“America’s Pastor” Billy Graham Exposed

This post thoroughly exposes the masonic agenda relating to the evangelical preacher known as Billy Graham, who died earlier this week.

Due to Billy Graham’s immense popularity in the “Christian” community this information isn’t exactly met with open ears, but it’s important that this material gets shared around, as it has the potential to alert church-going Christians to the agenda behind “Churchianity”.

As such, I hope this post will be a useful resource for you to share with others (especially through ‘Christian’ facebook groups) to wake them up to the realities of the agenda being fomented by “church leaders” around the world.

Please also let me know if there’s any information I’ve overlooked or that you think should be included, as I would gladly update this post with more information as appropriate.


Before we get started though, let me make a quick preface with some thoughts on why this post was written… 🙂



Originally I wasn’t planning on putting this post together, as much of what is included here is already presented in a facebook post I made.

However, Facebook decided to ban me for 7 days shortly after I posted this material (the very same day that another 3 day ban had ended no less), so I felt compelled to ensure that this information gets seen by as many as possible…


It went a little something like this:



facebok jail




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Rather than playing it cool to lay low, I instead went “all guns blazing” right off the bat to expose their false prophet….







… which sealed my fate rather quickly…



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back in jail


That being the case, I decided to do what any self-respecting truther stuck in facebook jail would do… that is, to publish all the information that facebook apparently had an issue with all in one place, so as to make it even easier for this information to be shared far and wide (which I hope you will do after reading!). 🙂




This post is dedicated to the Thought Police, without who’s inspiration this post would not have been written. 😀






Censorship and tyrannical nazi’s aside, let’s get started!




This post is going to cover several facets of the evangelical preacher known as Billy Graham, who died earlier this week.

For those who are unfamiliar with him, here is a short introduction:




Billy Graham was without doubt hugely influential in shaping society spiritually; politically; socially; and culturally; and is commonly regarded as one of the most influential preachers of the 20th century.

Unbeknownst to many Billy Graham was a 33rd degree freemason, and as you will learn in this post, Billy Graham’s role as a church leader was to lead people towards the  Roman Catholic Church and a One World Religion.

In that regard, his real motivations were not aligned with the bible itself, but with freemasonry and the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church.

That might sound crazy for some readers, but what you will see in this post is:

  • Evidence of Billy Graham being a freemason;
  • Evidence of his connection to the Vatican / Catholic Church;
  • Evidence that he was promoting a One World Religion;
  • Quotes from his book “Angels” where he promotes the false “alien” narrative;
  • Links between Billy Graham and MK Ultra; and
  • Numerical breakdown of his death, including 13, 33, 777, 9/11, 101, and Skull & Bones (using analysis similar to earlier work you can find on this website in the “News By The Numbers” menu in the header at the top of this page).


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  1. You Shall Know Him By His Fruit$$$
  2. Billy Graham the Freemason
  3. Connection to the Vatican
  4. By the Numbers
  5. Involvement with MK Ultra
  6. One World Religion
  • Conclusion
    • Credits

Word Count: 4,600



ephesians 5 11






1. You Shall Know Him By His Fruits

In the blog post 36. The War On Your Mindwe discussed how psychological warfare is waged on the masses 24/7, and I briefly touched on how the National Council of Churches was founded shortly after the foundation of Tavistock Institute (an institution known as the nerve-center for the mass manipulation of human consciousness).



As it happens, Billy Graham’s ministry started just after the Tavistock Institute and CIA were formed:

  • 1947: Tavistock Institute and the CIA formed.
  • 1948: World Council of Churches formed.
  • 1949: Billy Graham‘s ministry started.
  • 1950: National Council of Churches founded.


Based on that, it would certainly seem as if Billy Graham was groomed for the role he would play, given how his rise coincided so perfectly with the establishment of the very organisations that have meticulously shaped the religious and cultural scene in both America and worldwide in the last century.




On a personal level, in his role as a church leader Billy Graham has accumulated a huge amount of wealth, being among the eight richest pastors in America, according to Time.com:




Now, without even digging any deeper it should already be pretty clear from the amount of wealth he has accrued who Billy Graham really serves… (and who he doesn’t serve)…



god money.jpg





With 25 million earthly dollars stored up it’s pretty safe to say which master Billy Graham was serving…


“You shall know them by their fruit$$$$”…






There is MUCH more to be said, which we will get into below, but there are already clear signs that Billy Graham is EXACTLY the kind of false prophet the bible warns about…











Another clear example of Billy Graham hidden agenda with can be seen by his secretive involvement with freemasonry…




2. Billy Graham the Freemason

Though he never publicly acknowledged it, Billy Graham was a (33rd degree) freemason.

This is not a matter of opinion, because it is in fact stated very clearly in the freemasons’ own history book:


religion 2



For those not aware, freemasonry is a secret society which claims to work for the betterment of mankind (in secret), but which in reality is responsible for much of the destruction and chaos we see around the world, hence the motto “Order Out of Chaos” (‘Ordo ab Chao’ in latin).





There are many masonic lodges, all of which fall under the umbrella of the Vatican and military Jesuit Order.



Freemasonry is very hierarchical, and accordingly the lower ranked masons are never shown the true picture of what is going on at the top levels. They are thus very easy to deceive – though most masons will tell you that they are aware of what is going on and that there’s nothing to worry about.

The deceptive nature of masonry is even clearly stated in the book written by infamous 33rd freemason Albert Pike called Morals & Dogma, which gets handed to every initiate of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry upon joining.






The same book makes it clear that freemasons serve Lucifer:






Another key masonic book, by 33rd degree mason Manly P. Hall also states this very clearly:





Some say that Lucifer is the “light bearer” and not the same entity as Satan, but the symbols on freemasonic regalia betray such claims…


freemason satan

Aleister Crowley was the most famous satanist of the 20th century, and here he is decorated in masonic outfits in a photo identifying the logo above as a symbol of baphomet.



That symbol is far from the only masonic symbol that parallels with satanism however…




Though most freemasons are doing so unwittingly, it should be very clear that freemasonry is in fact serving Satan.

If it wasn’t clear enough already, consider the words of Helena Blavatsky, who has been a huge influence on the New Age movement as well as freemasonry:






Getting back to Billy Graham…

Along with the fact that he was mentioned as being a freemason in the freemasons’ own history book above, his freemasonic ties are also exposed in other ways as well, notably by masonic hand gestures, as well as the company he kept:


religion 4


religion 7


religion 5


Billy Graham was a close friend and “spiritual adviser” to numerous American Presidents, all of whom are 33rd degree freemasons…








billy graham 7


As the saying goes…


company you keep



And speaking of Billy Graham’s shady connections…



3. Connection to the Vatican

Going back to what we mentioned early with regards to Billy Graham and wealth…


god money.jpg



As it happens, the richest institution on Earth is the Vatican…



golden throne



Considering their mutual love of money it should come as no surprise that Billy Graham was very well connected to the Vatican as a servant of the Roman Catholic church:



billy graham 5




billy graham 2


As outlined in the article below, Billy Graham’s mission was to lure Christian’s away from the true teachings of the bible, and instead towards the apostate Roman Catholic Church.




As outlined here, Billy Graham’s son even spoke clearly of the close relationship between Billy and the Catholic church:







Billy Graham’s connection with the Roman Catholic church remained strong until his death.


billy graham 3












Contrary to what Billy Graham promoted, this is what true Christian’s think of the Pope:




Ian Paisley preaching against Billy Graham and the Pope (3mins):


You can find further videos exposing Billy Graham’s work relating to the Catholic church here:


We won’t go to much into this, but to give you a brief idea (if you are new to biblical prophecies), the rise of the apostate Roman Catholic church is prophesied in chapter 17 of the book of Revelation:





“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet“…




“… and was adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and had in her hand a golden cup“…












Also, notice that Daniel prophesied a “5th age” where the kingdom of Iron (i.e. Rome/the Vatican) would be restored…


5th age daniel


What has the 5th age got to do with Billy Graham and his death you ask?




101 binary code

101 copy 2


The name “Billy Graham” encodes the number 101 in jewish gematria:



… and Billy died in “Montreat, NC”…




These numbers have to do with ENERGY and occult number magic, and Billy Graham was certainly a big part of the masonic magic show!







I’m sure you’re now dying to see some more numerology associated to Billy Graham, so next we’re gonna take a look under the hood to see what we find…




oh boy























hood 2




Ooops, wrong car. That one must belong to the Pope, seeing as he likes snakes so much…















Snakes and aside, let’s get into some numbers!



4. By the Numbers

Billy Graham’s role in the masonic show becomes abundantly clear when we further scrutinise gematria and numerology associated to him.

Before we go any further, if you are new to masonic numerology some of what you will see below may seem outlandish to you at first glance… however, I can assure you that numerology and gematria are very real things used by the occult and freemasons.

If you wish to see countless other examples of masonic numerology in previous events, false flags, deaths, and other “news” beyond what you can see below, please check out the rest of the posts in the “News By The Numbers” section of this site, which you can find in the menu at the top of this page (as shown in the picture below).

The Introduction to News By the Numbers page has also been written specifically to introduce readers to masonic numerology, though I do try to show symbolic meanings of numbers as appropriate throughout posts like this.




I’m going to highlight some gematria concerning the things highlighted in red here:



First, recall the importance of the number 33 in freemasonry:





Billy Graham’s full name is encoded with 33:




Billy was a “baptist”…


He was part of the “southern baptist convention”…


Billy’s wife “Ruth Graham”…




Billy was an “evangelist”…


“Evangelist”, like freemason and zionism…




As you saw earlier, “Billy Graham” also encodes 101, which is another important number in freemasonry, as shown below.


The location of his death also encodes 101…



Billy Graham wrote many books, but his two most famous ones – and the two listed on his wikipedia page sum to 101…




I won’t cover this in great depth but in a nutshell 101 represents Lucifer, or what Orwell calls “the worst thing in the world”…





It might be interesting for you to note that we often see this same numerology represented in movies, such as The Matrix:


Or the TV show V… (V = 5 in roman numerals). More on that later.






Billy Graham’s website is tied to 888, which has an interesting connection…


“Jesus” in greek gematria also equals 888.

iesous 888



Did I mention number magic?! 😀


101 lol

(yes, “lol” is 101 as well 😀 )


To give you an idea of what is going on, this is subliminal word and number association. Or in other words, number magic. You could also call it the “casting of spells” using gematria.

Every word has numerical equivalents, and numbers have energy. By associating certain words to other words they effectively program people’s minds subconsciously to associate certain things with others.

This is why you see “billygraham.org” associated to 888 of “Iesous”/Jesus, as it attracts that energy.

Conversely, people who are blindly praising and worshipping Billy Graham – and the event of his death – which are associated to 33 and 101, will attract those energies.





Looking closer at Billy Graham’s given birthday and his death date also shows masonic numerology:




First of all, note the 7’s, and the 21, which is usually symbolic of 777…




saturn 1


Billy Graham hosted a couple of shows, called “Billy Graham Crusades”, and “Hour of Decision”…







Billy Graham was 99 years old when he died.

99 is a closely related to the 6 pointed star / cube of Saturn (Satan):






Note that this star is NOT “the star of David”, but is a Babylonian symbol associated to Remphan (Satan), as stated in the bible






Seems like Remphan was popular all over the place back in the day…




… and still TODAY!





Looking closer at Billy Graham’s age, he died aged 99 years old, and 3 months + 14 days.

Thus his day of death encodes pi, which is approximated as 3.14




This is significant for two reasons:


Firstly, Pi relates to Skull & Bones in English gematria:




To briefly understand why Skull & Bones is important, first recall what Helena Blavatsky said…



Notice that this is exactly what is stated in Genesis 3:22


322 bible.jpg


Notice that the numbers on the Skull & Bones logo is 322.

A notable Skull & Bones initiate is George Bush, pictured below. Also recall that Billy Graham was the “spiritual adviser” to people like George Bush!



As you may have realized, numerology plays a central role in when freemasons pull off their events. Here are some examples.


322 1



The second reason why Pi is significant here, is because pi represents the circle… which is obviously a key symbol for freemasons given that their logo includes a compass (for drawing circles)…



In a nutshell, the circle (or the “O”) represents the Mark of the Beast, which is why we see Pope’s and Cardinals wearing circular hats on their heads:



You might also find it interesting to note another ‘special’ group of people who wear this circle hat too…



For those unaware, the modern day “Jews” are in fact NOT “Judeans”, nor do they have any ancestral relation to the tribe of “Judah”. Rather, they are Khazar’s who follow the babylonian Talmud rather than the bible, and who have hijacked the name “Israel” to falsely elevate themselves as “Gods chosen people” when they are not. But that’s another story for another day…

For anyone who wants to dig into this subject more for themselves though, a good place to start is by researching who the biblical “Edomites” are…



Anyways, reeling ourselves back in from that gigantic tangent, and getting back to pi and the circle, you can learn more about how the circle or “O” represents the Mark of the Beast in this video:




I realize that this numerology stuff might all seem very abstract, but the important thing to realise is that all of this numerology relates to ENERGIES and manifestation of SPIRITS, something which 33rd degree masons (like Billy Graham) are very skilled with!!




By pulling the plug on cult-figure’s like Billy Graham, the occultists are able to foster energies in the public consciousness that they can harness and release on specific days of the calendar, according to their will (or rather, the will of Satan, which the freemasons are unknowingly playing along with, thinking that they are on the right side).


Billy Graham’s involvement with the occult is not limited only to freemasonry, masonic numerology, and the Roman Catholic Church however, as he has also played a prominent role in mind control projects like MK Ultra…


5. Involvement with MK Ultra

Those of you who follow this blog will already know that Hollywood is very closely tied to MK Ultra mind control, as we covered this in 35. Butterflies and Rabbit Holes.



With that in mind, Billy Graham’s Hollywood celebrity status speaks volumes about the kind of work he was involved in…


billy graham star



Billy Graham’s celebrity status is such that he also appeared on the cover of Time magazine, not coincidentally including some demonic symbolism:


billy graham 6


If you think this is a coincidence, note how prevalent this devil-horn symbolism is, particularly relating to which characters are chosen to appear with “devil horns”…




Anyone who appears on the cover of Time magazine and who is rewarded with a pentagram on the red carpet is clearly in the back pocket of the satanic elite who run Hollywood.

There are surely few things that encapsulate “the world” better than Hollywood, and Billy Graham’s celebrity status is a severe indictment of him according to scripture:





Now if Billy Graham’s ungodly life wasn’t clear enough, Billy Graham’s close ties with other institutions known for satanic practices and MK Ultra, such as Oral Roberts University, further exposes that fact…




Before we get more into the MK Ultra aspect, notice first that the logo of Oral Roberts University features the flame just above the word “spirit”, which is a typical symbol of the “light bearer”, who for freemasons is Lucifer.





In his book “The Illuminati formula used to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave“, Fritz Springmeier outlines the connection between Billy Graham and Oral Roberts University:


“Oral Roberts, 33° Freemason, helped into ministry by his masonic brother Billy Graham.

Oral Roberts has been seen by witnesses participating in SRA and Mind-control. Oral Roberts University and the charismatic movement is another important religious front. The Charismatic movement has been infiltrated by multiples since day-one. The history of the infiltration is extensive. Oral Roberts had cherokee blood, According to some things that Oral Roberts has said, some Christians think that he received his healing powers from an old Indian who healed him through indian shamanism when Oral was young.

At times, Oral does use the same methods that spirit mediums use to heal with. According to slaves who have been deprogrammed, they were in satanic rituals with Oral Roberts.

Christian ministers, who have participated in his ministry are saying that they have seen massive swindle in his healing ministry. His university is being used as a programming center. His basketball team at one time had Monarch slaves playing on it. We do not know if they still do.

Under the prayer tower is one of the programming sites. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped launch Oral Roberts University, and is a friend of Oral Roberts. From the Illuminati’s point of view Tulsa is the Guardian City of Apollo. The City of Faith is to be the center for healing from AEsculapius, a demon related to Apollo.

While portraying themselves as Christians, infiltrators within the charismatic movement are carrying out satanic rituals to get demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of, if the main center for the campaign to infiltrate Christianity via the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement with programmed multiples.”


It’s also interesting to note that MK Ultra officially begin the early 1950’s, which is exactly the same time Billy Graham was starting his “ministry”…



Needless to say, the fact that Tavistock, CIA, the church system, MK Ultra, and Billy Graham’s ministry were all founded in the same 3 year period is surely not a coincidence.



You can read more about Billy Graham’s work with MK Ultra here:


Below is also a 15 minute interview of a former MK Ultra victim who provides more insight and details into how the church system has been used for satanic rituals and MK Ultra mind control:



To understand the nature of Billy Graham’s role as a church leader and MK Ultra handler we’re now going to look at his role in the bigger picture.



6. One World Religion

Earlier we discussed Billy Graham’s connection to freemasonry, and the fact that his ministry started at the same time that the World Council of Churches was established.

The establishment of these organisations are not the ultimate goal in and of themselves however, but are geared towards steering the world towards a “New Age” / “5th age”… also commonly known as the New World Order…




The fact that “Secular” is the key word in the latin “New World Order” should tell you very clearly that the central aspect of the NWO is religious.




“Secular” is defined as “not subject to or bound by religious rule”… which can be interpreted as meaning “not bound by biblical laws”.

Accordingly, in the 1989 book on the NWO, A. Ralph Epperson wrote concerning the NWO that “religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned”:




Also note what is expressed on the opposite side of the dollar bill, by the motto “E Pluribus Unum”:


secular 2



This is why we are seeing the Pope leading the charge to “unite” all the world religions into one…


Pope Francis poses with religious leaders during a meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican



In other words:


From the many…





… one:


one world 3



In the words of David Spangler, who is considered to be one of the fouding figures of the modern New Age movement:


new age




Now, shifting our focus back at Billy Graham, and with the above NWO ideology in mind, it becomes clear that he has played a key role in the push towards a New World Order.






religion 10


Billy Graham’s own words show this to be the case as well, given that he often quoted directly out of the masonic book The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, by Manly P. Hall.


religion 3






billy graham






That sort of teaching, along with being obviously inspired by masonic doctrine, goes totally against what the bible says:





Billy Graham is quite clearly a false prophet who presented people with a version of Christianity that people want to hear, rather than the lessons that the bible actually teaches (lessons that actually challenge people to change their lives for the better).

In the words of Paul Washer:


false prophet


Billy Graham was/is far from the only so-called “Christian” preacher aligned to Rome and their heretical teachings however, as the entire Church leadership is drowning in self-serving liars and hypocrites…


wolves 2





The modern “church” system led by these wolves is a system built upon lies and misinterpretations of the bible.

I won’t go into detail on that here to keep things brief, but you can learn what the problem with the “church” system is from some of the videos in this playlist, starting with the video below.




Another false teaching promoted by Billy Graham is the idea that a person can be “saved” simply by saying a prayer and asking Jesus into their heart, which is something you won’t find anywhere in scripture.

The text below is from this page where you can find further explanation of the subject.




In the words of non-worldly pastor Leonard Ravenhill:


sinners prayer


Again, to be brief I won’t go into detail on that particular subject, but you can find more information about it in some of these videos:


Here is an excellent hour long documentary exposing Billy Graham for his New Age doctrines that I’d recommend watching if anyone wants some more information on the subject:




Now, teaching people false doctrine through a church system that is diametrically opposed to what the bible actually teaches is a crucial aim for these corrupt wolves who call themselves “church leaders”.

This is because for the masses (including church-going Christians) to fall into the trap of accepting the One World Religion, they need to be unaware of what the bible actually teaches!

Now, looking at the NWO, the only way that the world will unite like this…



… is if there is an outside threat or a critical event that catalyses the world to unite.


In the words of David Rockefeller:




Ronald Reagan was even more explicit…




raegan 2


We discussed this “alien narrative” in this blog post, which is an important read for anyone who wishes to understand how Hollywood is being used to pre-program the masses to believe in the “alien” narrative.




This deception is one that can also be traced to Billy Graham, given that he has promoted the idea of aliens which are part of “Gods angelic host” in his book “Angels”, as you can see below.


billy graham   billy


Although he doesn’t explicitly state that aliens are real (by instead using language like “scientists think they can prove”… “writers have speculated”… “could very well be”… etc…), the seeds of deception are clearly being sown into the minds of the masses.

Any truthful Christian will be aware that the “extra-terrestrial” narrative is totally bogus (with true FE cosmology in mind), along with the knowledge that understanding Genesis 6:2-4 brings…


Lastly, it’s again intriguing to note the subliminal connection established by the occult between the name “Billy Graham”, 5th age, and the alien narrative that is going to be so central in bringing about the NWO:




101 binary code





And on that note,



peace out




I hope this post has exposed “America’s Pastor” Billy Graham, as well the corrupt church system he worked for.

To summarize the key points of what we’ve learned here, in this post you have seen that Billy Graham:

  • was a servant of money, not God’
  • was a freemason, and thus a servant of Lucifer (“the light bearer”);
  • served the Roman Catholic Church;
  • lived a worldly life, embracing his celebrity status in Hollywood;
  • worked closely with institutions involved in MK Ultra;
  • promoted false doctrine;
  • promoted the false “alien” narrative; and
  • promoted the One World Religion of the NWO.

You also saw how the story of “Billy Graham”‘s life was numerically encoded with masonic numerology, including 13, 33, 777, 9/11, 101, and Skull & Bones.


What is abundantly clear is that Billy Graham was far from a godly man, and that role he played a central role in leading millions of people towards the apostate Roman Catholic Church and the idea of a One World Religion.


Now, it’s easy to feel down-heartened and helpless when learning about the enormous system of deception relating to churches, which involves wolves in sheep’s clothing good people like Billy Graham.

With that in mind I want to leave you with some prophetic words from the last few chapters of the Book of Enoch, which outline very clearly that better times are ahead for those who stand in righteousness and truth… as well as what will happen to the liars and corrupt religious leaders of the NWO who have been vampiring themselves on mankind under the false pretext of being “Christians”…


Before I leave you with Enoch though, let us remember that our real enemy is not men like Billy Graham…

Those who willingly or unwittingly lead others astray like Billy Graham did will rightly be punished, but in the meantime it is important to keep sights on the real battle, which is not against men, but against rulers in high places…


ephesians 6 12



Now for some Enoch 🙂


Chapter 96:



Chapter 92:



Chapter 103-105:












This presentation was made possible by:






Special thanks goes to Der Führer himself…


















facebook jail







facebook jail




Over to the Führer himself for the final word…












37 thoughts on ““America’s Pastor” Billy Graham Exposed

    • Good question. I like to use the KJV just because I prefer the old style of English (it feels more authentic), but as it was commissioned by King James who was a freemason I think it’s important to be aware of its various ‘shortcomings’…

      One such example is its representation of the greek word “ekklesia” (meaning “congregation”) to “church” which comes from the word Circe, a pagan goddess. That change is a big reason why Christians believe you have to “go to” “church”, when the simple fact is that two or more Christians meeting anywhere are already a “church”/”ekklesia”. There are a few good videos on the KJV on YT that you can find if you want to learn more about it.

      Whatever versions one chooses I’d stress that its important to always use a greek/hebrew concordance to get original meanings of words and phrases. Many things have been “lost in translation”, whilst others have simply been ignored or mistranslated (either wilfully or ignorantly) by the translators.

      Hope that helps! 🙂


      • Richard…..LOVE waht you do, man!!! Soooo much info on this page, but I’ll be back, many times.
        One quick note concerning Billy Boy, he died at 99…..there are 99 names to Allah, 99 beads on a muslim prayer bead, and a locust lays 99 eggs. Revelation 9 speaks of this LOcust Army of Muslims, at the 5th Trump….5th Trump..Donald Trump…no coincidence. This word Locust also points to a time, the time (season) when the Cicada (locust) come4s from undeground (the Muslim Army of LOcust will also appear, in just a few hours, by the millions using these underground access points, most that connect to our sewer systems.They will appear all across America, in an “instant.”) Anyway, back to my point, the word Locust also points to a season, a season of 5 months, from May to September. The True Christ would state that “for the elct’s sake, the tribulation has been shortened”…..Revelation 9 tells us the time that the Locust Army has to “transform the Christians to Islam or die” is a period of 5 months, also.
        In other words, The Tribulation of 3-and-a-half-years (that Satan;s here on earth) has been shortened to 5 months, and this May looks very promising for the start of WW III, a scripted event between freemasonic world leaders who will ATTEMPT to wipe Chrisitianity off the face of the earth. The events in Syria will lead to events in Lebanon and that will lead to the Valley of Meggiddo (Armageddon, which is a war that our Father fights…not us. These events are about to move-along very quickly….what…with the sheep waking up and all?? Buckle-up, folks, Get some popcorn and enjoy the show IF YOU CAN ….some of us will be PART OF THE SHOW as these froot-loop freemasons try to pull off their final hoorah. And trust Father’s Word, it WILL BE their last hoorah!!! Next time you drive by a Masonic Lodge (or any other Lodge of Russia), wave buh-bye to it.
        I can feel for the author…..I, too, am a TI. (targeted individual)


    • The first Christians didn’t go to a “church” building, so why should I? 😉

      Nowhere in the bible does it say that a “congregation” needs to meet in a particular building. In fact, in the book of Acts it specifically says: “Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,” (Acts 7:48)

      “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16-17)

      That said, in 2016 I did go to 3 churches in the area just to “test the waters”, but I found that “church” was the most hypocritical and ungodly place I’ve been to. Everything they did was geared towards everyone feeling good about themselves, and not about glorifying God. There was no God to be found in those dens.

      That’s not to say that Christians shouldn’t meet together though, because as the bible also says:

      “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

      The early Christians (back when Christianity was simply called “The Way”) would meet in each others homes rather than “church” buildings. The book of Acts outlines that they lived in communities where everybody gave their wealth to each other (not to be confused with communism which is a “communal” but which is forced and dictatorial).

      Here’s a playlist I put together with some videos on the subject (along with on the KJV) if you’d like to learn more: 🙂


      • Richard, your info is awesome.. Thought this info may intrest you. In Acts 9:5, The Christ “introduces” Himself to Saul (on the road to Damascus) and tells Saul “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” This word “pricks” in the Greek is “Kentron”, and it means “a point (“centre”)” and a deeper study reveals this Kentron point as the point of a Compass, with the point being the center of the circle (perfect circle).
        Christ is saying to Saul in this verse that “It is hard for you to prevent the perfect circle (perfect plan) of Father to come to fruition,”….so stop killing My Christians.

        Satan copies Father in everything. And this Perfect Plan of Father, represented by the perfect circle made by a compass, is obviously just another “copy-cat-act” of an unrighteous being—-trying to be Righteous.


  1. Hi Richard. The article had a lot of solid information that was mingled with unsubstantiated speculation, which is a red flag to anyone desiring truth. In the scriptures, I haven’t found any commission of the Lord to follow to try to understand gematria in reference to how it reveals the spirits that work in the unseen realm. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their bearing and go off course, following gematria puzzles. I do not, in anyway discredit the strong evidence that supports it, but I do admonish you and others to escape the snares that are found therein. The proverbial rabbit hole is a bottomless pit, that never ends, and frankly, will never be profitable or accepted by people that need to hear the true, everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ, preached. Please do consider this, prayerfully.



    • Thanks for reading, and for your comment. 🙂

      You’re not wrong about the fact that people can get lost in gematria (using it for purposes like gambling and other worldly things). However, I want to make it very clear that I do not in any way use gematria for anything other than exposing the enemy. As you have clearly stated yourself, there is strong evidence to show that freemasons and the occult use gematria in their events and scripting reality, and I simply expose their methods of deception, with their own gematria.

      “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.” (Ephesians 5:11)


    • Scott,
      You just nailed….right on the head…..EXACTLY why The True Word was taken away from us. Your remarks, with all due respect, reak of indoctrination, if not taunting. However, before 1600 (or there abouts) when people went to “church” scrolls that contained The TRuth were rolled out and read from, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, WITH UNDERSTANDING, to where you can make total sense out of it. HERE’S THE KICKER: Father used Gematria to “lock-in” His Word, and no man was able to “mess it up.”
      This Truth made it real hard to fool the sheep on spiritual things., as well as other things. This was not acceptable for the coming “phases” that were designed to totally re-educate the sheep, to where they were docile. In 1611, the King James Version Bible was released (later, flouride would be used to make the sheep stupid and docile).
      I use the KJV Bible every day, simply because The Strong’s Concordance interprets EVERY WORD in the KJV. Combine The Strong’s with The Companion Bible by Bullinger, and you’re talking having access to The Truth on a scale not seen for hundreds of years!!
      Father INVENTED GEMATRIA to protect His Word…to keep The Word True. I guess if you gotta problem with it, take it up with Him. I dare you, as an earthen-pot…to tell The Potter that HE’S screwed up!!!


  2. Thank you for looking for the truth and for sharing what you have discovered. I think the picture with Billy G. kneeling before the star in Hollywood is very interesting. Turn the picture upside down and it becomes obvious he is kneeling before the satanic star. Personally, as a Christian, that is something I could never do. Could you?

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  3. $TUPENDOUS EXPO$E……..A million thanks.

    Reblogged on……

    “Then Why Is Anyone STILL on Facebook?”
    Floating Cities in the Clouds at 10,000 Feet High? (Video)

    WHAT is religion ?
    Religion……r e l i G i o n …an ANAGRAM of……… G iron LIE.

    G……signifies the ……jooWi$h/MA$ONIC…….Great Architect of The Universe……JAH-BUL-ON……….aka…..Satan.

    Satan Exposed as JAHBULON Masonic Freemason God YouTube

    Religion………G iron LIE……..signifies……. Satan’s iron LIE.

    $atan’s DUPLICITOU$ NEFARIOU$…..THEFT & CONTROL CON-$TRUCT…….imposed by his $TOOGE$/Freema$on$ BANK$TER$ politician$ Clergy etc.
    Freemasonry….at it’s pinnacle….being YET ANOTHER….$atanic/dark FORCE$ …THEFT GENOCIDE & CON-TROLL…CON-$truct.

    * *
    Should anyone be interested in the deity/”God”…….SPYduh 😆 ❗
    VeneRATed by Freema$on’$/joo$/ILLuminati…..@ 33:04 on the video linked below

    The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon

    * *
    One does not need the “church” of $ATAN to connect with The Supreme Intelligence The Great I Am.
    * * *
    Science Has Found Evidence of God (Video)


  4. One thing we can “see” with Billy Graham, is his being paid by Mystery Babylon to act as a Judas-Goat Tare. If you’re not aware of this term, please allow me to explain it. Back in a time before Russia’s Lodges had a total strangle-hold on America, back when we had cattle/stock yards in almost every town, and slaughter-houses in every county, when the sheep were brought to slaughter there was a goat that led these sheep from the truck, and on into the building, single-file, up to the slaughterer. When the goat got to the slaughterer first, it simply walked on by and went around the building to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. But the sheep were “in-line” for the kill. This is a Judas Goat. And a Tare is simply a child of Satan, such as Mr. Graham.
    “Billy Goat”.Graham was a Judas Goat Tare who spoke of The Christ, and when the sheep “responded” (altar call) Billy Goat led them to the slaughterer.
    Billy Goat was also one of Satan’s “earthly” elect (not to be confused with the fallen angels that come with Satan, who are Satan’s true elect). To Satan, people like Billy Goat Graham are TOTAL FOOLS. (this IS FACT).Satan considers his lodge members who worship him, as nothing more than disposable diapers, which may explain the stench that radiates from Freemasonry.

    The stench of death.

    (by now, Billy Goat has figured out that he screwed up, and that the Vatican’s money wasn’t worth it…..it wasn’t worth his soul. And his pain is unquenchable.Billy’s death is almost guaranteed. I’m not judging, I’m speaking truth. Father says not to worry when you see the wicked prosper. DO NOT CHEER when satanic morons like Graham pass-away, but instead, smile to Father and say……..Thank-you)
    One down….so many more to go.


  5. Zach,
    I see the Time Magazine covers, the letter “M” over the heads. I see today (4-13-18) in the news where a “numerologist” has used the “bible codes” to predict that April 23rd is the Rapture (which IS a lie).
    13 is the letter M, and 23 is the letter “W.” Put the “M” over the “W” and you get two diamonds, which happens to be the symbol of the “access/openings into the earth.” The Locust Army will come from these access points, and it is curious that this news concerning the 23rd, is released today (on the 13th).

    In the movie Know1ng with Nicholas Cage, the codes show two back-ward letter “E”s at the end (at the end of these codes, these numbers). It is told in the movie that these two backward “E”s speak of how Everyone Else on earth will die on such and such day, as per the codes. However, this backward “E” also represents these access points into the earth, and when you know this coded-symbol, then the movie ACTUALLY states that:….. “Everyone Else on earth (on the planets surface) dies on this date, EXCEPT those who used the access points to get into the inner-earth .”

    Funny, this backwards letter “E” represents the bee-hive of the Mason Bee, and they lead to under cities and highways, rivers, veins of gold and silver (where the underground rivers cut through the earth), etc.

    The same inner-earth accesses where the Locust Army of Saudi Arabia will emerge from. (this word “locust” is the word “arraba”, and it is the same as Arabia….as in “House of Saud” Arabia). Last Summer a Da Vinci painting (Salvator Mundi) sold for 450 million (the price spelled the word “code). In typical Da Vinvi style, this is a painting with hidden messages. Mainly, it speaks of the plan to use these access-points to kill Father’s children.. This painting deals with Mt. Hermon (where the fallen angels landed….Enoch) and the coming annihilation of True Jews and Christia at the hands of the Locust Army of Saudi. So it’s no wonder that the Crown Prince (MBS) of Saudi, the leader of the Russian-controlled Locust Army, bought this painting.


  6. Folks, there is a “quickening of events” taking place. Billy Goat’s son, Frank, stated that after Billy’s death, “the world” would slide into hell (my words, paraphrasing). I honestly fell that we have approximately 166 days until The Millenium. This means the Locust Army of Muslims MUST appear shortly from those access-points into the earth. This army will steal the world’s/people’s riches until July, when Satan comes to Earth de-facto, at which time he will use this wealth to get people to worship him (worship me and I’ll pay ALL your bills).
    Anyway, Google Earth updated its app a few days ago. Gone are the Wal-Marts that had the “sub-title” (under the Wal-Mart name on Google) of “Mens Clothing”. This included ALL Wal-Marts in America, and this Men’s Clothing was code for undergroubnd accesses being UNDER these stores. The “M” is the Owl of Minerva (M) which indicates tunnels and treasures, the “C” is an opening symbol. Put “MC” together and you have ” a tunnel to the undergrounbd treasures.” (or there-abouts).
    China has been Russia’s bitch longer than America has. The Movie The Wall was speaking of how China tried to keep the influence of Communism from creeping in, but it was a lost war. Same for America, Israel (Israel became Esau’s/Russia’s in 1948). Turkey, Iraq, Iran, they’re ALL Russia’s bitches, meaning this WW III is going EXACTLY according to Albert pIke’s Three World Wars plans.

    Speaking of Wal-Mart….both the W and the M are very inportant symbols in treasure hunting. If you put the “M” over the “W” you get a double-diamond, the symbol for the access-openings. So, the very name Wal-Mart tells those with the knowledge, that “this store sits over an access point into the earth” from which the Locust Army (of Russia) will be released against the American people.
    But if you think that it’s only the Wal-Mart stores…..you gotta another thing coming.


  7. Recently, we saw a “predicted” (RT: almost a month before this gas event in Syria) false-flag gas attack in Syria, which led to 103 missiles being fired. A FALSE-FLAG designed to usher-in WW III.
    As a Marine, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, for two-and-a-half years, being discharged in 1981. I didn’t know it at the time, but the water that was drank by Marines from 1953 to 1988 was pure poison….had over 70 carcnigens in it. The Marine Corps (our government) KNEW about this water in 1980, but said NOTHING. I found out about it a year ago. This explains why all my Lejeune-buddies have died….I’m the last one left.
    So, as a TI, I get nothing in compensation, although many others have, but I really don’t care. Father says that vengeance belongeth to Him, and I feel that if I take compensation, this will lessen Father’s Mighty Hand on Judgment Day (can you effin’ hear me Esau, my brother?? I’M COMING FOR YOUR ASS, and I’m bringing Joshua-Yashua-Jesus with me…..you remember Him, don’t you??).
    Anyway, documents revealed show how Russia told our Government to poison these Marine (over one-million, PLUS their Dependants of over 3 million), so…in the 1940’s, our gov began drilling holes at Camp Lejeune….down to the grounwater. Then they began to pour chemcals/carcnigens into these drill holes, which allowed for “direct-absorbtion” into the water supplies. As a result, my brother Esau is killing many, many combat troops that they fear will hinder the Locust take-over of America.

    Esau is using his half-brother (Ishmael, Muslims) to kill his True Brother, Jacob (Ten Tribes who migrated around the world).

    So, if a false-flag gas attack is worth 103 missiles, how many should we use on Esau/Russia for all the killings in THIS Country??
    RT (Russia Today) predicted this attack almost a month before. Wonder who gave them that info??
    Russia paid a Federal Judge (Federalist Society, one of Esau’s Lodges) to dismiss a class-action suit against the gov for what happened at Camp Lejeune…but just wait for the “court-hearing” on Judgment Day. (it’s the end of the world as we know it……I feel just great!!!)


  8. BREAKING NEWS: (4-17-18) Esau/Russia IS in full-panic mode. The plans of the Edomites have become a mill-stone around their necks, and they are panicking as to whether they should MOVE ALONG AS IS and certainly perish….OR…..to try to “save face” and TRY to move back to a place where their souls are safe.

    BE CAREFUL FROM HERE ON OUT. Father is about to put a hook into Esau’s mouth a “turn-him-around” and make him stay on the present course, which means spiritual-death on Judgment Day for the World’s Leaders and Politicians who help Esau control the world (through Lodges like Freemasonry, and who also plan for the deaths of the children of The True Father.

    IF YOU are NOT a Chosen of Christ, but ARE a Christian in beliefs, then RIGHT NOW is the time to read Amos 5:13. (Reading Amos is like reading tomorrow’s newspaper).
    13) Therefore the prudent SHALL KEEP SILENCE in that (THIS) time; for it is an evil time.
    (prudent=intelligent) Folks, it goes further. BE-WARE of what you wear. A MAGA hat got one person beaten to a pulp. To keep silence simply means to “play along” with “the crowd”, WHEN YOU HAVE TO, and if they ask for your opinion……just grunt out loud….today, a grunt passes as intelligence to satanic punks.

    Again, KEEP SILENCE if you are NOT Chosen. You will know if you’re a Chosen. And the ONLY thing I CAN SAY about the Chosen of The True Christ is: GODSPEED!!!!
    (by keeping silence you spare yourself a lot of tribulation. speak-out like The Chosen do, and you’ll surely die (physical death) The Chosen are here to help Father bring an end to this earth age, and to usher in the 7th Trump of Christ’s appearance. MY opinion, Christ Returns in about 165 days. MY OPINION ONLY)
    The 5th Trump began under Obama, when Obama began shipping the Locust Soldiers to America.
    It is no coincidence that we have Donald Trump RIGHT NOW.
    The 6th Trump will blow in July (2018), somewhere around the 13th. Two-and-one-half-months laters, in September (2018), the 7th Trump will blow. This is when we ALL shed our physical bodies, and stand there in our spirit-form.

    This is for you WHOM ARE Chosen:
    (Jeremiah 15;11)
    11) The LORD said, verily (truly) it shall be well with thy remnant (Chosen); verily I will cause the enemy to entreat (treat) thee well in the time of evil and in the time of affliction.
    (don’t read over those two words “I WILL” cause the enemy to treat you well. The Illuminati treat us well BECAUSE THEY FEAR THE TRUE CHRIST. They KNOW that to mess you up means certain spiritual death FOR THEM on Judgment Day.

    Be intelligent and study The Word. Or, be the opposite, and be an idiot Freemason that worships Satan and Russia.Use David Hogg as an example of how Freemasonry destroys peoples and souls. Hogg’s eyes are a black as evil can be.

    Father, Bless those who seek You.
    Father, Damn the rest.


  9. Richard,
    My experience with gematria is very limited compared to your talents. Recently, I was given the fact that Princess Diana was a human sacrifice to Isis (satan), and my abilities have proven this beyond a doubt, but I was hoping that maybe you could find the time to research this death at the orders of Buckingham Palace and Russia. I am always intrigued with the depth of your abilites, and would LOVE to see “what pops up” in YOUR research.
    Father has Blessed you, Richard.
    And Father has Blessed US with your abilites.
    As a targeted individual for over 20 years….I am flat broke, but money has no significance in my life anymore, so I’m left with nothing but TIME. TIME to research and expose Freemasonry and their hidden treasure sites and tunnel access points.
    For example, today (April 28 2018) Trump Tower in Kabu, Azerbaijan, was on fire. Googling this site you can spot the sigtns that say: “there is an access to the underground city” in this building.
    Trump Tower New York has an treasure accumulation room under it. ALL of Trumps properties (and those of his outlaw son-in-law) are protecting treasure accumulations and earth accesses.

    (peace is being cried by NoKo and SoKo. When they say “peace and security” then shall come sudden destruction)


  10. Today (April 29th, 2018) the photo’s hit the net concerning the latest Royal Pain born in Britain.
    The photo’s are of Mia Farrow and the movie Rosemary’s Baby, where Mia is wearing a certain dress.
    As it turns out, the Dutchess wore a VERY SIMILAR dress to that of Mia’s, when “displaying” her baby to the public.
    Anyway, this movie came out in 1968….50 years ago. 50=OWL=DEATH (death in the cultures of the Native Indians).
    The movie posters vary, even the “original” seems to have many variations in it. But the jist of the poster shows the baby carriage perched precariously on a mountain top (as in sacrifice).
    Depending on which “original” poster you look at, the mountains can be long….or there’s just a short portion of mountain top shown. The longer version of this mountain top shows the signs and symbols of the access points into the inner-earth. The shorter version has these signs and symbols “hidden” in Mia Farrow’s hair (as she lay down, looking towards “heaven.” (as in sacrifice).

    Rosemary’s Baby=RB. Both are MAJOR signs to the underground. This movie was written and directed by Roman Polanski….RP. Again, MAJOR (the P is a Pozo symbol. a pozo is a “breathing hole to the surface” used when digging tunnels….to allow for air-flow)..

    Anyway, there’s more, but this is the jist of it. Here’s my take on what’s being said with Rosemary’s Baby, The child sacrificed on the mountain (in the baby carriage) is the child (children) of Christ (Christians and True Jews). With that said, here3’s what’s going down:

    “The sacrifice of the Christians and True Jews at the hands of the underground Locust Army, will begin in 20 days (R=18, B=2, +20). THIS…IS…A…GUESS……as it’s possible the date comes from another set of letters, numbers, etc.
    20=T…..let me see here…..T is the symbol for Tubal-Cain, password for MASTER MASONS. Funny, it was the Freemasons (Shriners) that created The mUslim Brotherhood, from which ISIS comes from.

    Folks, not ALL Muslims are bad. To be honest, I’ve met some pretty cool Muslims in my time.I’ve met MORE GOOD ONES than I hae bad ones. You’ll know the bad ones….they’ll be the ones in your rifle sites.


    • Forgive me for my lousy writing capabilities lately. This crap from Lejeune is taking over.
      Anyway, I just remembered that the letter “B” (as in Baby) is the numbers 1 and 3 pushed together.
      In some cases this 13 can be one-third (1/3). It can even be one-half (as in “go half-way between these twp points”).
      So this “20 days” can actually be “10 days” or even 7 days (6.6 days?).
      Personally, I’m favoring the 6.6 days….which would put the time right around May 4th (I found out that these photo’s hit the net two days ago, so the time starts there).


  11. People, beware of Sanctuary Cities. They are there to allow the enemies of America to walk-freely around, at least until the order to “attack” is given.
    The report out today states that “one-half of all Americans live in Sanctuary Cities.” This means that over one-half of Americans are, literally, sleeping with the enemy.


  12. There is a book out there that talks of this locust army. It’s not They Live……but the opening line of the book gives it away. That opening line is “Call me Ishmael” or CMI=Coming Muslim Invasion.

    The book I refer to is, of course, Moby Dick, and it speaks about how an Arab tries to kill a great white fish, which represents Christianity.

    The first line in this book is code for what’s about to happen in the fight between Islam and Christianity.

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  13. Richard,
    The recent shooting in Texas (Santa Fe), was committed within a triangle of Masonic Lodges.
    Alvin Lodge 762, Dickinson Lodge 1324 and John Mitchell Lodge 1401.
    Parkland was done inside a triangle of Lodges, so was Vegas.
    Sandy Hook was done inside a DIAMOND of Lodges, with Sandy Hook being one of the four points of the diamond.
    Parkland’s Lodges include: The Children’s Fund GDS (Sandy Hook is a mile away)…..Lodge 171 and the Lodge at 555 NE 42nd street.
    Sandy Hook Diamond includes King Solomon’s #7 (North Point, with treasure room under the Lodge)
    Masonic Care assisted living for Masons (east point),
    Ashlar-Aspetuck Masonic Corporation (south point of diamond)
    Sandy Hook is the west point of the diamond.
    Richard, there is no doubt that Masonic LOdges are being used to commit massacre’s on America’s children. If you can figure out HOW these chosen Lodges are decided on, then maybe we could predict, in advance, a Masonic Massacre.
    Google is about erase the Lodges from its maps. Otherwise, I can get the Lodges by typing in “Lodges of Florida (for example) to see the Lodges in that State.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Something very strange happened last night. While I and all of America were watching the spin about the Santa Fe, Texas, shooting, another shooting took place. This time one person died (and that’s too, too many), and the location was south of Atlanta, at a sacrifice center (school) named Mount Zion.
        On google, only two points of the triangle are there (Lodges are there), one on the north, and the #87 on the south. HOWEVER, in this case, it is Mount Zion that forms the near-perfect third point of the triangle.
        In other words……it was created then and there!!
        Folks, just my opinion, but we’re about to see a major distraction happen worldwide………and then quietly…..while everyone is watching the spin about the Locust Army Invasions…..then, secretly and quietly, wil Mount Zion (near Jerusalem) appear to be taken-over (anti-christ??) The road to the top of this Mount, is known as The Pope’s Way.

        You DO NOT want to go the way of the Pope!!

        God Bless, everyone.


  14. Mt. Zion High was attacked 12 hours after Santa Fe, Texas. 12. As in the 12 Tribes.
    Which makes me wonder. Folks, on the day of the Spring Solstice, you count 15 days. THAT 15th day is Passover. In 2018, Passover was on April 4th. Now, we are almost at Pentacost. Pentacost means “50.”
    50 is the number for OWL, and is a number for death. You have 7 “pentacosts” in a year, which equals 350 days, then you add the 15 days you counted from Spring to get to Passover, and you have the total number of days in a year.
    Anyway, Pentacost is this Wednesday…..May 24th. What will possibly happen is anyone’s guess.
    I have one prayer for my Father:
    Father, protect those who lean on You for understanding. In Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

    (as a watchman, sometimes MY desire to see this corrupt world end is a leading influence in my “predictions”….I DO use Scripture, and of course no man knows the exact time, but we DO know the Seasons. And we are in the season of depopulation. My desire to see the next age (Eternity) comes from knowing what’s about to happen. The Christ would ask Father if there’s another way to do this, but that Father’s Will be done…and not Christ’s Will. The Christ saw the coming death (of the souls) that’s almost here, and He wanted to know: “Can we do this in a way where nobody perishes?” Again, knowing how everyday see’s more souls fall into that satanic trap that leads to that death of the soul, I honestly wish we could stop the train and get off right now, and save a few of them. My compassion is not to mislead, God forbid, but to lead to that Living Water that guarantee’s your long, long life….your Eternal Life)


  15. Just as Witches, who are connected to Freemasonry, use pentagrams and such when casting their silly spells from hell, you’ll find that ALL OF THE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS happen within a “Pentagram of Lodges.” Google no longer allows me to do much, I just don’t understand it!! lol.
    Not all Lodges are shown on google earth, for reasons that are now obvious. Cuba, for example, has over 100 masonic lodges, but only the grand lodge is shown (in Havana), and I guarantee it that the latest plane to crash (where 3 women survived!!) was done “within” a pentagram of Lodges on Cuba. These Lodges may be hundreds of miles apart, but their still there to used for whatever agenda is needed.

    There is no better proof that Esau’s Freemasonry is a bunch of assassins (to the True Sheep), than their very own centers for satanic worship, aka: Lodges, that are aligned to murder the sheep.


  16. If you haven’t already seen the movie Black Panther, you may wanna watch it. Pay attention to the weaponry in this flick by Stan Lee. These weapons are a part of the forbidden knowledge brought to earth/man by the fallen angels. This movie takes place on the African Continent, as well it should.
    You see, Father created the Races on the 6th Day, and He created Adam on the 8th day. One day with Father is as a thousand of man’s years, so there were over 1,000 years that passed from the black race creation (and other races) to the creation of Adam, and a few hundred more years from Adam to Eve.
    Satan was in The Garden, but long before The Garden, Satan and his fallen’s had been molesting the races of the 6th day creation for over 1,000 years. This means that the fallen’s were also giving their forbidden knowledge to the Africans for over 1,000 years. This is why, in The Black Panther, this technology IS/WAS within Africa (this type of weaponry was/is available). However, Adam was created, then Esau and Jacob (skipping generations). Esau became Russia, Jacob is the 12 Tribes. Esau and Egypt joinhed hands long ago, putting the forbidden knowledge into Esau’s hands. Whatever weaponry America has today, Esau’s is BETTER. Esau gives us the “out-dated technology” as their new technology comes to fruition.
    My point here is that Stan Lee is correct in every aspect of this movie……and trust me……if you live to see the end…you’ll be seeing Esau whip-out a few of these “ray-guns.”


  17. Ladies and Gentlemen………if you are seeking a clear understanding of what’s happening right now in the world events, know this; that it’s written in the Book of Obadiah. Obadiah is a Minor Prophet, simply because his Book is just one chapter, and therefore called “minor.” For just one chapter, Obadiah sure packs a punch!!
    Obadiah deals with Edom (Russia) and Jacob (12 Tribes), and how Edom has totally screwed over his brother Jacob, and especially Israel. Israel is Father,s fave-place in the Universe (actually, it’s nearby Mt. Zion). Father explains, in verses one through 16, just what happens to Russia’s leaders (Freemasonry)
    and how they perish. In verse 4, you’ll see where Russia “exalt’s herself as the Eagle,” which is a reference to Edom’s brother America, which uses the Eagle on Her Flag. Israel uses Satan’s star on it’s flag.

    The reason this Book is so important, is that it lays out the main cause for the worlds ills……Esau’s (Russia’s) greed and stupidity in continuing to kill the True Jews and Christians, going so far as to hire his half-brother (Ishmael, Muslims) to help kill the Trews and Christians.. Edom is toast!!!! NOT THE TREWS THERE….but the Freemason leaders who, through Freemasonry, have a strangle-hold on every nation on the globe.
    The Book of Obadiah is VITAL to your understanding of why Russia CANNOT admit to owning Trump (and America) because that would expose Edoms manipulation, and control, of the world.
    Verse 10) For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shall be cut-off forever.”
    It was revealed to me a few months ago, that something that happened to me when I was 4 yrs/old, was the first sign of my mission from my Father. The exact words/mission given to me was : “to turn freemasonry upside down.” It took treasure hunting to fully turn this ill-fated group on its back….and it’s a slow turn, but it’s turning. More than anything, I am thankful to Father for:
    (whether you know it or not, if you fight against Freemasonry, then you were Chosen. Can you hear me, Richard?)

    (the other races that get involved with this fight between Esau, Jacob and Father, they will surely perish. They should keep their nose in their own corruption)


  18. Yes, it was treasure hunting that helped me, TOO THE MAX, in understanding more about The Word of The True Father. It allowed me to understand the glyphs on ALL of Trumps golf courses that tell of that golf course having an accumulation room of treasure under it. Same for the access-points INTO the earth, that will be used by the Locust Army to COME OUT of the ground (like a cicada). These glyphs speak of a time when America was under complete control of Esau’s fist Freemasons on the North American Continent……the Native Americans (not ot be confused with the 10 Tribes that had people here at the same times). Anyway, Trump’s buildings and gold courses protect sites that are thousands of years old, that were created by the Freemasonic Native Americans who were so populated throughout the Unites Sates, that Esau (RUSSIA) was in complete control (not like the control of today, where the sheep are waking up)
    Anyway, GAOTU is the Freemason gawd, we know this puke as Satan. So, when you see Trump wearing his MAGA hat next time, remember that Trump is rich from ancient treasures of Russia owned sites, and that the “G” is MAGA is GAOTU….and it doesn’t mean “Great” as in “Make America Great Again.”
    No sir, Trumps MAGA hat refers to thousands of years ago, when America was GAOTU’S ONLY.
    MAGA stands for “Make America GAOTU’s Again.”


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