essay raised awareness of the fact that full-blown communism is on the doorstep. I also hope to have provided you with ample evidence of why you should disconnect and stop watching television.

Word Count: 7,400

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