9. Secrets of the Owl: Part 3.1 – Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills

Before getting started here I strongly recommend that you read the posts below, in fact it’s imperative that you do, or else this will be like opening a book in the middle and you won’t have a clue what’s going on!

  1. Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians
  2. Leylines: An Introduction
  3. Leylines: Part 2
  4. Obelisks and City Plans
  5. Secrets of the Owl: Part 1 – Links to the Ancients
  6. Secrets of the Owl: Part 2 – Owls, Owls Everywhere
  7. Secrets of the Owl: Part 2.1 – Festivals of Fire
  8. Secrets of the Owl: Part 2.2 – An Introduction to Synchronicity


In Part 2.2 I showed you that

  1. the masonic numbers 13 and 33, along with 88 and 911 are encoded in many (if not all) historic events (including earthquakes) up to and including the present day;
  2. the shooting in Munich was linked to Breivik, who himself is linked to Washington DC and Vatican (i.e. through the templar’s cross);
  3. the progression of society mirrors the steps outlined in the communist manifesto;
  4. the world has been brainwashed by techniques such as subliminal messaging (eg. in Disney films), the promotion of competitive (divisive) sports, as well as through the use of predictive programming.

In this post we will take a look inside the Capitol building, and I will also start to show you how important the colour purple is.


The US Capitol

As you’ll recall, the US Capitol building stands at the very center of the owl outline on Capitol Hill.

United_States_Capitol_-_west_front owl-captial


The Capitol building is the seat of the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. It sits atop Capitol Hill, at the eastern end of the National Mall.

Though not at the geographic center of the Federal District, the Capitol forms the origin point for the District’s street-numbering system and the District’s four quadrants.

You have already seen how important the owl is symbolically, and the Capitol building was deemed worthy of having an owl designed around it…

So all-in-all, it’s a pretty important building…

For the record, it was completed in 1800, 216 years ago (more on that number in another post), and stands at 88m tall.

The statue on top of the dome is of Thomas Crawford, one of the Capitol buildings’ main sculptors. He was born on March 22nd (3/22), 1814. As you saw in the last post 322 is the number on the Skull & Bones logo.

The designer of the Capitol grounds was Frederick Law Olmsted, who started a school that just happens to have an owl on its logo as well. Grades 6-8 used to be located at 911 Abbott Road, Kensington, NY. Now one of its campuses is at 319 Suffolk Street.


Incidentally, the name Olmsted sounds a bit like Olmec, which was the first known ancient civilization in Central America. Judging by this wikipedia page, the Olmec’s worshiped the owl as well, and indeed also had grotto’s similar to the Summer House grotto on the Capitol building grounds (which I will cover in a moment).

Below are photos of

  • a Mayan dancer representing an owl (which was a Mayan symbol for death…)
  • an artist’s rendition of Mural 1, showing a ruler wearing what has been identified as an owl costume, seated on a throne; and
  • several photos of Olmec jade owl pendants.



Capitol Building Grounds Summer House

Remember that there is an owl on the dollar…


If we overlay the dollar note on the Capitol grounds, the lines on the note align perfectly with the building itself:

In the exact location where the owl appears overlayed (hidden behind the trees) is a building…

The building is the Capitol Grounds Summer House… which itself has owl-like features. The Summer House is built like a hexagon, which you will see in later posts is of significance.



The US Capitol Building

Before we take a look inside the Capitol building, notice how the front and east entrances to the building look remarkably like Roman temples…

Capitol Building front entrace (left), and east entrance (right):


Roman temples:


You’d be forgiven for thinking they had the same architect…

Guarding the entrance to the Capitol building is Nimrod (Baal) in the likeness of the Roman god Mars, whom the Egyptians called Osiris. As you can see from the image below this entrance is identical to that of the Roman Panthenon of the Gods – as well as the Greek Parthenon.

Inside the Capitol Building

Looking inside the Capitol building, on the inside of the dome we see very meticulous and detailed carvings, and at the top there is a ceiling painting looking down onto all the floors of the building.

Pretty important painting then I’d say…

As you can see below, the painting is encircled by pentagrams – 72 in total. I will show you the significance of that number in a later post.

You may have noticed that there is a banner with a latin motto portrayed in the painting:


E Pluribus Unum means “Out of many, one“, and is the motto of the US.

This will become very important later on.

Take note that this motto also appears on the back of the dollar (just above the eagle):


Now, what else is there to be found on the painting?


That is George Washington sitting there, flanked on his right by the the goddess Liberty (i.e. Minerva/Ishtar/etc… who you’ve already met), and on his left is the goddess of Victory (who is also known as Nike).

You may recall that the statue of Zeus that we discussed in Secrets of the Owl: Part 2.2 – An Introduction to Synchronicity has shows Zeus holding a figure of Nike in his left hand. The Romans regarded Jupiter as the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus, and it appears that the freemasons hold Washington in the same regard as Zeus/Jupiter based on this painting.

Forming a circle between Liberty and Victory are 13 maidens, each with a star above her head, representing the original 13 colonies.

The painting was painted by Constantino Brumidi in 1865, and is called “The Apotheosis of Washington“.


Do you know what “Apotheosis” means? …


Definition of Apotheosis:

  1. the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax.
  2. the elevation of someone to divine status.



Notice also that in the painting George Washington is wearing a military uniform on his upper body, and draped with a cloth like a pagan god (i.e. like Zeus/Jupiter) on his lower body.  The colour of the cloth – purple, is highly significant, and I will cover this in great detail later in my very next post.



As you can read here, the painting is full of other pagan and Roman gods, as well as a lot of other symbolism, but we’ll move on from that painting for now.

Here’s a statue of George Washington from the National Museum in Washington D.C. where he is again depicted as a pagan god:

Does it not strike you as rather odd that a politician is being presented shirtless and as a modern day god? Imagine for instance the ridicule if a shirtless statue of David Cameron or Obama was made today…

Another thing to make note of (which will become very significant in a later post) is the location of George Washington’s hands in both the painting and the statue: one up, one down. This is true of the Zeus statue and the drawing of Jimi Hendrix that you’ve seen earlier as well, and will be significant in a later post.

George Washington also appears on the front of the one dollar bill, which we will take a closer look at now.


US Dollar Bills


Alpha and Omega

Here is George Washington on the one dollar bill:


The shape around the portrait of Washington is that of Omega:



Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Alpha is the first letter.


Remember the back of the dollar bill?

Here are Alpha and Omega on the front and back of the one dollar bill:


Where else do we find a reference to Alpha and Omega?…

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

~ Revelations 22:13

… Seems like George Washington,”Freemason and First President” had some pretty grandiose plans…



Remember the symbolism of the obelisk (Washington Monument) and the dome (the Capitol building with the painting “Apotheosis of Washington“) that I showed you in Obelisks and City Maps?…

From here:

Unrecognized by the vast majority of peoples around the world is the greatest conspiracy of all time, sitting right out in the open in Washington DC and at the Vatican. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—based on the history and cult of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and the prophecy of the deity’s return.

The primeval concept was designed in antiquity for the express purpose of regeneration, resurrection, and apotheosis, for deity incarnation from the underworld to earth’s surface through union of the respective figures—the Dome (ancient structural representation of the womb of Isis) and the Obelisk (ancient representation of the erect male phallus of Osiris).


Now, what was it the Egyptians and other ancient cultures believed that the owl symbolized again?…

As you’ll recall from Secrets of the Owl: Part 1 – Links to the Ancients:

The symbology of the owl has almost always represented evil omens, demons, illness, disease, and death to many interrelated ancient cultures such as the Hittites, Sumerians, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Africans, Phoenicians (Hebrews), Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Arabs, Hindus, Indians and Latinos.

Owls have symbolic meanings related to death in many other cultures as well, with some societies even referring to the owl as the “angel of death.”

An owl can be seen as a bad omen or as a person who has passed and is protecting the people that they left behind. Many people believe that seeing an owl is indicative that death is going to happen in the near future.

Owls can be seen as creatures that are fiercely protective, but also as creatures that prey on others. In many cultures, especially Native American cultures, the owl is seen asa being that was once a person. It is believed that the owl has returned in its current form to protect loved ones.


With that in mind, there is clearly a link between owl symbology and the apotheosis/resurrection being shown by both the painting on the inside of the dome, and the dome itself in conjunction with the Washington monument.

We’ll move on for now, but its worth remembering the Washington was depicted as Zeus/Jupiter in the painting and statue.




Other Dollar Symbology

The pyramid forms a hexagram, who’s ends make an anagram for “Mason” (as in freemason). The number 13 is also well represented on the right side of the bill.

The words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” found below the pyramid are translated as New World Order, or “A new order of the ages.”

Note that the word “seclorum” roughly means secular, which is defined as:

  • not connected with religious or spiritual matters. (synonym: non-religious, non-church, profane, lay) 
  • (of clergy) not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.

In other words, a New Secular Order, where people are completely secularized (i.e. disconnected from religion).


From the 1989 bookNew World Order” by A. Ralph Epperson:

Religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion.

“The worship of man and his mind”… this sounds exactly like New Age spirituality and yoga teachings doesn’t it…?


Now, have you been seeing a rapid rise in nihilistic atheism, as well as New Age spirituality lately? …. Heard any phrases like “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual…”?

  • nihilism: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.
  • atheism: disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
  • New Age: a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism. A word of warning for those who listen to people like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell, or watch movies like Zeitgeist. This is New Age propaganda.




Remember the words “E Pluribus Unum“…. Out of many, one…?

Well, here is the Pope bringing all the world religions together:




Can you see where this is going?…

… A New World Order, featuring

  • One World Government (you could argue that we are pretty much already there)
  • One World Religion (lead by the New Age movement)
  • One World Currency (more on money another time)
  • One World Leader…


It follows that the meaning of the seal on the right which you’ve seen bits and pieces of so far is as follows:

That’s enough NWO chat for today,… moving on…


Here’s something I want to show you on the dollar bills that will definitely shock you… it takes predictive programming to a whole other level… The masons believe it to be ritual magic…



If you’re still hanging on to the official story, I think you now know for sure what to do with it…



To be continued


13 thoughts on “9. Secrets of the Owl: Part 3.1 – Capitol Hill and Dollar Bills

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  2. Hello! Thank you for all your work here. Very impressive! One thing I want you to think about is that religion is what the ruling elite want you to join. They want to demonize true spirituality of the ancients because it leads to spiritual awareness and higher consciousness. We are separate beings but also a part of one – Source, Creator, God – the one and only. The ruling elite want us to compartmentalize our spirituality via churches and religion to keep it controlled. Every modern day church has a tie to the government via tax free status. Therefore, they are a slave to the government as well. I believe syncretism (not New Age) is going to be the best way for us humans here on Earth to discover the true reality of our purpose here. I believe in Jesus as the true Christ, the true Christ is more than just one thing. It’s very hard to explain it all here, but I urge you to do more digging on this subject because it is the key to everything. We have been living the NWO since the US of A was created. It is now time for it to be replaced with contributionism – a world where money is mostly irrelevant. Money is the root of evil – it has enslaved us since its creation. Without the currency of the Rothchild’s we can truly be free. Think of sycretism and Mind, Body, Spirit = Father, Son, Holy Spirit = Energy, Frequency, Vibration. We live in a dualistic world but it really is a trinity. Once everyone sees the 3rd piece of the puzzle – the key – they will wake up from the low frequency control and SEE truth, feel truth, and live truth. A lot of the symbols you uncover here have been used for evil, but remember that doesn’t make them evil. The actions are evil and we need to discern the difference when we see them. Many of those symbols are truly sacred and the ruling elite have used them for backwards purposes (see the duality?) As above, so below. But what is in between and around? That is the secret to unlock! We will get there – humanity. We will overcome the slavery. It is the circle of life – things balance out eventually and those who have heavy hearts who have chosen the materialistic path with have judgement day.

    Matthew 7:14
    But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You have connected many dots (forming timelines) that makes sense, but you have it wrong about The New Age. Religion teaches that God is separate from us. The New Age teaches that we are all one and part of God. That is not in the best interests of those that seek dark control of this planet. Other than that point, I am truly enjoying your research and views. Much truth here.


  4. You’re right on point with this grand scale deception. Keep waking the people, such a shame we live under the matrix of the pedophilic, evil elite.


      • Ok. I’m all about exposing the conspiracy of the controlling elite, but where you are losing me is the idea that bilieving in oneself as a Devine being who is born out of this universe and responsible for their own salvation is somehow incorrect in comparison to believing oneself to be dropped into this universe that was created by devinity, but apart from it, while being completely dependent on that same divinity for salvation.
        The only real way to beat this game, if that is really what you want, is to transcend it through spirituality. Not through a mind prison such as religion. It could be that we all need to go through this time of oppression in order to learn how to do so. It’s the painful and irritating piece of sand that drives the oyster to make pearl. The elites are just our piece of sand. It’s just they’re function in this scenario, and they are doing a good job.


  5. Well first of all I’ve had a mind blowing few days while figuring your posts and i haven’t read them all because so much facts checking and all. So you might have allready posted about this but I was checking things related on World War I and I was shitting myself as I saw the cockade of the black hand. I mean all the symbolism is there, again. The double X, pyramid on behind, serpents making the round, skull and bones, and the thing what is on bottom is curious. Another subject I would like to point out is the Monarch programming/satanism getting involved in Finnish music industry as well as in the neighboring country sweden as you’ve stated that I am witnessing more and more.


  6. Folks, in a short while yet….we’ll be facing SEVERE CONFRONTATIONS. This is brought to us by Capitol Hill and their “master,” Esau, as the culling of the sheep begins in earnest.
    I want to set this straight right now. It is biblical for us to “turn the other cheek.” This is ONLY TRUE when speaking to Christians, and if THEY slap you because you over-load their donkey (with True Knowledge, that they find offensive)….and in THIS CASE you ARE to turn the other cheek.
    HOWEVER, if an ENEMY slaps you…..DECK THE SON-OF-A-BITCH…or kill them (depending on the situation).
    We are about to be inundated with the Locust Army, and trust me, if Father finds you turning the other cheek to these Esau-Freemason-Created Perverts……you’ll pay dearly for it.

    In a few days yet, and when all hell breaks out….DO NOT TAKE PRISONERS (you’ll play hell trying to find a Halal meat market to feed the slime). We have a saying in The Corps…..kill ’em all and let God sort them out!!!



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